Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Beauty tips and tricks that every woman should know

schönheitstipps und tricks make up beauty

It is well known that it is not always easy to be a woman and that you have to pay more and more attention to your appearance. But if they know and follow the right beauty tips, their lives can be so much easier. For this reason, we would like to help you with some advice. Below you will learn 13 interesting and especially helpful beauty tips and tricks that every woman should know and try.

Read it through and see if you already know some of them. If not, now is the time to apply the beauty tips and tricks to make your life easier. Have fun!

1. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Use baby powder for dense eyelashes

wimpern mascara babypuder augen schminken trick

From now on you do not need to wear false eyelashes to provide more fullness. You can achieve the desired effect by simply sprinkling baby powder on the eyelashes with a cotton swab after applying a coat of mascara. Then apply another layer of mascara and your eyelashes are thicker and ready.

Beauty tips and tricks – Take baby powder with an ear-stick

babypuder volle wimpern dichte ohrenstäbchen auftragen

mascara augen schminken baby puder wimpern voll

Fuller eyelashes

schönheitstipps und tricks mascara reinigen idee

2. Keep brush of your mascara under warm water for a better application

If you want to get the most out of your mascara, the best option is to keep your mascara under hot water until the brush is clean. Then simply put the wet brush back in the container and rub it against the inside of the walls. Now you can apply the mascara more easily.

lippenstift tipp zähne finger make up

3. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Avoid lipstick on the teeth

Nobody wants to smile and possibly reveal that he has lipstick on his teeth. The best way to keep the lipstick away from your teeth is to put your finger in your mouth, wrap it around your lips and then pull it out. The remains remain on the finger.

tipps schminken wimpernzange föhn erwärmen tricks

4. Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer

To make it easier to bend your eyelashes, you can heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer before you start to bend.

trick armorbogen schminken lippen lippenstift kreuz

5. Beauty tips and tricks – A trick for the amorbogen of the lips

If you want to determine your cupola, you should follow this simple trick.

schönheitstipps und tricks lippenstift länger halten puder

6. Beauty Tips and Tricks – How to Keep Your Lipstick Longer

Every woman wants her lipstick to last longer and not disappear as soon as she enters the party. After applying the lipstick, press a handkerchief onto your lips and brush with a brush with powder over the handkerchief.

volle-lippen schminken tricks lipgloss schritt 1

7. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Fuller Lips

If you want to achieve the effect of fuller lips, follow this simple guide.

kontur lippen fülliger lippenstift natürlich schritt 2

dünne lippen fülliger umranden konturstift schritt 3

schönheitstipps und tricks gesicht schminken knoturen

8. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Follow this pattern for perfect contouring

If you want to apply your makeup in the right way, all you have to do is follow this pattern. In this way, your facial features are properly emphasized.

gesicht make up tipps contouring schminken

kontur gesicht schminken make up anleitung

größere augen eyeliner weiß kajal tipps schminken

9. Make your eyes look bigger

If you want your eyes to look bigger, you should apply white instead of black kohl.

schönheits tipps und tricks eyeliner kajal weiß

lidstrich katzenaugen kajal eyeliner tipps schminke

10. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Use adhesive tape to make a perfect eyeline

Every woman tends to get that precise make-up look. The tape is the perfect tool for this purpose.

perfekter lidstrich klebeband hilfsmittel schminken kajal

rouge löffel auftragen tipps tricks make up

11. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Use a spoon when applying rouge

Applying the rouge properly can sometimes be difficult. To make it easier for you, you can use a spoon. Just place it on the cheekbone and apply some rouge in the area under the spoon.

wimpern biegen löffel wimpernzange ersatz tipps

12. Beauty Tips and Tricks – Bend the eyelashes with a spoon

If you can not find your eyelash curler, the spoon is the best tool to bend your eyelashes. In the tutorial you can see how easy it is.

lidstrich schwung augen schminken make up

13. Beauty tips and tricks – A perfect swing in the eyeline

Another beauty trick with a spoon that you will probably find useful is to achieve a perfect swing at the end of the eyeline.

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