Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Fancy 3D printed garments by Noa Raviv


We have already introduced you to 3D-printed furniture and objects. The ever-increasing popularity of 3D printing technology expresses creative design ideas and achieves new achievements that can open up revolutionary perspectives even in an area such as fashion. Using innovative materials such as ultra-light weight polymers and state-of-the-art process technologies, the models of the 26-year-old Tel Aviv designer Noa Raviv have been created . The collection includes 3D printed garments that are amazingly versatile and dynamic, inspiring the imagination.

3D printed garments convey a “chaotic” beauty


Construction, logic and geometry formed the basis for these creations. The designer was fascinated by the tension between harmony and chaos, tradition and innovation, by the incessant search for the perfect balance. The inspiration was given by the typical Greek sculptures that embodied the ideal of beauty of the time. Each composition and pose captured even intricate details of the human body – sweeping curves, tense muscles, very fine facial features. Despite primitive means, masterful techniques have been developed.

Virtual Reality – 3D Printed Garments


Noa Raviv used classical art and its evolution as a starting point for her “hard copies”. She created the collection as a graduate student of Shenkar’s collage of engineering and design in cooperation with Stratasys – a world leader in 3D printer manufacturing. Raviv manipulated digital images with computer modeling software such as Ehinoceros; autoCAD and others With “impossible commands” she deformed the models until a complicated configuration of parameters, components and codes emerged. “These objects can not be produced in reality, they only exist in virtual space,” says Raviv.

The printed 3D models should allow the viewer’s ability to better understand size, scale, and proportion. The black and white polymers behave like ruffled, ruffled and draped silk and tulle fabrics and resemble the shape of traditional bodices. Orange accents symbolize selecting an edge, surface, or volume or surface in the modeling software. Whether 3D printing will make a technical revolution in the fashion industry, it will show.

Pictures: Noa Raviv


3D printed garments made of polymers – volume layers


A conglomeration of distorted contours and grids


The garments are made of polymer tulle, silk and organza


Fashion Collection “Virtual Reality”


Gradient in blue underline the tension in the fabric


Haute couture fashion collection made with 3D printing technology


Transparent skirts to emphasize the tops by contrast


Perpendicular to each other crossed vectors


Revolutionary fashion based on 3d technology

Picture: Rafi Daloya


Picture: Rafi Daloya


Picture: Rafi Daloya

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