Fashion Trends 2015 – Look forward to spring already

Modetrends 2015 weiße Caprihose Damenweste Blumenmuster Blau Outfit

So far, winter is pretty mild this year. Temperatures of more than ten degrees ensure that winter sales, according to information on sz-online for textiles, partly started before Christmas, and give rise to anticipation of spring. For many, this includes the anticipation of spring fashion. After all, it is somehow relieving when the warm winter coat can be exchanged for a thin jacket and the hat can be put back in the closet.

But what will fashion show us this spring? A first look at the fashion trends in the coming season is a guide for those who are already looking for spring wardrobe. If this winter stays that way, maybe the thick coat can go back to the closet pretty early. Then it is worthwhile to start early with the spring fashion shopping.

Fashion Trends 2015 – Bright colors and cheerful patterns

Modetrends 2015 Frühlingsmode kräftige Farben rosa knlielanges Kleid Jeansjacke

Especially in spring, moping is frowned upon. After that, the fashion is also this year and relies heavily on colorful and cheerful colors. This can be, for example, a bright bright blue or even yellow. Pink is also announced again. Those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere are in the trend with wood colors. A nice alternative is also Mint, a particularly delicate shade, which is neither intrusive nor boring and can be combined well.

While many garments are plain colors for this spring, patterns are also allowed. In this case, customers can resort to garments with floral or animal prints. For the latter, for example, offer birds or butterflies. Tops with many colorful butterflies have a romantic effect and exude springlike lightness. This is a pleasant contrast to thick black winter jackets and knit sweaters. Fashion fans need not be too careful about combining this spring. If you like this you are welcome to mix different patterns and bright colors according to your mood. Abnormality is allowed.

Fashion trends 2015 – Jackets for women – sleeveless or biker look

Modetrends 2015 Lederjacke Frühling Outfit kurzes Kleid

Women who are looking for over-the-top clothes have a choice. Genuine all-rounders are biker jackets, because these have been in vogue for years and are made available by fashion suppliers such as in many variations. Whether in the classic cut or something unusual, genuine leather or imitation, these jackets are also women who would not call themselves a rocker bride. It also does not necessarily have to be black in this case. Even artificial leather jackets in bright colors look convincing and can be combined well. Bright biker jackets are also quite elegant in many cases.

Do not feel like biker style? In this case, sleeveless jackets are an alternative. These can be coats, blazers or various other forms of jackets, the main thing is that the sleeves are missing. If you like the look, but are afraid that it will freeze your arms, you can combine sleeveless jackets with longsleeves. Otherwise fits a short top.

Fashion trends 2015 – pants with 7/8 length and skirts over the knee

Modetrends 2015 Weinrot Caprihose blaues Damenhemd Büro Auftritt

Below may be a bit longer this spring. Skirts are now often over the knee. Models in the so-called “midi length” still show enough leg to be, and yet look a bit more classic than short models. Again, the colors are often bright and cheerful. Of course, women who prefer a shorter style will find trendy dresses and skirts, such as those in the 50s style with polkadots. In addition, many wrap skirts will be available this spring , both in short and in midi.

A fashion trend, which the fashion magazine “Elle” particularly emphasizes, are trousers in 7/8-length. These reach almost to the ankle and also often have a slightly flared leg in reference to the fashion of the 70s. In this way, beautiful ankles are as effective as the shoes and also here are ways to prevent the freezing – for example, by 7/8-pants combined with chic high boots. This way you can bridge the time when the sun has even less power. In terms of color and design, ankle-length models can be very different in impact, from simple to fancy, and from plain to colorfully patterned. However, they are especially recommended for women with slim legs.

Fashion Trends 2015 – shoes for the warm days

Modetrends 2015 Schuhe Sandalen hohe Absätze Gold Orange

Most women still enjoy buying new shoes. Fortunately, in addition to the optics, customers are increasingly thinking about the type of production and materials. Accordingly, in the spring and summer of 2015, it is likely that shoes manufactured under fair working conditions will play an increasingly important role.

The trend towards naturalness is matched by toe sandals and shoes in African style. The Birkenstock look is also allowed, at least in modern forms. It is bright colors in shoes as well as pants and tops in. Even white is allowed this spring. Instead of high heels dominate mostly flat models, but still look elegant. The combination of chic looks and comfort meets women who can never really win high heels. You can also rely on colorful sneakers with a clear conscience to welcome spring.

Fashion Trends 2015 – Spring brings interesting developments

2015 fashion trends Mesch dress high waist sleeveless outfit black

It remains to be seen how spring fashion will develop this year. At the moment, the signs are bright colors, cheerful and romantic patterns and informal, but elegant clothes. Here are the most important trend signs for the urgent reader:

  • Bright colors in combination with appealing patterns
  • Sleeveless jackets and biker jackets are also in fashion for women this year
  • The 7/8 length for pants and skirts plays an increasingly important role
  • For shoes, good manufacturing conditions and a comfortable look will keep the minds of fashion fans busy

Courageous women are allowed to let off steam and do not have to show too much restraint when combining. Sleeveless jackets and 7/8 trousers are ideal garments for a mild spring. If the weather continues to develop, they could become real big sellers. Of course, the spring wardrobe can still refine by matching accessories. A little discreet jewelry often provides the icing on a successful spring outfit.

Yellow top and short skirt – strong colors are in this summer!

Modetrends 2015 lila Rock kurz gelber Top ärmellose Bluse

Outfit for warm weather – capri pants and blue top

Modetrends 2015 Outfit blauer Top Sporthose Platform Schuhe

Sweater with lace sleeves and shorts

Modetrends 2015 Pullover kurze Hose tragen wie

Evening wear for the spring – noble dress in red

Modetrends 2015 rotes Kleid Abendmode Damen Schuhe hoch

Top with floral prints looks fresh and elegant

Modetrends 2015 Top Blumenmuster Caprihose kurz Ideen

Pants in burgundy and blouse in gold and green

Modetrends 2015 Bluse blaue Streifen Burgunderrot Hose

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