Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Casual updos for medium-length hair – 12 great styling ideas

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For women who like to try new looks and like it easy, medium-length hair is just the perfect length. It offers numerous styling options and contributes to a fresh, youthful look. Here are imaginative casual updos easily accessible. Waves, Seek-Look, even braids can be conjured up quickly, with little effort, if you know the know-how. Below you will find interesting ideas with instructions and helpful tips on how to style your hair medium.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

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There is nothing that adorns the woman as the beautiful hair and, accordingly, a beautiful hairstyle. However, it is acceptable to leave home without make-up, but with unsightly, unwashed hair – a sign of bad taste, even bad hygiene. In addition, the hairstyle plays a very important role in the overall effect of the person. With the right haircut and a hair color tailored to the individual, balanced facial proportions can be achieved visually. It’s not surprising why hair styling is so important to all women. The hair is always successful to style, but is not an easy task, at least if you have to do it daily.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

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Important condition for a beautiful hairstyle is a healthy hair. Especially if you do not get professional support and style yourself, damaged hair always looks ugly. Although the average length is extremely easy to care for, it usually reaches the shoulders and the friction in clothes quickly strains the hair tips. Daily styling can also make the medium-length hair particularly susceptible to splits. The care with special products, such as Anntispliss serum or beauty oils is recommended here. The regular walk to the barber is mandatory by the way.

Casual braiding for medium-length hair – Twirled and twisted

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If you have a medium hair length , you do not have to do without braids and updos. In fact, they can even be made simpler than with a long mane. Mostly twirling and turning works better than real braiding, but here we present a very variant for a great braiding hairstyle.

Divide all hair into parties and braid three small braids each. To tie these, use small transparent rubber bands, because you will not notice later. Take a few hairpins, recommended in similar color as your hair itself, and cross the left and right braid, fix it. The third, middle knot nicely and tie with hairpins. It looks nice when the hairpins and rubber bands are covered with hair and remain invisible.

Casual updos made easy for any occasion – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

The next casual updos for medium hair looks more or less than braided, but is not. It is also particularly suitable for relatively short hair. For this you also need hairpins, preferably in hair color and a Toupier comb. But before you proceed to the actual styling, we have a few styling tips for you.

  • Braids and updos do not look good on freshly washed hair, because they usually feel very “slippery” and fall out quickly. Try the next day.
  • With fine, smooth hairs, a volume fluid, powder or mousse can make them voluminous and thus grippy.
  • For thick hair, use beauty oils such as argan or coconut oil. But take only a little of it and rub very well in your hands, only then distribute well on the hair length, not in the hairline, otherwise the hair gets greasy. The positive side effect – hair care.
  • For additional structure and thus a really casual updo, make sure you braid your hair overnight or in a bun on top of your head.

Casual updo – turning instead of braiding

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-easy

Now go with this beautiful updo! First split the top coat on the top of the head from the rest and then in two. These two small strands of hair twirl you loosely and toup you a bit with the comb, so they get more structure. Knot inward and fix with a hairpin or two. Soon you take two more strands that fall on both sides of the face, twirl and loosen up, finally you fix. The same thing you do with the hair party on the neck. At each step you can spray hairspray over it for added support. Finally, the little knots relax a bit.

Make casual updos yourself – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-knot

The next casual updo is reminiscent of the last, but here the hair is twirled around the face from the hair’s apex and tied low at the back of the head. You can leave the hair on the neckline unbonded or make it into a small hair bun.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

Casual updo with little pigtails

casual-updo hairstyles Braid medium-length-hair-kleien-pigtails-

This particularly casual updo looks decidedly youthful, summery and simply laid back. It is first pulled a side vertex and then braided on both sides several small braids. The hair on the back of the head divides into three sectors and braid them as well, or just twirl them, it does not matter much.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-braids-manual-lure

Firmly tie the middle area and fix with a few hairpins. To the left and right, add the little braids, braid and fix beautifully. All the little strands, which are chaotically around, you can do a little hairdressing with the curling iron.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-tie-plait-locker

Make casual updos yourself – medium-length hair toup for better grip

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-toupieren-tie-manual

This upholstery is really casual and can be done in a few minutes. Here, above all, a grippy hair structure is needed. Above are a few helpful tips on how to easily reach them with the right products. In addition, we touped the hair and fixed with hair spray. This ensures a very good hold, but can strain a fine hair. Therefore, handle the Toupier comb with great care.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-loose-tie-leisure

When you have achieved the necessary structure, you only have to tie the hair nicely. Use a few hairpins in your hair color and fix it in some places. The hairstyle should remain very relaxed and casual. First tie a topknot to the top of the head, then add the side strand of hair and finally the neckline. Drop a few strands around your face for a casual look.

Simple, casual updos for medium-length hair – tie with hair jewelry

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-haarschmuck-hairpin

If it has to be really fast, you only need one or two pretty hairpins or a nice hair accessory to tie the hair.

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