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Casting resin making jewelry yourself – creative ideas and tips

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There are plenty of materials that you can use to make beautiful accessories and jewelery yourself . Not many can be processed as versatile and form according to their own imagination as cast resin. Small accents, whether flowers, pearls, fabric or stickers, can be incorporated into the product. Under the crystal clear surface, they are not only preserved forever, but already implemented as a fabulous detail in Schmustpck. The article summarizes what it takes to make cast resin yourself and what should be considered.

Casting resin jewelry – What kind of synthetic resin

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Before proceeding with the tinkering start of jewelry and accessories made of cast resin, you should know that there are several types of synthetic resin. In almost every craft shop or hardware store you can get epoxy resin and polyester resin. The essential difference between them is the time they take to harden. Both are processed by mixing the actual resin and the appropriate hardener. The mixing ratio is particularly important and you should strictly follow the instructions. A kitchen scale or measuring container can be a good solution. Mostly you get the resin in a huge container and the hardener in a tiny vial. In this case, a syringe is used, with a ml-accurate dosage is possible. Optionally, you can get a resin with a 1: 1 mixing ratio. You need the same amount of hardener and resin.

Casting resin to make jewelry yourself – Required materials and step-by-step instructions

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Another difference between epoxy and polyester resin is the appearance. Epoxy resin is crystal clear and therefore better suited for the production of jewelry. Polyester resin hardens very quickly, is very robust and is often used for the production of molded parts – mold making, boatbuilding, profiled sheets, etc. Apart from the casting resin, a casting mold is also needed. The most suitable for this purpose are those made of silicone, such as these for baking.

Casting resin to make jewelry yourself – mix resin and hardener

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The production of self-made cast resin jewelry will be gradual and slow. Before you proceed with the mixing of resin and hardener, you should find out with about how much liquid the mold is filled. Mix half the amount or less and put in the form. Let rest for at least 24 hours.

Casting resin to make jewelery yourself – process casting resin

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Then you can really pour everything. Stickers, fabric, beads, flowers, even food are pourable. It is worth to first test the object for pouring, as some fibers absorb the casting resin and look like water marks. Best of all, the selected objects are sealed with napkin glue and then incorporated into the piece of jewelry. Some things lose their 3D effect and can only be recognized by their shape. We advise you to always give a test before the actual process.

Casting resin to make jewelery with real insects

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Whether you have selected real groomed insects, flowers, glitter, beads or simply stickers as a motif for your resin cast, the procedure is always the same. It works layer by layer. First, pour a small amount of casting resin into the mold, let it cure, then place the object and hold it in place with a thin layer of resin, allowing it to harden. Finally, the whole shape is made full and allowed to rest for about 48 hours.

Cast resin jewelry with crystal clear 3D effect


Before you remove the products from the mold, you should note that the resin should not only harden. That will be in the first 24 hours. In the next 24 it is ripe, thus also stable, can thus be processed. If you exclude the generated figures, their surface is dull because of the mold. Even the outer edges can appear confusing. These take you with the help of very fine-grained sandpaper. To achieve the glamorous, crystal clear effect, you should only paint the piece of jewelry.

Original cast resin jewelry with prepared insects


For the perfect finish, we recommend to coat the product again with epoxy resin. It shines wonderfully and reflects the light like real glass. Before you have to rough the surface carefully so that the last layer can adhere to it. Otherwise, it retreats in places and gives ugly spots.

Cast Resin Jewelry – Pendant with real insect


Once the piece of jewelry hardens to the last layer, it can be processed. You can make a pendant on it and use it as a chain or key chain. You can also incorporate a nice background. Glitter, but also pure acrylic paint, are very well suited for this, if the other elements would be more effective.

Make modern, fabulous cast resin jewelry with Steampunk character yourself


For pouring into the cast resin jewelry, all small objects are also those that are left. The pieces of broken accessories can be recycled and find new use again as such. This technique also creates steampunk jewelry and other unique items.

Each piece of jewelery will be a true one of a kind – cast resin jewelry


Achieve fabulous color effects when you incorporate different materials in the same piece of jewelry. You can easily pour dried flowers, stones, shells, or photos. Please note that the paper must be brushed with napkin glue beforehand. Otherwise, the casting resin will stain the paper.

Cast resin jewelry with shimmering effects


If you strive for metallic effects and silver & gold, these are achieved perfectly. You need glitter or gold leaf, or chocolate foil. You can sprinkle glitter and glitter on it 3-4 hours after you have put the first layer of cast hard in the mold. They are very light in themselves and will only sink into the resin a bit. Heavy parts fall at the bottom of the mold because of their weight, which is ultimately the top of the product and therefore the desired 3D effect is not achieved.

Casting resin make jewelry yourself and incorporate golden shimmer – instructions


If gold leaf is not available for you, you can simply take chocolate foil and chop it into small pieces. Sprinkle over the molds after the first layer of resin has set. With a toothpick you try to bring all particles under the surface and distribute them relatively evenly. Let it cure at least 24.

Multi-faceted cast resin made by yourself


The cast resin products can be polished instead of being coated again with resin. For this purpose, suitable polishing pastes and very fine-grained sandpaper are available. This will wet the jewelry pieces. When they are done, you can attach ring, ear studs or earrings clips on the back.

Casting resin Making jewelery like a true professional – Professional casting molds


To ensure that your products look really professional and perfect, special casting molds for rings or chain pendants are ideal. Some of them are gemstone cuts and especially for jewelry lovers can thus make the casting resin like a real gem. In addition, different colors are possible, which expand the scope enormously.

Casting resin making jewelery for experimenting personalities


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