Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Cat Eye Makeup – Ideas for a mesmerizing look

Katzenaugen Make-up gruene-augen-lidstrich-nude-lidschatten

Today we have a make-up guide for you again. This is the most classic look in history that is popular with many ladies around the world. The eyeliner in cat’s eye style can look really coquettish and colorful and fits any combination. If you want to get clear and precise lines from cat’s eye makeup , we recommend that you use a liquid eyeliner.

Cat’s eye makeup


Below you can see several photos of so-called cat’s eyes. At first glance, they may look like they are hard to copy. But it is easier and faster to do it if you see the steps individually. Take a look at the cat eye makeup photos and try the different types of eyelid lines yourself. Once you have tried it, you will become addicted to it and do not want to leave the house without a lid line.

Cat’s eye makeup

Katzenaugen Make-up amy-winehouse-ausdrucksstark

The trend cat-eye makeup was revived with the expressive eye area of ​​Amy Winehouse. There is no other well-established trend that’s always in fashion and never goes out of style like a cat eye makeup . Mysterious, attractive and flattering, the eye areas look great with a cat eye make-up. You can apply silver gloss or golden color as shading colors. In this way you get beautiful eyes with a perfect finish. Let yourself be inspired by our small picture gallery!

Instructions – Pull eyeliner correctly


white kohl for the lower eyelid


strongly emphasized border


Nude eye shadow and black eyeliner


Amy Whinehouse


Kirsten Stewart


Cat eye make-up with silver shine


Pastel tones with cat eye makeup


Combination with dark red lips


Darker skin types


Blue eyes are expressed with fuchsia color lip gloss

Herbst-Schminke-Tipps-und-Vorschläge-zum Schminken

Attraction strong



Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look



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