Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Beautiful braided hairstyles in 10 minutes – 26 DIY ideas

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Here we would like to introduce you once again great ideas for beautiful wickerwork n and give instructions. These hairstyles are all very easy to do, they can be done in 10 minutes. Prepare all necessary products in advance – hair lacquer, sprays for softening the perks, gel, etc. Hair ties and clamps are also helpful if you are to fix the hairstyle. The sock or Dutt ring made of plastic you can tinker or buy from the shop.

Beautiful braiding ideas

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Here are some ideas for fast, easy and beautiful braided hairstyles, but that will make you look beautiful and stunning. The hairstyles are recommended for long hair, but with some of them you can also try on medium lengths. We propose great combinations of bun and braid or French braid and crown hairstyle .

Beautiful hairstyles that will shorten the preparation time for the party

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Here you will also find some great instructions for beautiful braided hairstyles that will surely help you to style the beautiful hairstyles in a simple way and make them for a very short time. Sometimes we hurry up for an event and do not have much time to shape our styling or the hairdresser is busy and we can not visit a beauty studio. Why not then not use our creativity and a DIY hairstyle whose quality will be just as good as the hair stylist.

Braid herringbone braid

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Very trendy is the so-called herringbone braid. It has an interesting structure, but takes more time than the classic braid. Time worth investing. The braid can be both tight and firm, as well as relaxed and casual. A loose hairstyle creates a certain beach style.

Wrong braid hairstyle

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At first glance, it really seems to be a braided hairstyle. But appearance is deceptive. From a simple ponytail just two strands are taken and led sideways behind the ponytail. With a rubber these are fixed on the ponytail. So you work your way down gradually.

Hairband made of braids


With braids you can also imitate a hairband. Just braid a thin braid on each side of the head, starting from behind the ears. Then place your right braid over your head and repeat it the other way around. They are pinned with hair clips.

Waterfall plaits


Very cool is also this hairstyle, which is reminiscent of a waterfall and therefore also called that. The braided part can be as inclined here, but also designed straight. Although the idea is not that difficult, it will certainly be easier for you to ask for help from a friend or sister.

Braided hairstyle with bow accessory


The guide to designing an elegant page header


A casual waterfall on medium-long hair


Chic and fast braiding from two pigtails


Make an elegant hairstyle in 10 minutes with the curling iron


The ponytail without hair tie


An official hairstyle for wedding or other occasions


A great combination of side pony and ponytail


Make a side pony out of ponytail with the help of a Dutt ring


Chic braiding made of small, casual braids


Make a donut-dum fast yourself


A great braiding hairstyle for long hair with ponytail knots


A bow in the hair


A combination of French braid and hair knots


Braid as the crown of the dough






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