Cool sports hairstyles for re-styling – Attractive and practical long hairstyles for women

cool hairstyles long hair plaited plaited

If you have long hair and enjoy doing sports then you may have faced the dilemma of how to style your beautiful mane during workouts. In the following article we have selected cool sports hairstyles for you that are not only practical, but also look great and are also made quickly. Take a look at them in our picture gallery and ensure with one of these beautiful sports hairstyles for the perfect training look.

Easy and fast sports hairstyles for long hair

ponytail cool sports hairstyles long hair volleyball

When doing sports, you should feel comfortable in your clothing . The same applies to the hairstyle. The strands in the eyes do not look nice at all, they can prevent one’s sight and are really annoying. Depending on the length of your hair and the type of sport that you enjoy, cool sports hairstyles that are easy to style can be found.

The ponytail

bubblezopf low sports hair long hair

For the slightly more elaborate sports hairstyles we have provided simple instructions in pictures that guide you step by step to the desired hairstyle. A beautiful, simple and varied sports hairstyle for long hair would be the ponytail. Whether you decide on a classic, high ponytail or want to make it a little more attractive, this hairstyle for sport clearly makes a good figure.

simple hairstyles ponytail bubble braid

If you want to invest a little more time in your hairstyle, you can tie a beautiful bubble braid in just a few steps. This sports hairstyle is very well suited for volleyball, handball and jogging. After you have tied your hair close to the top of your head to the high ponytail, you can subdivide it with at least three hair ties. The hair parts between the hair ties are slightly plucked in the end.

Cool sports hairstyles with hair band – The Undone Dutt

messy dutt hair band fast sports hairstyles

The Messy Bun is not only very practical and popular in everyday life, but has proven to be an ideal sports hairstyle for long hair. Casual and loose-fitting sports hairstyles like these are perfect for yoga, fitness or cycling . The hair bun may like to look imperfect. That’s exactly what makes the hairstyle so charming. You can hold back the pony party with a hair band or combine it with a headband.

The ballerina bun

Dutt turned braided simple sports hairstyles

Many cool sports hairstyles are associated with a certain sport by many women, which is also the case with the firm, elegant bun , which is tied together on the head. For this hairstyle for sports long or medium-long hair is necessary. The hair styling offers maximum freedom of movement, which makes it practical not only for ballet, but also for other sports.

instruction dutt hairstyles ladies long hair

First comb the hair and tie it at the back of the head into a high ponytail. Now you have to twirl the braid with some tension until it winds around itself. Then the hair is turned into a snail and fixed with a hair tie and hairpins. You are also welcome to turn your long hair tighter between your fingers and fix it with hairpins in any shape on the neck.

Braided, cool sports hairstyles for women

swimmers herringbone braids hairstyles for the sport

One of the most beautiful hairstyles for sports is clearly the herringbone braid. He can be recreated with a little exercise at home comfortable, different styles and vary. This braided hairstyle is suitable for volleyball players, as well as for swimming, jogging and why not for boxing. For this look, tie the hair into a ponytail and divide it into two equal parts.

fishtail braid instruction sports hairstyles for long hair

Take a small strand of hair from the left part of the hair and beat it between the two parts. Repeat the same with the right side. Alternately take small strands from both sides and put them in the middle until you have braided the entire hair length. Fix the plait end with a hair tie. A beautiful and simple sports hairstyle that can be worn on festive occasions.

pigtail top plaited ponytail fast sports hairstyles

How varied the ponytail is and how chic and elegant you can look with braided long hair while exercising, prove the sports hairstyles in the picture above. You are welcome to weave a thicker strand along the head or laterally loosely to a braid and tie the remaining hair into a ponytail. So your hair looks voluminous, which is why this hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with thin hair.

Firm, cool sports hairstyles that guarantee good grip

dutch brain boxing sports hairstyles

There are some sports where the pretty braided hairstyles are particularly helpful. For example, in gymnastics or boxing, it is extremely important that you do not waste any thoughts on your own hairstyle and that you have all the hair on your face. When boxing, for example, a peasant’s braid would not be strong enough and will become looser after each movement until individual hairs fall into the face.

Boxer braids braiding hairstyles for sports

The Dutch braids are a beautiful braiding for sports, which is also suitable for calmer sports such as Pilates. For this Harstyle for women, you must first part your hair in the middle and divide the right and left hair in three fine strands and braid them to the braid. For each row you have to put another strand into the braid right and left.

Simple and beautiful sports hairstyles – Dutch braid with fluffy bun

beautiful sports hairstyles chic side fishtail braid

If you also want to attract attention during your workout with an elegant hairstyle and more volume in the hair, then this styling is an excellent idea. First pull the crown and braid on one of the sides of a braid back. Now gather all the hair on the neck and knot it to a bun. With your fingers, you can easily loosen the Dutt or pull out individual highlights.

braiding hairstyles ladies double bun

If you find the bun or the braids to be too simple and you want to stand out with an effective sports hairstyle, you can create a chic-looking combination of both hairstyling. How do you like the two buns with the beautiful lichen insert? Here, the hair is simply braided upside down and then formed into dumplings.

Cool wickerwork for advanced users – step-by-step instructions for wickerwork

braided beautiful hairstyles wreath long hair

If you already have experience with other beautiful and elegant braiding for sports, you can also make this great braid. With a little flair and exercise you will also succeed in this beautiful sports hairstyle for long hair. Crochet your hair back and start braiding a Dutch braid tightly to your head on one side. Lay the highlights for the first time underneath and continue to braid classically from the neck. When both plaits are finished, the plait ends are crossed and led forward. For extra strong hold with hairpins and hair spray fix.

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