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Hairstyles For Women

Choose a pretty manicure and nail art of the bride


The nail art of the bride is an important detail in the overall outfit of the bride . It should first of all correspond to the taste and wishes of the bride, then the fashion trends and not least the condition of the nails. Today we have some ideas for you that will help you to find the bride’s personal and unique nail art for your big day. To find out which manicure is best for the bride, read the following tips for choosing the bride’s nail art .

The chic nail art of the bride in the wedding – a classic, monochrome manicure


That’s the simplest way you can choose for the wedding. For this are light colors, such as white, cream, transparent, light pink, skin color. You can also use a pearlescent varnish with shimmer or a nail varnish with a dense color.

You can also make such a nail art of the bride without the help of a manicurist. But since the day is special, not to say the most special day in your life, maybe you should choose a more specialized manicure. A monochrome manicure is well suited for the mother of the bride.

Types of Nail Art of the Bride – French Manicure


This seems to be the most popular manicure that also fits all occasions. The brides are no exception.

The length of the nails depends on your taste, as well as the condition of the nails before the wedding.
The manicure for the groom is no longer a novelty. There is nothing to stop you from getting your perfectly groomed nails on their big day.

The care of the nails starts long before the wedding. But if you have nails that break easily or have a habit of nibbling on them, do not worry. Fortunately, there are the artificial nails or the possibility of extending the nails by different variants.

The classic French manicure can also be designed by extending the nails.

You can choose for the nail art of the bride between:

Nail extension with gel


In this variant of the nail art of the bride UV gel or gel with extension is used. On the Internet, you can find out how this type of extension is performed.

Extension with acrylic


This variant of the extension provides a feeling as if the nail was real. It lasts up to three weeks depending on how much care you give them.

Extension with fiberglass

This is a unique variant of the extension that uses fiberglass fabric. The nails are hard, pretty and there is no thickening.

You should know that the extension of the nails should not happen until the day before the wedding.

You will need time to get used to the artificial nails. That’s why you should check with a manicurist in good time. If you have decided to have your nails extended, make an appointment one week before the wedding.

French manicure with decorations


In addition to the French Manicure as a basis, a variety of decorations for the nail art of the bride can be added.

Decorations on a nail


The accent is placed on a nail on each hand. Mostly, the ring finger is chosen, which will also be the wedding ring.

The nails can be decorated with stones:

Or with 3D ornaments and pebbles, like here:

The decoration in 3D is an interesting variant of the nail art of the bride:


A decoration on all nails

In most cases, the technique of painting is applied by hand for this type of decoration.

There is no manicurist who will not love to style the bride’s nail art for the simple reason that she lets her imagination run wild.

For the nail art of the bride on the nail, a color nail polish can be used. White is usually chosen for this.

Using stencils or different techniques, the painting on each nail can be different, as is the case with this pretty nail design:

Depending on the bride’s taste, other colors may be added to the bride’s nail art:


Mostly the design of the nail is adjusted to that of the wedding dress. If you choose the details of the manicure, it would be good if you follow the details of your dress.

Apart from the traditional white nail polish, the nail art of the bride can also be made of different colors, depending on what you prefer, what design your dress has or the accent you want to set.

If your dress is completely white, you can add some color to your nails. The blue and green colors, for example, are a great idea:

It is good to know that the decoration itself, whether on the nail extension or on your own nail, should be added on the day before the wedding, so that it really holds and does not peel off.

Another idea for shimmering nails:


Nail polish containing golden or silver glitter can also be used to design the bride’s nail art.

Such a manicure is a great idea if your accessories, like the handbag or the shoes, have a similar style.

Interesting and attractive are nails decorated with pearls and crystals:


If you want, you can also choose a pretty piercing to match the nail art of the bride :

Or you turn away from the manicure and decorate the nails with a ring for the nail.

The variants for the nail art of the bride are endless. Other techniques that you can choose for nail design for your wedding are the airbrushed manicure and marble patterns on the nails. This technique is extremely light and effective. You can also design yourself or choose the ideas for the manicure of the bridesmaids, the maid of honor or the mother of the bride.

It is an unwritten law that the manicure of the bride must be the most special and beautiful


She is the star of the evening and it is her big day so all the others present, including the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the mother and all the other guests, should go for it and choose a manicure that does not go beyond the bride’s nail art .

Chic feather decoration with French manicure


Combination with jewelry stones


Gold, silver and bronze are also among the wedding colors


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