Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Braiding hair – 11 original braided hairstyles with instructions

haare flechten anleitungen originelle frisuren schal gruen

Braids are the last hit for the summer and we are thrilled. We have already presented you several weaving techniques, but here are 11 creative ideas for braiding hair that will take up the classic braid and make it more original. Some of these looks are even inspired by the stars on the red carpet.

Braiding hair – 1. Elegant updo

haare flechten hochsteckfrisur dutt tolle elegant

This elegant updo was inspired by Cate Blanchett. It consists of two lateral pigtails, a bun and a smooth back combed pony. The hairstyle is fast and easy. Try it!

Braid lateral braids

haare flechten anleitung lockenstab tolle frisur zopf

Start using a curling iron to create something great, just like the 1960s. Form a roll and temporarily pin this strand. The same thing is repeated without a curling iron with the game behind the roll, except that this time you take a little more hair. In the open hair you plait a braid on both sides, which meet at the back over the neck and are tied to a Pfedeschranz.

Comb the pony backwards

haare flechten schritte idee damen look pferdeschwanz dutt

Now is the time to introduce the two great people into the hairstyle. Comb them smoothly and fix with hair spray. The thick strand is placed back over the head and then wrapped once around the hair elastic, whereupon you also pick up the ponytail and form a bun. Fix with clamps and hairspray.

Braiding hair – The finished hairstyle

haare flechten seite flechtzoepfe dutt elegant damen pony glatt

Take your time with styling, so that everything is perfect. Because hair braiding is a bit more complicated. Use mirrors to get a good view of the lateral parts of your head. The special thing about this hairstyle is that it offers interesting accents from every angle. Best of all, the hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Further ideas for hairstyles:

haare-flechten einfach-anleitungen-wasserfall-seitlich-am-kopf-varianten

2. A small herringbone braid as an accent



This look was inspired by a look of Ciara. A small fish-pot was hidden in her blond ombre-mane. This is very easy to style. Make a herringbone plait with a small section of hair, after which pull it slightly apart on the sides to loosen it up a bit and you’re done.

3rd page header

haare flechten anleitung-seitlich-getragen


Lateral braids can also look glamorous! This look was inspired by the messy but chic braided side braid by Amanda Seyfried. First lure the hair and come back to create a romantic volume. Take hair aside and braid curly. Tie the elastic band and pull it apart to give the braid a messy look. Voila!

4. Updo with side plait




Instead of a simple junk, why not add a few braids to the updo? This beautiful view was inspired by the hairstyle of Jessica Alba. Divide the hair into two ponytails – one on the head and one on the back. Extract a piece from the upper ponytail and braid. Braid the lower ponytail and tie it in a bun. Toup the rest of the upper ponytail, comb back, creating volume and pinning. Wrap the Fischgradzopf around the bun and fasten with clips.

5. Waterfall hairstyle braid

Haare flechten Waterfall-zopfe-flechten-einfach-originell


Start with a traditional French side braid from the crown and along the hairline. After braiding over 3 times, you start dropping strands that you normally need to plug into the braid.

6. peasant wreath braid



This would also be a nice idea for a dirndl dress, but the peasant wreath Zopf is also Scarlett Johansson. Take a piece of hair on one side of the head and start braiding from the inside out (or top to bottom). It will be a bit awkward, but you will make it!

7. Fauxhawk braiding

Haare flechten Fauxhawk-flechtfrisur-anleitung-inspiration



This is definitely the wildest hairstyle on our list and definitely makes a statement. Make a hairroll and get stuck in the middle of the head. Start braiding right behind the hair roll. Instead of strands to the braid from the top you can add them from below. Use a comb to pull strands out of each section to mimic the appearance of a mohawk hairdo.

8. Herringbone ponytail



This braided hairstyle was inspired by Blake Lively. But if your hair is not that long, you can easily change it. Tie hair in a medium to high ponytail. Braid herringbone until the end. Pull apart to create a textured look. Pull hair strand out of the ponytail to hide the rubber band.


9. Braiding a pair of Rasta pots



Gwen Stefani knows how to rock a pair of Cornrows. Split the hair in the middle. On one side from the inside out French braid begin to braid and all the way to the end. Wiggle the end to a loose knot and pin it down. Repeat on the other side and you’re done.

10. Three braids in one braided



Three braids in one braid! It looks even cooler after applying hair chalk aka Hair Chalk. The colors are very vibrant and fit almost any hair color. For the braid, make three fish grade braids and then braid them together. Finished!

11. French braid braided from below, with bun



Finally, the French plait braided from below! We love the look of January Jones. It looks like a simple topknot from the front, but is more interesting on the back. Keep your head down and braid a traditional French braid from the neck to the back of your head. Tie a bun at the top and you’re done!

Photos by Britt.Co

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