Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

DIY braids and updos from the movie "The Frozen"

flecht-und hochsteckfrisuren einfach-diy-weiss-pullover-dutt

When the movie “The Frozen” hit the screens, it was not just the action that burned into our memory. The braided and updo hairstyles by Elsa and Anna also caused rave reviews . If you also liked at least one DIY hairstyle from the movie, have a look at the following great and easy to follow tutorials. Try it out right now. You will be amazed how easy they are to implement.

“The Frozen” – DIY braids and updos from the popular movie


Whenever talking about the hairstyles from the movie “The Frozen”, the hair styling of the crowning glory of Elsa is in first place thanks to its unique and elegant look. You can also do the DIY hairstyle yourself by first turning the hair on one side to the end of the strand. Turn the rest of your hair into a bun and you’re done. If you want, you can also add a band.

Elsa’s braid – in the end, relaxed

flecht-und hochsteckfrisuren pony-gestalten-blond-elsa-stil

Let’s get to the pretty braided hairstyle of Elsa. The instructions for the DIY hairstyle in pictures actually need no additional explanations, but in any case: It is a normal braid, which is loosened in the end to give the hairstyle a chaotic look.

Anna’s updo






The breathtaking hairstyle of Anna

With this DIY hairstyle by Anna, you first need to make a braid at the front of the head. Then tie the hair into a ponytail and toup it before twisting. Then make a bun out of it and, if you like, add a ribbon with hair clip. Done you are.

Hochsteckfrisur-the-ice queen-to-bun-green-band loop of Anna

updo-with-flechtzopf-anna-the-ice queen-kinofilm

DIY straw and-updos-braided-hair-mature ice queen


Low bun

This is another variant of the updo by Elsa with the twisted bun. The hairstyle is so wonderful that it is great as a hairstyling for a wedding.






hochsteckfrisuren pony-bruenett-haare-zopf-elsa-style





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