Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Braided hairstyles for the beach – 5 great suggestions


Get ready for the beach” where the sea breeze will ruffle your hair. and that what this article is about. often we women wonder>braiding for the beach we should choose best for the moments of swimming, usually it remains with an ordinary ponytail or bun.

Wicker hairstyles for the beach – 5 easy nachzumachende proposals


But just because we’re on the beach does not mean our hair should not look great too. But on the contrary! At home, we can make quite casual, yet pretty hairstyles. At first glance, all the examples of a hairstyle on the beach, which we will show you in the following, look disheveled and quickly made. And that’s exactly the beach effect we expect.

Braided hairstyles for the beach – A greek braid


This type of braid also called “herringbone braid” or “ear braid”. He is made of only two strands. Divide the hair into two pieces and take one strand from each, always transferring them to the other side. Make sure they are the same size to make the hairstyle symmetrical. Repeat the step until you reach the end. At the end, pull the finished braid a little bit apart to create a larger volume.

Braided hairstyles for the beach – A waterfall in the hair


This hairstyle is made according to the principle of ordinary braiding technique. The advantage in this case is that the newly added tress falls down, making the braid not heavy. In the picture tutorial you can see step by step how to get the hairstyle with your own hair.

Braided hairstyles for the beach – A braid in a ponytail


This hairstyle for the beach is extremely easy to do and effective. All you have to do is braid a loose braid on one side and tie it to a ponytail along with the rest of your hair. For a larger effect, you can also add a pretty accessory to the hairstyle.

Wicker hairstyles for the beach – A casual bun


This hairstyle is made according to the principle of dough with dough pillows, except that you do not use a douche for the disheveled look. The curled or curly hair is tied into a ponytail. From the ponytail you take single strands and stuck with hair clamps. However, the tips of the strands should stick out so that the bun looks more relaxed.

Flechtfrisuren for the beach – A loose braiding hairstyle


This is another variant of the usual braiding technique, but it consists of only four envelopes. Again, it is best if you add curls before, to achieve the same effect as in the photo. Do not tighten the streaks, but, on the contrary, make sure they become loose and casual.

Elegant and practical




A great idea with ponytail












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