Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Braiding herringbone – 4 instructions for beginners

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The popular hairstyling for the summer, the herringbone braid, looks incredibly complicated, but it’s not that hard to imitate, believe it or not. Follow the few steps of the guide below for you to braid your own, pretty herringbone braid . You can now make this hairstyle for everyday or party.

Herringbone braid – easy introduction in three steps

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  1. Brush your hair well. Tie the hair together with a transparent hair tie to a side ponytail. Divide it into two equal strands.
  2. Take a thinner strand from the outer edge of the first strand, place it over the first strand and pick it up with the second strand. Then take a thin strand of the second big strand, lay over it and pick it up in the same way with the first one.
  3. With each shot, you should tighten the strands. Repeat the second step over and over until you have finished braiding the entire braid . When you’re done, carefully cut through the transparent hair tie from the beginning of the pigtail.

We hope you enjoy trying it out and would be pleased if you show us your finished DIY herringbone braid. The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and all others will be posted on our Facebook page.

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Another simple guide for herringbone braid

Flechtfrisur Fischgrätenzopf Schritt 4 8

The braid fits perfectly with angular and oval faces

Anleitung Ideen rote Haare lang

Herringbone braid with volume

 selber flechten Anleitung farbige Haarsträhne

Casual side braid with colored strands of hair

Haarsträhne künstlich einbinden Ideen

Ombre Haare Flechtfrisuren Anleitung Fotostrecke

Haare Frisuren Fischgrätenzopf flechten Anleitung

flechten Anleitung Teil 2 seitlich

Anleitung seitlich Teil 3 einfach Anfänger

Anleitung Flechtfrisuren blonde Haare Ideen

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