Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Eye Make-up in Pink – Smokey Eye examples with instructions


To get the following amazing eye make-up in pink , first apply a silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye. After that apply an eyeshadow in a bright pink in the middle of the eyelid and finally black on the outer corner of the eye. Next comes a black eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelid. In the inner corner of the eye, add a rhinestone. Finally, apply a black mascara.

Eye makeup in pink and purple for an effective look


The following make-up is a similar variant in which the black eyeshadow is replaced by a dark purple and the silver eyeshadow by white. As you can see, make-up is suitable for both light and dark eyes. This make-up idea is definitely not suitable for everyday use – but you can wear purple eyeshadow to a party. Adjust the nuance to the eye color – dark shades are good for women with gray / brown eyes, and bright ones are for ladies with blue eyes.

Eye makeup in pink – daring color combinations

Augen Make up in Pink-Lidschatten-blaue

This year, daring color combinations were introduced during the fashion weeks – orange tops are combined with eye make-up in pink. The color duo may seem too conspicuous at the first moment, but in fact it is perfect for the summer months. The dress is especially beautiful when the skin has a slight bronze nuance.

Rihanna also wears eye make-up in pink – her nuance is pastel


Make-up on cat’s eyes – discreetly with soft pink shade shades


Eye make-up in bright pink

pink gelb lidschatten make up augen

Fascinating party make-up

selbermachen schminke rosa lila lidschatten farben

This stunning eye make-up in pink is perfect for a party night with friends.

schritte nachmachen lidschatten mascara lidstrich selbermachen

Eye makeup in pink and purple

lila dunkel tipps schminken blaue augen

Purple is a great variation on pink

augen make up in pink anleitung

This wonderful eye make-up …

augen selber schminken nachmachen einfach anleitung

… you can easily imitate

augen party attraktiv schminke lidschatten rauchig

This is how the make-up looks when it’s done

eyes pink yellow smokey eye effective

A slightly gentler version – steps 1 to 4

augen schminken tutorial party makeup nachmachen

Step 5 to 8 of this pretty eye make-up in pink

anleitung schminktipps einfach party alltag rosa

Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

blaue augen rosa lidschatten mascara betonen

rosa lidschatten glanz augen schminken idee

anleitung make up schritt produkte rosa

pink anleitung lila produkte utensilien tipps

rosa lila lidschatten effektvoll eyeliner kajal

augen make up in pink anleitung effektvoll

augen make up in pink nachmachen hübsch

smokey augen effekt farben lidstrich bunt

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