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Hairstyles For Women

Eye make-up for the wedding from a colorful eyeliner


When it comes to making adventurous wedding style choices, eye make-up is probably the last thing you want to experiment with. But make-up can in many ways be a sophisticated way to customize the outfit without making you look big, like a decorated dress or a flashy accessory. Also, it is not so common to wear lipstick on a day when you cry, sweat, eat, drink, and many are photographed, because that would cause it to smudge all the time, and instead of enjoying your big day, you will not stop worrying about it Thinking about what you look like.

Eye Makeup – How to apply a bright, colorful eyeliner yourself bunt-eyeliner-ideen-braut-make-up-hochzeit

Thus, the question arises, what you could do. Make-up expert Nikol Elaine recommends a colorful eye make-up that you will not look like at all, like jumping out of the circus and the rest of your face will look natural too. The best thing is that you need the products you need for this make-up . most likely already have in your make-up cupboard or closet and can practice before the wedding day as often as you want until you have the desired thickness, shape and color. What’s better with instructions for eye makeup than free choice!

What you need for eye makeup: jessica-biel-türkisch-eyeliner-makeup-blau

  • draw a brush to the eyeline
  • eye shadow
  • water
  • an eyelash curler
  • mascara

And this is how eye make-up is done:


  1. In reality, you make the eyeliner yourself. Sprinkle some eye shadow on a plate or a mirror and mix with a drop of water. It’s so easy to get the colorful eyeliner for eye make-up ! For this guide a strong pink was chosen, but of course you can also use any other color.
  2. Now apply a foundation for eyeshadows, so you can be sure that the eyeliner also holds well. So if you are afraid of the above-mentioned weeping and sweating, you can rest assured that the eyeliner will not smudge this way.
  3. Take a slightly angled brush and take with him some of the homemade eyeliner. Start with the outer corner of the eye and apply an eyelid line along the upper lid towards the inner corner of the eye. Stop in the middle and start from the inner corner of your eye. Make a line in the opposite direction until the two lines meet in the middle. This completes the eyeliner for eye make-up .
  4. Give your eyelashes momentum by using a rubber covered eyelash curler and squeezing them five times at the roots of the eyelashes. Repeat this with the eyelashes of the other eye.
  5. Finish the styling with a mascara. If you think that crying and sweating is something typical for you, it is best to apply it only on the upper lash line. To avoid the raccoon look.

The fresh nuances


PS If you like colors a lot, you can add a different shade of lipstick in addition to the colorful eye make-up . But this should not be the same as the Eyeliners. Avoid matching colors! Make sure that your face and cheeks look very natural if you decide to apply makeup on both your eyes and lips. Otherwise, you can get dangerously close to the look of a clown.

A colorful eye make-up for the wedding may not be for you. Or maybe. You still have plenty of time to think. In the meantime, experiment with this eye make-up technique and find out what you like.

The blue eyeliner in the interior of the lower lid


The instructions for a look with a pink eyeliner


A stunning look


An idea with bronze


The trends for 2014


A sea composition


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