Ballerina shoes for the everyday summer look – 16 great examples


Surely you love them and if not, then you certainly do not know about Loafers or have you just never tried on. Because loafers or the famous ballerina shoes are extremely comfortable shoes. In the beginning, Loafers’ shoe fashion belonged to the men’s shoe fashion and was worn only by men, but today, thanks to the women, they have become more feminine. That’s why we ladies can wear them now. Just take a look at the following pictures and you will surely find a matching pair that suits your taste.

Ballerina shoes for the everyday look


Ballerina shoes go well with jeans and shorts. You can also try combining them with pretty dresses and mini or midi skirts. There are loafers in bright colors of different fabrics and with different decorations. You can also decorate them yourself. All you need is accessories and glue. Now take a look at the interesting photo gallery for ballerina shoes.

Ballerina shoes with leopard look


A classic among the many different patterns that can be seen on the ballerina shoes is the leopard look. You will definitely look very chic and elegant and you can wear these moccasins with black or monochrome outfits. The leather belt and the leather bag fit perfectly.

Chic ballerina shoes with a bow of tulle


From rounded ballerinas with metal elements


Made of soft leather and paint


Summer shoes with patterns and gold-colored elements


Ballerina shoes with dots and roses motifs


Moccasins in peach color


The classic variant of moccasins for the summer


Brown loafers with ruffles


Gold colored ballerina shoes are very up to date


The patent leather shoes set feminine accents in summer


Bright turquoise like the sky


Brown shoes with brown leather case are perfectly matched


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