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Clean silver jewelry – 9 home remedies and helpful tips

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Anyone who owns silver jewelry or cutlery knows the problem of tarnished spots on the precious metal. However, this is due to its nature – silver reacts with the hydrogen sulfide from the air and thereby discolored. It is not damaged in itself, but its appearance suffers from the black patina. Of course, there are plenty of specially designed products on the market, but you can easily clean the popular silver jewelry .

Clean silver jewelry – 9 proven home remedies

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If your jewelry is often tarnished with black spots, it would be helpful to find out how you can prevent the annoying discoloration as much as possible. Always store silver jewelry or cutlery in a velvet box. As an extra measure, you should thoroughly polish chains and earrings with a velvet cloth after wearing them. In addition, it helps to add a piece of white chalk to the jewelry and cutlery. This absorbs the humidity, so that discoloration can not form.

Use aluminum foil and salt water to clean the tarnished silverware

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Surprisingly, silver objects, whether jewelery or cutlery, can be cleaned with aluminum foil. Put the items in a bowl, add a few pieces of aluminum foil and a teaspoon of salt . If the silver things are extremely black, you can wrap them in the foil. Then fill up the bowl with hot water and let it act for 1-2 minutes. Make sure that the exposure time is not exceeded, otherwise the surface can be attacked. Finally rinse the objects with clear water. The aluminum of the foil releases electrons and the salt in the water intensifies the process. The electrons pick up the silver and thereby the oxidation layer dissolves. It really works – try it right out!

Clean the silver jewelry with baking soda or soda

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Perhaps the gentlest way to clean silverware is with baking soda or soda. Mix one of the two with water to a pasta and carry on the affected piece of jewelery or cutlery. After a short time, rinse with water and polish neatly with a lint-free cloth.

Clean the silver jewelry with vinegar


Vinegar and the fruit acid at all help eliminate all disagreements and stains in the household or on textiles. You just have to put the precious silver products in a vinegar bath and let them relax for at least 1.5 hours. Then rinse well with water and dry with a hair dryer, so that no water spots occur.

Clean the silver jewelery with lemon juice or vitamin C.


Citric acid is a real helper in the household. To clean silver jewelry and cutlery gently from the black tarnished spots, you need freshly squeezed half lemon juice. Take an old toothbrush, immerse it in the juice and gently rub it on the affected areas. This trick works flawlessly and very fast.

Clean the silver jewelry with beer


Although it sounds crazy, cleaning silver with beer is very effective. Prepare a beer bath for your trinkets and leave the things in during the night. The high acid content in the beer dissolves the stains on the metal slowly but effectively. After the procedure you should carefully rinse the valuable pieces with water, so that no beer smell exudes.

Clean the tarnished silver jewelry or cutlery with sour milk / yoghurt


You can also use sour milk or yogurt to clean silver. Put the jewelry in a bowl and add the sour milk to cover everything. Leave the milk to work for a few hours, preferably over night. Then rinse thoroughly and polish with velvet cloth. The silver will shine like new.

Clean the silver jewelery with toothpaste


The toothpaste is a proven home remedy that makes almost every surface appear. It contains small abrasive particles and ingredients that bleach delicately. This cleaning method is particularly well suited if the silver jewelery has filigree accents, which are blackened. Apply the toothpaste and allow to act for 10-15 minutes. Then brush with an old toothbrush even in the smallest corners sparkling and already sparkles the favorite chain or the noble cutlery again like new.

Rub with potatoes and clean the silver jewelry


You also get your silver clean again if you rub it with a raw potato. This method is especially intended for solid silver jewelry, especially for cutlery.

Clean silver jewelry tarnished with curd soap and ammonia


For the cleaning of silver, core soap can also be mixed with a bit of ammoniacal spirit and dissolved in warm water. Then rinse with warm water and polish gently.

Make chalk next to silver jewelry and cutlery – it absorbs the humidity


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