DIY make up remover for pure skin – 11 refreshing recipes

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You are tired of buying expensive products to remove your make-up and even get annoyed about the quality afterwards? It gives the perfect solution and is called simply DIY Make up Remover . Like so many things, you can also make the remover yourself with natural or home remedies . How to do that today is shown in this article, in which we summarized 11 helpful recipes. They are suitable for different skin types.

Make up remover – jojoba oil

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If you want to make oil and grease-free make-up removers, you can use jojoba oil. It is actually a liquid wax ester made from pressed seeds, not oil. The jojoba oil is also very similar in structure to our natural sebum and is thus wonderfully hydrated to the skin, without supporting oily skin.

Make up remover from natural products

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It is important that you take care to use as natural as possible products. After all, the purpose of the homemade remover is to avoid the chemical components of the ready-bought. By using herbal products, you can not only save sensitive eyes, but also make sure that you get a purely vegan eye make-up remover, which is also suitable for cleaning the rest of your face.

Detoxifying products

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There are ingredients that are particularly good for make-up remover for impure skin, as they are an antioxidant. This means that you help cleanse by killing toxins that accumulate on the skin during the day. This includes, for example, tea tree oil, but also vitamin E. These products are of course also suitable for all other skin types.

Store the remover correctly


Although you can see clear lenses on many photos, do not store your make-up remover in such containers. They were used to illustrate the instructions in order to make the color and texture of the finished products more visible. It is important that you use tinted glass or other light-proof materials. Otherwise, the light would oxidize the oils causing the removers to be unstable for so long.

Coconut oil make up remover – with witch hazel and tea tree oil

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– 1 cup of hot water
– 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
– 2 tablespoons of your favorite face water
– 1 tsp
– 5 drops of tea tree oil and grapefruit oil

Mix water with coconut oil


After pouring the water into a mason jar, add the remaining ingredients, mix well, and put the cotton pads in so they can pick up the remover. This eye and face make-up remover has a refreshing effect and the oil hydrates the skin in addition, which is especially beneficial for dry skin.

Add oil


If this natural cosmetics make-up remover is not in the fridge, you should use it within two weeks. The tea tree oil ensures a longer shelf life and also disinfects your skin. Be sure to dispose of the remover as soon as mold is formed (if you have not used it up before).

A DIY remover made of oils


Make-up, which is waterproof, is best removed with oils. Use three tablespoons of witch hazel, two tablespoons of almond oil, a tablespoon of jojoba oil, and a tablespoon of avocado oil. Mix all the ingredients and then place them in a glass container using a funnel. Before each use, you should shake the eye make-up remover for waterproof makeup well.

Jojoba oil face and eye make up remover


If you would like to make another eye make-up remover yourself, which is also suitable for cleansing the face, use this recipe with jojoba oil. It is suitable for every skin type and does not clog your pores. Even with oily skin, you can use this remover, as jojoba oil, as I said, is actually no oil. The product removes overflowing sebum. For the make-up remover without oil you only need two ingredients, namely 55 grams of jojoba oil and one capsule of vitamin E (about 1/8 teaspoon). Mix both in a mason jar and add a few drops of essential oil as desired. Clean your face with your usual remover and then wipe everything off with the DIY product.

Make up clean with carrot seeds


For this make-up diy make-up remover for face jojoba oil with vitamin E. For each 55 grams of jojoba oil use one capsule. Add 3 drops of carrot seed essential oil. Spread the mixture on the skin and wipe it off with a facial rag or cotton pads. Even waterproof make up remove in this way.

Cucumber and milk


Peel cucumbers for this make-up remover and then process them into a puree. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes with whole milk (best of grass fed cows) and place the mixture in an airtight container that you store in the fridge. That way it can be stored for a week.

Make-up with soap clean


– 1 cup of water
– 1 tbsp organic coconut oil
– 1 tbsp liquid soap made from natural products

Boil water for disinfection


Bring the water to a boil to remove impurities and allow it to cool slightly. Add the coconut oil to the still warm water and blend well together. Finally, add the soap and stir well. Once the make-up remover has cooled, it can be used. Pay attention again to the correct storage! Then it can be used for a full six months.

Remover for make-up with aloe vera


For this make-up remover you only need two ingredients. It provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and nourishes the skin perfectly.

– 2 tablespoons of essential almond oil
– 1 tablespoon of aloe in the form of leaves, gel or juice

Refreshing skin care


Put the ingredients in a lidded container, seal and shake well. If the liquid stands for a while, the ingredients divide again. For this reason, it must be shaken again before each use. Now you can apply the make up cleaner. Let him act afterwards. You can also use the product as a make-up remover as a moisturizer.

Nourishing face and eye make-up remover with baby products


Mix a cup of water with half a tablespoon of baby shampoo and a quarter teaspoon of baby oil. Optionally, you can also use coconut, olive or vitamin E oil. Then you can dip a cotton pad into the mixture and cleanse your face.

DIY make up remover with home remedies for the face – tomatoes


There are things in your household that make perfect use as a make-up remover. Tomatoes, for example, are almost always there and can be applied perfectly to the face in the form of puree. Let this juice work until it is dry. Then you can rinse the puree with water and get a shiny skin.



Just as effective is natural yoghurt. The more acidic, the better! Again he is applied to the face to give him some time to work. Incidentally, yogurt can not only be used as a make-up remover, but can also help with a sunburn wonderful .

Puree from oranges


Add orange peel and some water to a blender and process to a thick paste. Apply evenly to damp face after rinsing with water and leave to work for half an hour. Rinse the face well afterwards. The vitamin C does the skin very well. This make-up remover is also very suitable for oily skin.

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