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Hairstyles For Women

Colorful nail design for the summer – 85 beautiful motives

buntes nageldesign sommer look motive geometrisch abstrakt punkte

We show you 85 pictures and beautiful motives for colorful nail design in the summer look – whether with playful floral patterns for romantic date, with glitter for the disco or in the discreet French style – you will find the right thing for every occasion.

Colorful nail design for the summer – colors combine

buntes nageldesign pastell leopard ombre orange gelb sommer

Pastel colors dominate this summer – the top brands offer a wide range of colors in their latest collections. All the more – the nuances can be combined with each other, so that nothing stands in the way of a colorful nail design . Very popular are, for example, the combinations between petrol blue / silver / azure blue /, or old rose / vanilla yellow / lime green.

Colorful nail design for the summer – creativity is in demand

buntes nageldesign ombre lila gelb glitzer effekt modern

If you want a colorful nail design for the summer, you can look forward to this year – the patterns are back in! Trendy are the geometric shapes and motifs, or a base in accent color and colorful job. But the floral motifs are also making a comeback – this time they are not super-precise hand-painted, but rather resemble a painting by Matisse. Speaking of color gradient – the colorful mixture of several contrasting colors or the ombre fingernails are guaranteed to attract attention. The French manicure” in pink and white looks simple but beautiful so that the design does not look boring glittering stones can whip manicure.>

Nail art design with colorful neon colors

buntes nageldesign hellblau orange ombre idee glitzer nagellack

And if you want to attract attention, you can opt for neon-colored fingernails” . experimental ladies can also try different nail designs in gold. no matter which variant you choose one thing is certain the summer of it trendy fun>

Simple and elegant – A flower design on white nails

buntes nageldesign creme weiss blume motiv schwarz elegant

Colorful ombre style with patterns

Muster Nageldesign Grün Rosa Gelb

Glamorous nail design in gold and black

Fingernägel Design Glitter Streifen Punkte geometrische Muster

Nail art in pastel colors – stripes pattern

Hellblau Nageldesign Goldstreifen Aufkleber

French manicure in white, pink and green

Lack auftragen Pastellfarben lila lindengrün rosa weiß

Blue-gray design with glitter

grüne Farbe Glitzersteine Akzente maritime Thema

Colorful nail design in French style

Fingernagel Design rosa grün silber

Neon colors are trendy in the summer months

Punkte gelb grün rosa Sommer schöne Idee

Pink nail polish and rhinestones

Glitter Schleife Spitze rosa Fingernägel

Dark blue nail polish and sticker in silver

Aufkleber Streifen blaue Basis Lack

Contrasting colors attract attention

geometrische Muster lila rosa blau gelb Punkte

In summer you can experiment

Farben Sommer Look schlicht Blau Nuancen

Colorful nail design – animal patterns, hearts and floral motifs

Design Herzen Tiermuster rosa Orange Blau

Geometric motifs in white and gold

weißer Lack gelbe Akzente geometrische Muster

bemalen Ideen Leopard kurze Fingernägel

Aufkleber Nageldesign Sommer Ideen Bilder rote Basis Rosen

lila Lack Metall Steine einfach Anfänger cool

zart romantisch Fingernägel Silber blaue Glitzersteine

Design Glitzer schwarzer Lack Glitzersteine

Nude weiß Schwarz Nageldesign Ideen

silberne Fingernägel Design Ideen Konturen

Nageldesign Bilder blau Farbverlauf dezent originell

kurze Nägel Glitzersteine Deko Ideen

Spitze Nägelrosa Glitzersteine Nagelperlen aufkleben Goldakzente

Nageldesign Farbverlauf Pastellfarben coole Motive Kreise Blumen

Glitter Effekt Grün Blau Nagellack auftragen

dezent schlicht weiß Glitzersteine Ideen

roter Lack weiße Punkte Schleife Minnie Maus Motive

Motive rot schwarz geometrische Muster

geometrische Motive jeden Finger anders lackieren Punkte Streifen

Pastellfarben blau lila grüne Farbe

Nageldesign Ideen bunt Sommer selber machen

rosa Maniküre Nageldesign Glitter Effekt schlicht

Farbnuancen Glitter Design Ombre Fingernägel

Nageldesign selber machen hellblau silber

handbemalt Fingernägel Ideen Sommer Look

Nageldesign Bilder geometrische Motive Neonfarben

selber machen Anleitung Bilder Blumenmuster bemalen

Ideen Farbverlauf Glitzersteine Fingernägel aufkleben

Nageldesign Bilder Glitter rosa Petrolblau Steine

Blumen Motive handbemalt selber machen

schwarz weiß French Nageldesign Ideen

Muster Fingernägel Design Ideen

Design Ideen Altrosa Grau Silber Glitter

dekorieren Schleife aufkleben Nagellack rosa orange

Ombre Nageldesign rosa Glitter Effekt schlicht

Nageldesign Ideen bunte Farbkombinationen rot lila grün

Design Ideen orange Pfirsicht Nude Farben

Motive Design Ideen Frühling Blumenmuster selber machen

Nageldesign Bilder gelbe Farbe kurze Fingernägel

Nenonfarben Blau Glitter Effekt Sommer Design Bilder

Which are the nail polish trends for summer 2014?



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