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Hairstyles For Women

Eye makeup in blue-green and gray with a smoky effect

augen schminken make up hellblau lidschatten

Who claims that a smoky eye make-up always has to be dark? This example shows how to add some bright, cheerful colors to your ordinary smoky make-up. For those of you who would like to try more color, but are not sure, this is a perfect way to get started. It is perfect for both the day and the evening. The amount of bright colors in the eyelid crease gives your eyes that warm summer look that you have longed for.

Eye Make-Up – This is how it will look like:

augen make up blau grün grau selbermachen

Products used for eye make-up :

– “Mercury” eyeshadow by Makeup Geek
– “Stealth” eyeshadow by Makeup Geek
– “Sea Mist” eye shadow from Makeup Geek
– “Latte” eyeshadow by Makeup Geek
– “Ice Queen” Eyeshadow by Makeup Geek

or similar colors that you already own.

Eye Make-Up – This is how it is applied:

augen make up selber machen lidschatten

Used makeup accessories for eye make-up :

– Brush for applying eye shadow
– V-brush
– Stiff dome brush
– Eyelid Brush
– black kohl

augen make up diy blau grün grau

The instructions for the smoky eye make-up in blue-green and gray:

1. Using a brush, apply the Mercury Eye Shadow to the inner half of the eyelid.
2. When finished, apply as much as one third of the length of the lower eyelid.
3. Apply the stealth eyeshadow to the outer half of the eyelid using the same brush or another suitable method.
4. Using the V-Brush, apply the Sea Mist Eyeshadow to the outer V-area of ​​the eye and distribute it to the eyelid crease. Make sure that you do not cover the whole stealth, after all you want all the colors to be seen. If necessary, use a soft brush to blur rough lines.
5. Apply the Sea Mist Eyeshadow to one-third of the lower eyelid so that it meets the Mercury eyeshadow.
6. Now it’s time for the Latte Eyeshadow to be brushed across the Sea Mist with a soft brush to wipe and soften rough lines.
7. Under the eyebrow, apply the Ice Queen eyeshadow as a highlight, as well as the inner corner of the eye, to make the eyes appear brighter and more open.
8. Use your favorite eyeliner and an angled eyeliner brush to create a soft, curved line on the upper eyelid.
9. Emphasize your eyes by applying your favorite kohl on the lower eyelid. Connect the upper eyelid line with the lower one along the inner corner of the eye. This gives the eyelashes a fuller effect.
10. Now make your eyelashes with eyelash curlers and apply a mascara and you’re done with the smoky eye makeup in blue-green and gray.

The possibilities for this eye make-up are endless:

wimpern künstlich lidstrich lidschatten schminke diy

Eye make-up with a slight golden shimmer

For a more dramatic effect, put on the outer V-area of ​​the eye some “Corrupt” eyeshadow. Add a few eyelashes and a glittery eyeliner on the lower eyelid for a perfect smoky eye make-up for city nightlife. To make the look even more dramatic, apply some glitter over the Mercury eye shadow.

schminke augen lidstrich schwarz grau blau

The make-up in steps

Adding some color to your look is easy and fun with this stunning look. So whether you leave the eye make-up soft or soft or spice it up, it will quickly become one of your favorite make-ups. And with so many different options, you’ll really fall in love with him quickly.

katzen augen blau grau gold mascara

Make-up in green and some golden shimmer

schimmer lidschatten blau grau lila nachmachen

Eye makeup in blue-gray

lidstrich eyeliner grün metallic lidschatten blau grau

Blue eye make-up with green eyeliner

grau grün lidschatten glitzer lidstrich kayal eyeliner

Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

Green and gray with glitter

lidschatten grün grau diy make up

Make-up from the colors gold, green and gray

dunkles augen make up braune schminke

A strong make-up of dark and light blue

wimpern lidstrich eyeliner hellblau dunkelblau weiß

White, light and dark blue with eyeliner

augen schminken grün rosa lidschatten wimpern

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