Beret cap for a box of French chic: 30+ great looks & styling tips

barett mütze stylen look farbe leder

Beret, beret or even known as Beret is considered an absolute classic and is usually associated with the French style. Since last year, it is also an inseparable part of the fashion shows and is experiencing a comeback in the meantime. Gucci, Chanel, Dior presented in their latest collections how versatile the stylish headgear is. A beret cap is versatile wearable and gives the simple look a French flair. Depending on the material and individual style, good styling partners are coats and blazers made of wool, as well as leather jackets, pullovers, etc. Only the clothing made of polyester, such as down and rain jackets, fits the beret cap rather not. More styling tips? Then read on!

Beret cap celebrates a comeback

barett mütze stylen look farbe braun beige kombinieren

French style is considered a symbol of class. He is the symbiosis of elegance, grace, femininity, charisma and character. A French woman seems to be born of fashion awareness. She is sure of herself and her taste. Her dress style is simple, yet very chic and never out of print. She dispenses with lush jewelry and too many accessories and cleverly combines patterns. French women do not set new trends, but style rules that go beyond the season. One of the best examples is the beret cap. To get some of the French chic in your own look, you dare to get a beret!

Beret hat is multi-faceted

barett mütze stylen look herbst elegant schick

A beret cap is able to give the restrained outfit a perfect finish. Elegant, chic, rocking or rather sporty, she can be combined extremely versatile and immediately conjures up an “edgy” look. Bold fashionistas rely on leather or lacquer look. Ladies who prefer more classical combinations opt for wool variations.

Beret Beanie: Stars love them

barett mütze stylen stars inspirationen bella hadid

It was not so long ago when Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri’s chief designer adorned every outfit for the fashion show with a beret made of black leather . Since then, many stars such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, etc. have been seen with one. The celebrities are always brave and like to present extravagant looks. From these we can gather inspiration and discover with certainty that the berets are true all-rounders.

barett mütze stylen stars inspirationen beyonce

Fashion icons are still in agreement when it comes to headgear: it has to be a beret. On Instagram as well as on the catwalks, we see the versatility of this hat . A favorite piece is namely the variant of Dior black leather.

barett mütze stylen stars inspirationen rihanna looks

A beret provides for rebellion and elegance alike. It was carried in the past by farmers, soldiers, artists and nobles at the same time. For many celebrities who left a trail in human history, it was a symbol of resistance or statement, as in Ernest Hemingway, Che Guevara, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, etc.

cap beret style stars inspirations kendal jenner

A beret hat is much more associated with the idea of ​​a typical French girl. Today, the It accessory combines the contrasts and conjures up a cool look, which has currently established itself as a fashion trend.

beret cap styling stars inspirations salma hayek

As an interior concept for elegance, actress Salma Hayek relies on a classic version of the beret made of wool. She has masterfully built her chic look in three colors: bordeaux, anthracite and baby blue. The accents are just the accessories – the blue cap, the red Gucci bag and the fabric flower brooch, which lend the can of French chic.

Beret Cap Variations: Decorated with brooch etc.

beret cap styling look black sequin

Berets are available in imaginative designs and are the right model for every taste and every outfit. From simple models made of high-quality materials such as wool and cashmere to variants with decorations such as brooches, pearls, sequins, feathers and even rocking variations of leather or lacquer.

Beret cap with pompon

beret cap style look winter pompom

The beret in the well-known Parisienne chic comes in many colors and patterns and is suitable for both the winter and the transitional period. In the meantime brand manufacturers can come up with a wide variety of variations made of light fabrics or with feeding for the cold days. A beret is always a beautiful and fashionable accessory.

Style beret cap: colors

beret cap styling modern trend schwraz

Berets are not just something for women, quite the opposite. For a long time they were considered part of the soldier’s uniform, etc. Then they became popular with artists and intellectuals. Today, they are among the favorite women’s accessories, of which there is a large selection of colors.

Black beret cap

beret cap style look color schwraz coat neon

As with other garments and fashion in general, black is a popular classic and is the choice of most women. It’s the same with the berets. Black is always possible, for every occasion, every color and every type.

beret cap styling modern trend black elegant long coat

To create an elegant and chic appearance, combine the black beret with a classic, long coat with a simple cut, and preferably in a dark color such as black or gray. Pepitamuster is a great choice for a stylish look with a can of French chic.

Beret cap in different colors: beige and brown

beret cap style look color beige

The classic version of the round, rimless wool hat with a small tail comes in many colors. In addition to black, other neutral tones such as beige, brown and gray are very obese, because they can be combined with almost any outfit.

beret cap style look color beige brown chic leather jacket

Depending on whether you want to build the whole look around the original headgear or rather as a perfect complement to the outfit, you also choose the color of the hat. A contrasting color combination causes a sensation and the beret becomes an eye-catcher and the center of the look. A cap in the same color as the coat or the jacket looks like a unanimous accessory that fits the outfit perfectly.

beret cap styling look color brown beige red combine

Whether you’re aiming for a French-made hat to be a chic highlight for the outfit or a plain headgear, a beret will give any look a charming touch.

beret cap style look color gray wool

Lovers of the classically elegant look wear the beret hat with a simple wool coat or turtleneck sweater. In everyday life you prefer a practical and comfortable clothing such as skinny jeans with cracks and overalls. The trend accessory fits perfectly and immediately gives a playful flair.

beret cap style look outfit ideas french chic

Sporty, rock or elegant, with a beret hat every outfit gets a new look. Pastel colors are a hot trend and look very feminine. If you are in the mood for more color, you can choose a colored or patterned version for yourself. Take a look at the cool looks in the picture gallery. We also prepared a few helpful hair styling tips.

beret cap style look color powder pink

beret cap style look cream color rocky leather jacket

beret cap style look color pattern leo print

beret cap style look color orange red

beret cap styling modern trend hairstyle color dessins

beret cap styling modern trend red

beret cap styling modern trend sporty sneaker

Beret cap and hair style properly

beret cap hair hairstyle curls natural

Just as when putting on every other cap comes the question of the right hair styling. A beret is great for any length, regardless of whether the hair is curly, wavy or smooth. They can also be tied together to a low ponytail or knot at the neck or laterally. Two low braids on either side or a herringbone braid are also a good idea.

beret cap short hair hairstyle bob bangs

Ladies with short hair can also put on a beret hat stylishly. The ideal variant is a chin-length bob hairstyle that conjures a chic and typically French look. Another way to present the hair elegantly is to put it up and hide it completely under the hat. This is similar with ladies with very short hair, for example Pixie Cut etc.

beret cap hair hairstyle tucked away very short

beret cap hair hairstyle casual ponytailberet cap hair hairstyle updo chic

beret cap hair hairstyle braid sideways

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