Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Braids with Dutt – A great guide to imitate

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The cute and innocent-looking braids with Dutt are extremely topical over the last two summer seasons. These can not only look cheeky and attractive, but also elegant.

How to make great braids with Dutt

flechtfrisuren mit dutt elegant haarstaling hochsteckfrisur damen

This stunning braiding with Dutt , which looks like it’s pretty complicated, does not really require any special hairdressing skills. You can easily do it yourself at home.

Braids with Dutt – The necessary steps to braiding

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To do this, you must first tie your hair together to form a ponytail . But let it hang a triangular strand in the front area. When you begin to braid, take a new strand from this front part and one from the ponytail.

The design of the hair knot

flechtfrisuren mit dutt kranz idee drei ebenen maedchen

Gradually, the braid will wrap around the hair elastic and take the form of a Dutt. Finish the braid by leaving the end open, so do not tie it up with a hair tie , but use a pair of hair clips to pin it to the bun . As an accessory to the finished braiding, you can also add a hair clip with embellishments or a pretty clip.

To whom do the braid trimmings suit with Dutt of such type

flechtfrisuren mit dutt laessig elegant stil bruenett zopf

This hairstyle is used at weddings as a bridal hairstyle, but it is also perfect for bridesmaids. So, if you are soon to attend such an event, you can expect that this braided bun will make you look breathtaking. Our suggestions are also for little girls who are dancers. In this case you could try the double braiding with Dutt. The braids with Dutt are also suitable for parties, so use and enjoy them.

Steps to braiding


For the children, these braids with Dutt are very practical and chic


The topknot is designed high on the back


You can leave the hair halfway open – make the hairstyle on the top of the head


The doubled is good for little dancers






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