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Ballerina nails on trend – This nail shape looks totally noble and stylish!

Ballerina Nails Acrylic Nude French variant Juwellen

The ballerina nails, still called coffin nails, have been in vogue for a few years now, competing with the pointed stilettos . The look first stood out among celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, now the distinctive nail shape is popular with many ladies worldwide. Unlike the curious trends like “Bubble Nails” and “Fur Nails”, which have recently gained much attention on Instagram, the Ballerina Nails are a trend that ordinary people can actually wear. In addition, there are already numerous variations and ideas for beautiful nail designs. We tell you today, which characterizes this nail shape and still give suggestions for an elegant manicure.

What makes the ballerina nails?

Pointe shoes Ballerina dancer Inspiration source Ballerina nails

This nail form owes its name to the classic ballet shoes, still called pointe shoes. These have a flat front part, which offers the dancer a flat footprint. The ballerina nails represent a combination of two nail shapes – “square” and “almond”. The nails are first filed in almond shape, then they end up flat with sharp corners. The nail tip should look like an isosceles trapezoid and the nail as a whole forms a diamond shape.

Coffin nails nail shape emphasize rhinestones

Despite the elegance of her name, the ballerina nails are considered pretty brave and extravagant. The ballerina nails are more suited to self-confident, purposeful women and are best paired with strict suits rather than romantic dresses.

Ballerina nails short nail reinforcement with gel purple violet

The ballerina nails are a mix of the oval and the angular shape. The look is suitable for strong and strong natural nails as well as for artificial gel nails. However, the shape is more effective for longer nails. It is very important that all nails on the ten fingers are perfectly filed, because all irregularities will immediately catch the eye.

“Ballerina” with natural nails

Ballerina nails form natural nails long strong

If you want to sculpt your natural nails in ballerinas, you can try the following filing techniques:

Method 1 – First determine the length of the nails and file all nail tips flat. Then round off the sides and center of the nail at an angle of 45 degrees to create a trapezoidal shape.

Method 2 – First, file the sides and center of the nail as with the almond shape and then adjust the tips to the desired length. The tip is straightened horizontally straight.

Ballerina nail shape natural nails painted pink

Make sure that the nail tips do not become too narrow or too wide. Otherwise, the whole effect of the ballerina form will disappear and the nails will soon resemble the usual “square”.

Gel nails in ballerina form

Ballerina nails pinks pastel rhinestone triangle

Since natural nails can break off relatively quickly by this technique, a natural nail gel reinforcement would make more sense. Gel nails in ballerina form are very popular in nail studios worldwide. In terms of the artistic design of the nails, the possibilities are limitless. If you have a specific nail design, you can show it to your manicurist.

Ballerina Nails Gel Matt Glitter Bordeaux Dark Red

In order to give you some inspiration for your next manicure, we have collected some great nail art ideas that put this nail shape particularly beautiful scene. Depending on the selected color or ornaments, a very different effect is produced.


Ballerina gel nails pink nail stickers

Even if all nails are painted in one color, the ballerina manicure causes a stir. Gentle pastel and nude shades such as beige, rosé or gray make the nail design visually appear calmer. Bright neon colors, on the other hand, emphasize the wild look and enhance the effect. A gaudy colorful nail design is perfect for summer holidays.


Ballerina Nails Combination Angular Oval Matt

A velvety-looking, matt nail polish makes the corners of the ballerina nails appear softer and provides for visual peace. A charming contrast results when the matt surface is decorated with sparkling rhinestones. You can also mix matte and shiny surfaces and thus set accents on some of the nails.

In addition, underline the nail shape

Ballerina nails short French variant silver glitter

The ballerina nails are characterized by a beautiful geometry, which can be additionally emphasized by the nail art. Put on a pattern with clean lines, negative space design or stripe-look.

Accents with glitter

Ballerina nails short Gellack pink glitter silver

If you want to make your nail art look livelier, you should definitely put on glitter. The fine shimmer of the glitter particles visually compensates for the angular nail shape and makes it look very feminine. The possibilities are very varied: emphasize the nail tip, create a color gradient or paint only a few nails with the glitter nail polish.

color pigments

Ballerina nails acrylic pastel pink rhinestones

Color pigments make the nails shine even brighter and are currently at the top of the popularity scale . Chrome, hologram, glass nails – all these looks are great for the ballerina nails and bring a fancy element into play.

color gradient

Ballerina Nails Gradient Nude White

The Ombré look in bright colors is ideal for the ballerina nails. The most popular combination is Nude and White. The accent is put on the nail tips. You can also add some glitter to the gradient and create an even more impressive effect.


Ombre Nude White Ballerina Nails Rhinestone

The ballerina nails are usually unusual and extravagant. Rhinestones give the nail polish the finishing touch and are not to be overlooked. The breathtakingly glittering highlights make every nail design even more special.

Marble look

Ballerina nail shape nude marble look silver stripes

Marble effect nails now wear all! They look super classy and can also be super easy to make yourself. You can combine this look with various nude tones, pastel colors or additional details such as nail art stripes.

Crackling lines on a white primer can also be perfectly conjured up with an Edding permanent marker! Just make a few scribbled strokes and then slightly blur them using a brush soaked in alcohol. Since the sarong nails are usually characterized by a certain length, 4-5 strokes are sufficient, otherwise the nail design is too dark in the end.

Ballerina Nail Shape Marble Look White Black Nude Tones

Marble nails white long ballerinas shape

Tiger Eye Nails

Ballerina Nails Tiger Eye Look White Black Gold Glitter

The Tiger Eye Manicure is definitely an eye-catcher. The name probably sounds familiar to you. A few years ago Tiger Hair was totally hip. The hair trend was a beautiful mix of brown, gold and bronze, which provided beautiful highlights in the hair. The cat-eye nails also shine with fascinating light reflections and a unique color depth.

Gothic nail design

Nail form Ballerina matt black Gothic nail design

Very stylish look also black painted ballerina nails. Finally, this nail shape is still called “sarong nails”. The nail design may therefore turn out to be somewhat gothic and convey a dark feeling. A matte finish will add to the effect.

Paint motives on nails

Ballerina sarong nails salmon color butterfly

The ballerina nails provide enough space for painting cute subjects. With a point pen, for example, small Mickeys, hearts and flowers can be made. If you can not paint elaborate designs by hand, there are also great alternatives such as water decals , stamps, stickers and Co. Especially on longer nails the complicated motifs come into their own.

No matter which nail polish look you choose, the ballerina nails will definitely cause a stir!

Ballerina Nail Peach Pink Black White

Gel nails Ballerinaform pineapple motif summer

Ballerina Nail Form Beige Brown Rhinestone

Coffin nails nail shape marble blue white silver accents

Coffin nails Ballerina Matt Dark red Glitterstones

Ballerina Coffin Nails Nude Tones Matt Rhinestone

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