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Fashion trend colored contact lenses for sparkling eyes

Kontaktlinsen kaufen blau grün lila braun

Colored contact lenses are available with or without strength. You can change your own eye color or just intensify something. The colored lenses are trendy. To make the new look look natural, the lens color should fit your own type. What else should be considered when buying?

Colored contact lenses – The eye color can not be completely changed

kontaktlinsen die Augenfarbe kann nicht vollständig verändert werden

Colored contact lenses are used to enhance the natural eye color. Normal, blue eyes look mysterious and deep blue with corresponding lenses. Blue-green eyes can become exciting cat’s eyes. Ordinary, middle brown eyes are darkened by dark brown colored contact lenses, the look looks mysterious.

The choice of contact lenses with or without strength is now large. But with the products of the manufacturer of medically certified visual aids, the eye color can not be completely changed. For this purpose strongly colored effect lenses (eg Crazy Lenses) are necessary. The high color content disturbs the air permeability of these contact lenses, such party products are therefore not suitable for permanent use. Ophthalmologists usually advise against such products.

– Choose colored contact lenses that match your own eye color. A complete type change is always unnatural, apart from the fact that overly colored lenses are not advisable for medical reasons.

However, if you do not only want to intensify your own eye color, but want a very slight type change, you also have the option of achieving an effect with the medically tested lenses. It can be fun and quite interesting to try out contrasting color lenses. The best results are achieved with bright eye colors such as blue and green.

Colored contact lenses – Tips for every eye color

Kontaktlinsen braune Augen Farbe betonen

Brown eyes

– Brown eyes are dark, so it’s hard to change color with contact lenses.

– Meanwhile, some manufacturers offer but also dark brown lenses, which can intensify your own eye color. This works mostly natural and gives the view a mysterious depth.

– Blue contact lenses are invisible on brown eyes.

– Interesting effects can also be achieved with lenses in red and purple. They give the brown eyes a warm glow. Lenses with strength in red and purple are now also available from the brand manufacturers.

Green eyes

Linsen grüne Farbe Augen schön betonen

– Green eyes are very individual. Often it is a mixed color that tends to either blue or brown. With green eyes, actually all contact lens colors can be used, an effect is always visible.

– Blue-green eyes can conjure up intense cat’s eyes with green contact lenses.

– If you want bright blue eyes, you simply choose blue colored lenses.

– brown contact lenses turn green eyes brown eyes, which can be interesting especially in light-eyed, blond people.

Blue eyes

Augenfarbe Kontaktlinsen Stärke wählen Tipps

– Blue eyes can not be blue enough. That’s why the most commonly purchased contact lenses color is blue. Most people who have blue eyes naturally just want to intensify their own eye color. Depending on the lens selected, the eyes may be dark blue or even turquoise.

– Red contact lenses are now also available with strength, but you should be careful with blue eyes. Because it arises as a mixed color violet. Violet-colored eyes may be interesting as a gag at a party, but in everyday life they look very unnatural.

– If green contact lenses are used with blue eyes, the mixed color turquoise is created.

– Even brown contact lenses are an option, the brown color usually covers the blue.

Buy contact lenses with strength better with advice

auswählen sich beraten lassen beim Kauf beachten

Colored contact lenses are usually soft lenses. Since the color content deteriorates the oxygen permeability of the lenses, these products must under no circumstances be worn longer than recommended by the manufacturer. In general, colored lenses are available either for daily use or for a maximum of one month.

All contact lenses – whether with or without color – are taken out overnight and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as described by the pharmacies Umschau . Once the lenses are left in the eye overnight, it is unpleasant the next morning but not yet problematic. If this happens more often, the eye dries out too much and it can cause irreparable damage.

Of course, you should consult an ophthalmologist or optician before purchasing the lenses, especially for lenses with strength, which are used as a visual aid. The optician usually also shows how the lenses must be inserted and removed.

Buy contact lenses online

Buy contact lenses online pick tips

Over time, most contact lens wearers have gained enough experience handling the lenses. If the strength needed was found by an optician or ophthalmologist, actually, there is nothing, even daily lenses online on the Internet as under to order. The advantage is that with very little effort, the order can be completed without having to plan the way to the optician and wait long. The selection of colored products is also the largest online. Partly, the prices are really very cheap, so that the online order can also be worthwhile for this reason.

In addition, monthly lenses with tinting can also be ordered as a low-priced subscription by some opticians. The fresh lentils are then automatically delivered once a month. Anyone who is interested in this option, but should pay attention in advance to the notice periods. With a reputable contact lens subscription the termination is possible at any time.

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