The modern Bob hairstyles with A-line (short back, long front)

Victoria Beckham Graduated Bob cut long at the neck

It was a haircut that shocked the company when it was created in 1909 by the Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France. Over a century later, the Bob is still one of the most popular hairstyles. From year to year it is revived again and again by new variations . Lately, one hears more and more of the oblique, graduated Bob. We’ll tell you today what makes the Bob hairstyles with graduation (short back, front long) so special and show some of the most interesting variations of the haircut.

Bob hairstyles with A-line – What does the graduate Bob look like?

bob hairstyles with short neck blond smooth elegant

The classic bob hair is chin-length and cut without steps. Unlike the classic version, the graduate bobsleigh has a more pronounced shape that emphasizes facial features and creates a natural volume. The idea behind the trendy, asymmetrical hairstyle is based on the cutting method “graduation”. Through this hair cutting technique, a smooth transition from a short neck hair to a longer front part is achieved. The gradation can range from soft over medium to strong.

bob hairstyles with short nape blonde strands thin hair

The graduated Bob is perfect for smooth and wavy hair. The haircut looks good on thick hair, but works wonders for thin hair. This refined cut adds volume and makes fine hair look fuller. The steps should not stand out too much from each other and flow very smoothly into each other. For very dense hair, the graduation will remove excess volume and give shape to the hairstyle.

bob hairstyles with short neck volume at the hairline apex

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlet Johansson, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Karlie Kloss and many others have already tried this look. If you belong to the same or similar hair type, you can be inspired by the looks of your favorite stars .

hairstyles bob behind short front long deep side parting straight hair Rihanna

The oblique Bob comes in many different variants. So you can customize the haircut to your liking. With the Bob with graduation, every hairstyle element plays a certain role and can either complete the look or totally change it. These elements include, for example, the type of pony, the length of the hair, the length of each step, the technique of lace processing, etc.

What face shape do the Bob Hairstyles fit with A-Line?

hairstyles bob behind short front long red hair color oblique long pony

Tiered haircuts, especially the graduated bob, are most beneficial for women with an oval face. Since the hair is cut straight at a certain angle, even round faces can be optically stretched. Even with angular face shapes, the oblique Bob harmonizes perfectly.

hairstyles bob behind short front long straight bangs women from 50 with glasses

When graduating, special attention should be paid to the pony. So, women with a round face will look more graceful with a slanted pony. High, impressed cheekbones can be perfectly emphasized with a straight bangs. If you have a square face, you should avoid straight cuts. To visually shorten an elongated face, put on an elegant, stepped Bob hairstyle. One of its elements should be a dense, fringed, short bangs, combed sideways.

The oblique Bob with short hair (short behind, long front)

bob behind short front long short haircut with short neck slanted pony

The shorter the haircut, the stronger the graduation. The hair cutting technique distributes the weight of the hair very evenly. The graduate Bob brings a nice dynamic into the hair and the face to advantage. Like most short hairstyles, such a haircut can be constantly modified and perfected by different styling ideas. This is an excellent hairstyle, especially for women over 40 who want to look younger.

graduated bob behind short front long chin-length blue streaks

For whom is the short bob with A-line suitable?

– Women, with a weakened and fine hair texture.
– Those with pronounced facial features such as a broad forehead, a pronounced jaw or broad cheekbones.
– Women with straight or slightly curly hair.

Bob cut in the neck (short at the back, long at the front)

bob hairstyles with a short neck trimmed top hair bleached

Such a haircut is short at the back and long at the front. But sometimes the neck is cut very short, often even shaved. The covering hair stays longer. This creates a strong contrast between the hair sections. The bob looks very stylish and elegant, but is only suitable for women with a nice and thin neck.

Bob hairstyles for medium-length hair (short back, long front)

bob hairstyles with short neck medium long blonde smoothed

Medium length bobsleigh hairstyles are very versatile and can be styled uncomplicated. Here you can try different types of asymmetry and pony cuts. Every look will be very stylish and individual.

oblique bob purple hair thin thin

The mid-length bob with A-line has many advantages:

– The haircut gently softens and improves the proportions of the face
– harmonizes with both middle and deep side vertex
– is especially good at round faces
– perfect for eyeglass wearers and older women from 50 years

Long Bob with A-line

long bob front long back short mid-crest ombre caramel darker approach

The Long Bob is also referred to as a half-length bob and has been in fashion for some years now! It is usually worn shorter in the neck and ends at the front about collarbone length. The length is the perfect compromise between long and short hair and allows many different styles.

Long Bob front long back short blond dark neck

Unique features of the long bob with A-line:

– This is one of the few haircuts that are perfect for chubby women. The extension of the front part ensures an optical extension of the face.
– The haircut is suitable for all hair types – looks stylish with smooth, wavy and curly hair.
– Especially stylish is the Long Bob with a deep side parting.

Long bob front long back short with straight bangs

Long Bob with A-line maroon hair color wavy hair

hairstyles bob behind short front long medium long highlights stepped mid-crest

long bob smooth modern blonde strands front long back short

front long back short graduated bob smooth

blond long hair bob blond

oblique bob thick hair caramel streaks

oblique bob with thick hair wavy step volume

hairstyles bob behind short front long Victoria Beckham square face

hairstyles bob behind short front long chin long blond side parting

hairstyles bob behind short front long highlights A-line thin hair

bob behind short front long tiered blonde strähnchen

bob hairstyles medium length a-line wavy hair

bob hairstyles with short nape platinum-blonde fine hair

bob hairstyles with short necks long covering hair wavy

bob hairstyles with short neck cut back hair color black

bob hairstyles with short neck fringy grades create volume

bob hairstyles with short necks fine hair side vertex

bob hairstyles with short neck thin hair brown

bob hairstyles with short neck thin hair from 50 strawberry blond

bob hairstyles with short necks ash blond fine hair

bob hairstyles with short necks from 50 red hair smooth

bob hairstyle ombre dark neck front long back short

Bob hairstyle with A-line Sombre stepped waves

bob hairstyle graded blonde highlights Page top hair curls

blunt bob with a-line front short back long half bun

The right glasses for a long work on the screen

glasses for long working screen goggles daily wear work

Long days in the office burden your eyes. The work on the screen is then always exhausting – even headaches can come. Back problems are also preprogrammed, if you have z. B. occupy a wrong sitting posture to see the screen content sharply. Remedy so-called computer workstation goggles, a special glasses for long hours on the computer.

When does such glasses make sense for you to work long hours?

glasses for long working tips

Best of all, before you perceive physical ailments. As soon as you have to squint your eyes while working or stretch your head towards the screen, a visual aid may already be necessary. With which age this is the case with you, can not be flat. That depends on your personal vision. At the latest, when a presbyopia to your “normal” myopia is added, there is need for action. Then you should check with a spectacle manufacturer if a special VDU eyewear is the right solution for you.

What makes a VDU workplace eyewear?

glasses eyes protection work long

Such glasses are characterized primarily by the fact that their glasses are divided into three zones, each having different levels of vision.

In the middle is the largest zone. This screen is your screen – the point you watch most of the time.

At the bottom is the near range. This will let you see when you look at your keyboard or use a notepad. Your office phone is likely to be similarly far away.

The far edge is at the far end. You can use this, for example, when looking at the wall calendar or when someone enters your office. However, the socket must be large enough so that all three viewing zones are accommodated in the lens. As a guideline, a glass height of 30 mm applies.

Goggles for long work – How to increase the wearing comfort

glasses for long-term work myopia wear screen safety goggles

When choosing a workstation eyewear, you should still pay attention to the following:

• Opt for plastic lenses . They are lighter than mineral glasses. This weight difference is greater with a VDU eyewear than with a normal vision aid, since the glasses are usually higher and thus heavier.

• Also use lightweight materials for the frame .

• Let your glasses be anti-reflective . This is especially worthwhile in offices where many different light sources are located.

• Choose a frame with flexible hinges and temples that are more comfortable to carry.

Goggles for long work – Further useful tips

glasses long work screen protect eyes

• If you work on the screen for more than three hours a day, a three-zone progressive lens is recommended for you.

• Your employer must help you buy a workstation goggle. For this you need a corresponding confirmation from your ophthalmologist, optician or company doctor. More information about this topic can be found here .

glasses long working tips tricks

• It is recommended to measure the distance between the eyes and the monitor before making a pair of office eyeglasses. Put yourself in a natural attitude ; Your eyes should be close to the top of the screen.

In line with this topic
• Fitness exercises in the office – effective 10 minutes of training

Braided hairstyles for men – men’s braids are fully in line with the trend for 2016

Flechtfrisuren für Männer-seitlich-franzoesische-maennerzoepfe-oberkopf-undercut-man-braid-seitenprofil

The braided hairstyles for men , we bring into the conversation today. In the summer of 2015, many fashion-conscious gentlemen have loosely tied the men’s bust to their backs. The Man Bun tendency , however, does not seem to be enough for the City Boys, who are looking for new ideas for their hairstyles. And so the male braid has stepped on the red carpet at the recent events – worn on the minds of Hollywood stars like Jared Leto and Cary Fukunaga. As a result, the actors have messed up the great appearance of many celebrities with the Men Braid. Is the trend going really well and is not pure braid enough for the macho? The percent of ladies who would never date a man with braid is set to over 70, according to a study in America . Instead of losing their attractiveness to gentlemen with long plaited hair, they have deliberately chosen this hair style, as our collection of pictures clearly proves.

The braided hairstyles for men on the red carpet

Flechtfrisuren für Männer jared-leto-langes-haar-zopf-hinterkopf-hair-man-braid-vollbart-moustasche

At the 2015 Golden Globes, Jared Letto stepped onto the stage with a mane and comb back-combed, which pushed the trend higher. Whether it was a self-made wickerwork remained a mystery. But this hairstyle has caused a stir, which has made it clear: the Man Braid is definitely in.

Braided hairstyles for men are very popular – Cary Fukunaga with French braids at the Emmys

Flechtfrisuren für Männer cary-fukunaga-man-braid-emmys-pippi-frisur-seitenscheitel

Whether the trend is or not – braiding for men manifests via Instagram, tweeter, in the clubs as on the street with dignity and pride, although the opinions about it have already diverge. And while the palm is not beautiful at the back of the head, we’re trying to put together a pair of clues for making the right man’s head.

Are the male braids already close to the whole?


The latest hairstyle trend in the world fits, in our opinion, especially the men with undercut and a certain hair length, so that a lush wickerwork arises. Psychologically, the girls’ habit of braiding the long hair of their dolls is, like these girls, tall and transferred to their present-day cuddle toys. The good news, though, is that men accept the trend as getting used to.

Short on the sides and as long as possible on top, so that you can braid your hair properly


Undercut with French lichen – the style for rebels is further adorned

Flechtfrisuren für Männer seitlich-franzoesische-maennerzoepfe-auffaelig-bart-moustasche-dunkles-haar

A trend hairstyle inspired by the Vikings – Ragnar Lothbrok and his typical male braid

Flechtfrisuren für Männer undercut-glatt-rasiert-maennerzoepfe-the-vikings-man-braid-inspiration-travis-fimmel

Combination of two Dutten at the back of the head and lateral men pigtails


The men’s braid needs colors – contrasting wickerwork with azure tint and dark roots


Heidi-Zopf as men’s hairstyle on trend – Elden Henson at a film premiere


Men’s braids can be worn well under the hat


Men with shorter hair succeed the fishbones by fixing with hair spray


The current male braid is worn with hair elastic at the back of the head


On the top of the head you are braiding a few braids, which are tied in a wickerwork


The men’s braid worn on the side belongs to the most practical braiding hairstyles for men


Two ideas for men with long hair – Pippi Longstocking braids or an updo


Catwalk man’s hairstyle with two male side patches and center parting


Complicated wickerwork from a few Dutch men’s pigtails for long hair


The city boys are getting romantic – open hair with flowers and men’s pigtails


The braided hairstyles of the celebrities on the pop scene – Harry from One Direction


Ideas for braiding hairstyles for men with different hair color and length


Combination of Undercut, Side Male Braid and Man Bun


A complicated wickerwork, fastened with hairpins on the top of the head


Idea for undercut with highly fixed hair on top of head and side pigtails


Variant of braiding for blond men with more volume on the top of the head


Which color suits khaki? How to combine the trend color correctly

Khaki pants combine summer autumn clothes

Khaki Green is a color that until recently was associated exclusively with military uniforms. Today the military-chic has been reinterpreted and thus the trend color becomes an eye-catcher. Because of its versatility, khaki is a real fashion basic and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Khaki tones can range from light brown to olive. So the question arises: Which color suits Khaki? So today we’ll give you a few tips on how to properly combine this neutral green tone.

Who is Khaki?

Khaki coat jacket red-haired girl with pale skin

The color khaki is multi-faceted and has many different nuances. For this reason, you must first make sure that you have chosen the right khaki tone for your type.

Green is especially good for redheads. And while rich greens form too strong a contrast, the muted khaki underlines the type in a harmonious way. So if you have red hair, you can wear every nuance and even try a khaki complete look.

Khaki combine blondes to make your complexion radiant

For blondes with a “warm” charisma, browny-green shades are perfect. Khaki green and beige make green or hazel eyes stand out as well as an olive or peach look.

Khaki with a gray undertone stands brunette with olive skin

Dark brunettes are best made greyish, dark khaki tones with an ashen undertone. Incidentally, the word “khaki” comes from the Hindi and means nothing but “dust”.

Summer type woman light complexion khaki combine with colorful colors

In khaki green especially women with pale skin should be careful, because this color can emphasize the paleness and make the skin unhealthy. To counter this effect, divert attention away from the face. For example, choose a skirt or a khaki pant and combine it with a white top. To your khaki green parka wear a scarf in peach pink, terracotta, or purple.

Which colors match khaki green?

To Khaki match other earth colors like Athrazit brick red beige

Khaki is a noble color that belongs to the earth tones and can be harmoniously combined with the same natural colors: beige, brown, terracotta, anthracite, ocher yellow. Think of warm earthy autumn colors that can defy fog and rain.

Khaki can be combined with other warm colors Beige Brown Orange

A harmonious, gentle combination is created through the combination of khaki and calm, neutral tones such as chocolate, coffee, sand beige and light gray. Such combinations also form the best basis for a military-style outfit.

Colors like plum purple light green sand color match khaki

Saturated, rich colors with an impressive depth of color harmonize beautifully with khaki green. Eggplant, wine red, Marsala, cherry red and dark violet tones look great!

Which color suits Khaki Purple Gray

To ensure that such a color palette is not too dark, you can also combine bright olive green and cream. Another option is light gray shades such as light gray and silver gray. The gray should be cool to create a contrast to the warm purple.

Khaki makes brighter colors shine red

Khaki lets radiate warm colors! Combined, it can be wonderful with yellow, orange, red, pink and all its nuances. The muted green tone creates the perfect backdrop for colorful outfits such as a red scarf, a red statement necklace and red bags and shoes.

Khaki with pastel colors combine spring

Which color suits Khaki Yellow Blue Gray

Khakigreen can also be beautifully combined with blue and gray tones. Dark blue, for example, looks cool and soothing and is a nice alternative to black. Yellow with a green stitch provides a splash of color.

To khaki fit perfectly blue and gray tones

Pastel shades of lavender light blue lilac are suitable for khaki

With lilac shades, khaki also forms particularly harmonious combinations. Elegant and luminous, lilac and lavender add color accents and are part of almost every wardrobe. Taupe can perfectly round off the color palette.

Combine khaki

Khaki pants combine plain white black

With solid colors

Create a simple, casual look by wearing khaki in other neutral colors. Combine a white top with khaki pants for a comfortable everyday look. For a more modern office look, you can also put on a dark blue blazer.

Combine khaki skirt with black or white top

Khaki can also look good in combination with black, although it is difficult to maintain the optical balance. If you choose this concept, be sure to include a third color to serve as the bright accent in the ensemble. Here some examples:

  • a white top to khaki green skirt, combined with black sandals and a black bag.
  • a black top with a large white print goes well with khaki pants and black boots

If you prefer a softer look, combine khaki with a dark brown color like espresso or dark chocolate instead.

Fresh pastel tones go well with khaki

Khaki with pastel colors combine rose mint green

In spring and summer, not only nature shows itself in its most beautiful colors. Our outfits shine in fresh pastel colors. These look very elegant and convey a touch of romance. Powdery pink and mint green make for particularly sophisticated looks.

  • For a long, khaki pleated skirt, wear a white top and a short jacket in pink.
  • For a weekend brunch, combine khaki shorts with a lilac or peach top.
  • Combine a white dress with a khaki blazer and nude pumps.

Colorful and eye-catching

Khaki pants with bright colors combine orange coral

If you want to showcase a striking, bright color, khaki green provides the perfect neutral background. For example, combine an orange top with a khaki skirt and black peep toes. An outfit of khaki green pants suit and a blouse in coral conveys serene femininity.

Rich jewel tones

Khaki Green with Purple Eggplant Bordeaux combine

If vibrant shades like pink and tangerine are just outside your comfort zone, you can wear khaki with swanky jewel colors. Sapphire blue, emerald green and purple are particularly exciting and enhance any outfit in no time. Pair a khaki pencil skirt with a ruby ​​red V-neck sweater and brown knee-high boots to look sleek and stylish in the fall.

Highlight striking patterns

Khaki jacket with striped top and white shorts combine

Colorful patterns spice up every outfit and make it look more interesting. For example, stripes and floral patterns are more popular than ever and are a match for almost any outfit. To a conspicuously patterned top you best combine a monochrome garment.

Khaki and beige are indispensable for the safari style

Khaki green beige and white clothes in safari style

In addition to military chic, there is another style of clothing that is inconceivable without this color – the safari style. Natural materials, practical details, simple loose cuts, natural colors – these are the special features of safari clothing. Typical for the safari look are the colors khaki green, beige and white.

Khaki can be beautifully combined with beige

A shirt dress with breast pockets is an excellent solution for the warm season. This dress can be perfectly combined with leather sandals. Heels made of wood or cork harmoniously blend into the overall picture. The outfit can be completed with a wide leather belt or a long chain of leather strap.

Very stylish look also overalls or a bright suit in khaki. Elegant sandals in gold-colored leather are perfect for this. For a more casual look, combine a pair of beige shorts with a white top and a long vest in khaki.

Clothes in safari style khaki and beige

Khaki with black combine sandals dress pants with crop top jumpsuit

Khaki Purple Turquoise Orange combinations from the catwalk

Khaki top combine Black White Purple jeans

Birkenstock Outfits – How to style the trend sandals in the summer

birkenstock outfits sandals floral prints pattern

Especially in warm weather you want to relax under the strong sun rays. It goes without saying that styling needs to be both comfortable and chic at the same time. Comfort is still the keyword in this summer season – the designers sent their models with airy dresses and wide trousers on the catwalks. As far as the shoes are concerned , the sandals score with a simple but extremely comfortable design. Because of straps and high soles – this year, flat sandals and Birkenstocks are totally in. Yes, the classic model with cork-latex footbed is making a comeback. Which Birkenstock outfits come into question and how you can style the cult shoes for 2018, you will find in the article.

Birkenstock outfits over the years

birkenstock outfits leather jacket beige jeans

The history of the Birkenstock company and its cult sandals dates back to 1774. At that time Johann Birkenstock was listed for the first time as a shoemaker in the church register. His profession was continued by the sons in the family – and gradually followed the first successes. In 1896 the first flexible footbed inserts were made, and in 1899 the concept of bespoke shoes was developed and presented. In the years before the First World War, the shoes of the prestigious brand became synonymous with comfort. In 1925, the opening of the first factory for mass production followed. Among other things, she also supplied shoes for people who had problems running due to injuries during the war. But also athletes who needed orthopedic shoes, bought the mules “Madrid” of the brand. While the company enjoyed growing popularity in Europe, it remained unknown until the 1970s in the United States. At that time, an American woman began to sell the shoes as an exclusive representative. And they caused a sensation behind the ocean. Since the 90s, the question arose, why the extremely comfortable sandals are worn. In the beginning they were worn with socks, in 2000 they celebrated a comeback as sports shoes. And in 2018, they will not only complete everyday life, but also office and party outfits. Stars like Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley show it.

Birkenstock outfits – everyday outfits

Birkenstock Outfits Denim High Waist T-shirt Print

The super comfortable mules can easily be paired with jeans and T-shirt in everyday life. At least the outfit is not boring, colors and cuts come into play. The 7/8-length high-waist jeans emphasize the sandals, while the 70s inspired T-shirt completes the styling. The combination with long red fringed earrings makes the look more fashionable. Incidentally, 70s style has been back in fashion for 2 years – and the Birkenstocks were then considered a sign of change. At the latest since 2016 they have become indispensable in every fashionista’s wardrobe behind the ocean. Especially the classic model, in white and black, is often worn.

Birkenstock outfits strapless blouse jeans

The top for this season is undoubtedly the off-the-shoulder blouse – true trend-setters combine it with jeans in stretchy, washed denim in the used look. The romantic styling can be worn for shopping as well as for the first date. And the best part of it – this is a common mistake in jeans styling. Often tight jeans are paired with tight tops, which does not look very good. All the more – the Birkenstocks visually enlarge the feet in this case. An airy blouse with a loose fit keeps the body cool and flatters the figure with the right proportions. The sandals complete the summer ensemble.

Birkenstock outfits and everyday clothes combine

Birkenstock Outfits Maxi Dress Slit Floral Prints

Whether a maxi dress like the model Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley or rather a mini dress like Cara Delevingne – the Birkenstocks from the new collection of the brand cut a fine figure. So you can spend a casual evening with friends in a beach bar – just combine a long, figure-hugging maxi dress with a long slit at the hem with birch sticks in bronze nuance. The aviator goggles add a romantic touch from the 70s.

birkenstock outfits stars white dress mini sandals

The British model Cara Delevingne wears her black Birkenstocks to a white mini dress with slim, adjustable straps, a V-neck, a waist seam and a flared skirt. So the monochrome look is loosened up, and the perfect for summer small white acts girlish playful. The monochrome garments look super elegant, and can be worn both for cocktails on a yacht, as well as for a walk along a promenade. The matching golden jewelry may not be missing.

birkenstock outfits shirt summer stripes

Birkenstock outfits and blouse dresses fit together perfectly. A straight cut dress with a removable belt has a beautiful feminine silhouette. By the way, she can also be styled with jeans when the weather gets cool in the evening. The sandals provide the necessary running comfort all day long – so you are perfectly prepared for the holiday .

Birkenstock outfits to parties: the mix and match trend at a glance

birkenstock outfits leather skirt trenchcoat navy blue

The mix and match trend says: different fabrics, cuts and designs are skilfully mixed. Together with a short skirt in crocodile look, a top with spaghetti straps and V-neck and a trench coat, pumps are often worn. But it actually looks cooler when Birkenstocks or other mules are combined with it – they give the outfit an “edgy” look.

Birkenstock outfits leather skirt handbag animal pattern

As for the colors, white, beige or khaki Birkenstock sandals are worn most of the day, while in the evening the black models steal the show. And best of all – Birkenstocks are color-matched to the outfit, not the bag. You are welcome to choose a handbag in contrasting colors, such as the designer model above with animal prints.

Birkenstock outfits – pants are worn in the office

birkenstock outfits black trousers stripes cow folds

A long day at the office is imminent? Then not only modern, but also comfortable clothing is a must – pants with creases and wide legs, a blouse with stand-up collar and a blazer complete the office look. Matching – the Birkenstocks in Nude Nuance.

Other office-suited outfits in the photo gallery below.

Wearing black ensemble in the office

Birkenstock Outfits Black Pants High Waist Crop Top Long Blazer

The monochrome look made easy: white blouse and blazer to wear black pants

birkenstock outfits black capri pants white blazer blouse

Wear a blouse dress with jeans

birkenstock outfits ideas long shirt jeans

Everyday outfits with T-shirt and jeans: Alexa Chung

Birkenstock outfits jeans t-shirt pullover

Allesandra Ambrosio combines styling with a fedora hat

birkenstock outfits stars fedora hat jeans gray t-shirt

Oversized sweatshirt and shorts fit together perfectly

birkenstock outfits shorts oversize sweatshirt

birkenstock outfits capri pants floral prints summer

Style and Fashion: The Most Beautiful Summer Trends 2018

Summer Trends Fashion Clothing Styling at a glance

Summer is in full swing and the enjoyment of colors and fabrics is at its highest point of the year. This year, this joy has a particularly long season due to the many warm days. One thing is clear in all small and large fashion trends: it will never be boring. The mix of pimped-up retro elements and extravagant ideas creates new show effects and original lifestyle that will last for the summer. These are the summer trends of 2018!

Colorful patterns, bright colors and technical up to date: Summer Trends 2018

Summer Trends 2018 Linen and colorful patterns

Summer Classic: Colorful, light, exciting

In the summer we like to be even more playful than usual. With the length of the days, the joy of colors also grows, so we would like to try very colorful combinations. So this year – matching the new possibilities of nail art – there are many original and fruity nail designs . Kiwis, oranges or melons find their way onto the fingernails through applications or elaborate painting and make summer mood really. Fruity to the fingertips!

black sandals with heels and rhinestones

What’s new every year, of course, are bikinis. As soon as the summer sun lures to the pool or the beach, women want to stage their body with beautiful swimwear. Some trends are coming back, like this year ‘s V-bar bikini . Bloggers and influencers have really hyped up this bikini shape. The name comes from the bikini-hanger, which creates an inverted V-bridge on the breastbone. This beautifully sets the décolleté in the limelight. In addition, the bikini panties is relatively narrow and conjures visually long legs.

A true classic every year is shopping in summer sale. Already in July many shops and online shops offer the most beautiful summer looks at bargain prices. Whether bathing and beachstyles, summer dresses or timeless fashion classics – the Italian fashion label ALBA MODA has something airy for every taste. There is still enough time left to carry on the summer fashion this year.

Highlights of the Summer Trends 2018

Summer Fashion White Jumpsuit Lace Shoulder Cuts

And where is the trend going? Those who can not wait to look into the future in terms of color and style will find answers at Fashion Week in Berlin . Young fashion designers have presented their visions of summer fashion for the next year for a few days. With many of their creations, they are not only forward-looking, but also pick up on the popular. Some current trends have been going on for quite some time and are continuing to pick up.


Transparent elements are a very hot trend that will continue next year. Cut-out items are currently on display everywhere, on tops as well as on leggings. Inserted power supplies, clear plastic nicks or complete top shirts allow insights and stimulate the imagination. Here is less.

Rock pattern Tropical palm leaves pink top


For patterns, it stops anyone this year. Graphic patterns, tropical prints, floral designs – anything is possible and can be combined in any way. The modern printing technologies allow ever wilder patterns, such as a test pattern or sophisticated photo prints. Especially the floral designs – a true classic in the summer fashion – remain highly popular.

Glittering elements on clothing and shoes continue to be in high season

black sandals with heels and rhinestones


Glittering sequin elements, metallic birch floor shoes in all variations or shimmering 3D glossy foil prints – the eye-catching effects have long since come to a standstill outside a party, according to fashion designers. On everyday garments such as pencil skirts or casual straps, the new materials are used. This should not only spice up our everyday life, but may also create a little glamor at work.

Summer top zigzag fringing


Fringes in all latitudes and variations celebrate this summer a fluttering party. They can be found as a decorative element on dresses, bags, coats and tops. This trend has been current for several seasons and has no end in sight.


The trench coat celebrates resurrection, this summer there is the fashion classic in all interpretations. The trench coat was invented by the British army during the First World War and has since been experiencing a new hype over several decades. Now you can see it cut into stripes, elaborately re-draped, decorated in bright colors or with metal elements.

Summer and jeans belong together and are always up to date

bright summer jeans with tears on the knee


Who does not love jeans ?! The comfortable and durable fabric not only pleases us as a leggings – since the fashion designers of the world are once again committed to the blue fabric, there are jeans fashion in more and more looks. As a suit, as tops, in dresses or coats – especially new original cuts conjure from the fashion Evergreen very varied and wearable garments. A jeans does not make a summer – but many new fashion ideas.

Visionary ideas in 2018

Summer in nature enjoy woman with green summer dress

When it comes to fashion, pioneering ideas have already arrived. A jury team of renowned experts from the fashion scene and industry honored particularly innovative ideas with a prize during the Fashion Week in July 2018 from the international applications. With the Telekom Fashion Fusion, these ideas can be further developed until they are ready for the market.

• Talking clothes

Israel’s Keypod team equips clothes with some communication features that allow them to check voice messages and tasks without having to get their hands on the phone. Music streaming or fitness apps are integrated via special electronic components.

• Body scanner for every figure

For all those who have an extraordinary figure or a heavy overweight or underweight, designers from Belgium have found the solution for tailor-made clothing. Project Love is the name of the project technology that enables individual scanning of the body and tailor-made production using a 3D printer.

Clothes for back problems smart shells

• Smart orthopedics

Problems in the back? With the smart tops of the Hamburg designers of Smart Orthosis can be prevented. Their tops are equipped with vibration elements and heat patches, which help relieve acute pain or compensate for postural damage. The carriers of this system can control via app or Bluetooth.

• Fashion for the blind

Smart clothing can help blind and visually impaired people. This is what two young designers from Hamburg thought and invented the navigation system Isabelle. With an integrated app and a built-in camera, the wearers can better orient themselves, in addition, all friends who are connected to the Internet-connected system, have the opportunity to help navigate. Fashion for people with handicaps is thus a niche that is finally occupied and recognized by the fashion industry.

Summer Dress Boho Dress Lace White Straw Hat

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Meg Ryan Hairstyle – The iconic look from the 90s and its change over the years

meg ryan hairstyle today frayed bob step cut

Although she is no longer as famous as she was then, Meg Ryan is undoubtedly one of the icons of the cinema world. Apart from her roles in films such as “Harry and Sally”, “City of Angels”, “French Kiss” and “E-Mail for You”, the plays have gained much popularity with their hairstyle. The iconic, frayed cut has been the name of the actress for more than twenty years, and women still want to get a Meg Ryan haircut at the barber shop. What makes the famous hairstyle and still some popular looks of the Hollywood star, see the article.

The story behind the famous “Meg Ryan hairstyle”

Meg Ryan hairstyle 90s look freak cut short

The hairstyles from film and television are very popular with ladies. Especially when it comes to an innovative haircut like the Meg Ryan hairstyle, many women want to get the same look. The history of the iconic hairstyle, however, is much stranger than you think. The famous haircut was accidentally made thanks to the stylist of the actress during the filming of the film “French Kiss”.

the iconic meg ryan hairstyle story

Ryan says that in the movie she plays the role of a woman who arrives in Paris without any baggage, money or accommodation and thus has no opportunity to wash her hair. Therefore, she needed a hairstyle that looks good and somehow bad at the same time. During a camera rehearsal, there was an accident with the curling iron, with part of Meg’s hair burned off by her stylist and wrapped around the curling iron. The stylist would then cut the hair of the actress to improve the unevenness and so the Meg Ryan hairstyle was born.

What does the iconic Meg Ryan hairstyle look like in the 90s?

meg ryan hairstyle classic 90s franche cut short bob

The short, fringed step cut by Meg Ryan from the 90s is still popular today. It is easy and quick to style, does not have to look perfect and provides a modern look. The famous hairstyle is actually a frenzied bob, which the actress has worn in various styling variations.

In the love movie “E-Mail for you”, Meg wore her fringy bob hairstyle with a side parting. The hair length is actually no Bob in the classical sense, but rather a transitional length between short haircut and Bob. This hairstyle is still comparable to the popular out-of-bed look, as it does not look too stylish and very natural.

meg ryan hairstyle movies city of angel curls head curly step cut

For her role in “City of Angels” the short Bob got an update. The step cut wore the actress round cut and styled with beautiful mini curls. The Wuschelkopf then became one of the most popular looks for women with short, curly hair.

Who is the frayed step cut?

meg ryan hairstyle fransiger step cut blonde

The stylist of Meg Ryan, who gave birth to the iconic Meg Ryan hairstyle, says there are still women who come to her in the studio and want the famous cut for herself. Since the hairstyle is strongly dependent on the hair type and face shape, the stylist should reject the request for some of the women. But who is the look?

Meg Ryan has a small, slender face, which is well accentuated by short haircuts. As for the hair type, the short step cut is especially suitable for ladies who have a thicker hair. Volume and fullness play a crucial role in the Meg Ryan hairstyle.

What haircut is Meg Ryan wearing today?

meg ryan hairstyle today bob mittellang tiered

Surprising or not, the actress has never quite parted with her bob. Even if she wore her hair longer, she always returns to the popular step cut. Currently, Meg Ryan wears a bob again, which is a bit longer than the famous 90s cut, but is just as good. Thus, this hairstyle is also suitable for women over 50 years .

The most popular hairstyles by Meg Ryan with styling tips

hairstyles by meg ryan chin long fringed bob

From long, tiered haircuts to her well-known frenzied bob, Meg Ryan’s hairstyles are an inspiration to ladies from all over the world. In the following, we have compiled some of the most popular looks of the actress over the years that you can also try for yourself.

The 90s look

meg ryan hairstyle fransiger bob chin length 90s look

For the classic Meg Ryan hairstyle, you should dare the short haircut and ask the hairdresser a tiered, short Bob . The perfect look is achieved with a slight side parting and a long oblique pony. The more frizzy the hair, the more authentic the hairstyle.

Hairstyle at the beginning of the 2000s: Step cut with straight hair

Meg Ryan hairstyle frayed bob smooth blonde tiered

At the beginning of the 2000s the actress exchanged her Wuschelkopf for a middle-length, tiered bob. The step cut works on both thick and slightly thinner hair and emphasizes the facial contours perfectly.

meg ryan hairstyle in the course of time 2000s step cut bob

Meg Ryan Hairstyle during the years 2000 bob step cut

Medium-long, staged and fringed

meg ryan hairstyle fransiger step cut popular look 90s

The medium-length Meg Ryan hairstyle can be wonderfully combined with a sloping pony. Although this look is not as hip today as it was back then, there are still some women who are wonderful.

The fringed step cut with longer hair

meg ryan hairstyles over the years bob shoulder length curly

The well-known, wild Meg Ryan hairstyle got an update in the 2000s. The actress’s hair was still fringy and tiered, but a little longer. A long, fuzzy bob like this one can be easily and quickly with some mousse and a hair dryer with diffuser nachstylen.

meg ryan hairstyle pictures fransiger bob step cut

Meg Ryan hairstyles with long hair

hairstyles by meg ryan long hair smooth grades

In 2006, Ryan appeared on the red carpet in a whole new look – a long mane in a sleek look. The longer cut was at that time as the trademark of another actress – Jennifer Aniston, who came into the limelight with her role in the US sitcom “Friends”.

long hairstyles of meg ryan blonde curls

Meg Ryan also wore long hair combined with curls, but these looks have somehow stayed in the shadow of her iconic ’90s hairstyle.

Meg Ryan hairstyle movies lure long hair

Fransiger Bob – The trademark of the actress to this day

meg ryan hairstyle curly wuschelkopf fransiger bob

The current hairstyle of Hollywood star Meg Ryan is reminiscent of their iconic fringe cut from the 90s, but is less wild. The actress has replaced the Wuschelkopf with a stylish, slightly wavy but still tiered bob.

Meg Ryan hairstyle stages bob fringier cut

meg ryan hairstyle iconic cut fringy tiered

meg ryan hairstyle short fringed bob half length

meg ryan hairstyle fransiger bob chin long blonde

Meg Ryan Hairstyle Curly Bob Present Today

Gemstone look for the nails – Fascinating gemstones as inspiration for chic manicure

gemstone malachite nail design straight filed short nails

In today’s post, we would like to take a not necessarily new, but absolutely trendy nail trend under the column. The following will be the talk of the manicure in gemstone optics. Gems are perceived as talismans in many cultures and are considered lucky charms. Gems are often worn to enhance certain characteristics of the wearer. But not only their symbolism, but also the fascinating look of the gems causes the emergence of various beauty trends. In our picture gallery you will find many manicure designs that are inspired by the noble look of the stones.

Nail Design in Gemstone Look – Marble Nails

white marble effect dark veins gem optics

Although marble is a natural stone and not a gemstone, it has already created a long-lasting nail trend due to its special texture and unique look. The marble look has been absolutely trendy for some time. Marble is noble and luxurious, which is why it earns a firm place among the nail designs in gemstone look. Whether black with bright veins or white with dark veins, a manicure in marble look is stylish and elegant.

marble nails white gray black gem optics

Marmor Nails complete an official outfit, but also give the casual look a special charm. In addition to black and white, rose gold, copper, metallic and other colors such as blue, red and green are ideal for the marble manicure. Who wants to achieve maximum similarity with the appearance of natural stone, should make the veins as blurred as possible. If you want to make the vein stand out on the base color, you can put it to good use with gold or silver.

silver glitter marble effect gel design gemstone optics

pink oval short marble effect dark veins

nude nails marble white black red gem optics

old pink marble white black almond gemstone effect

Summer nail art ballerina nails marble effect

short nails manicure white marble purple nuances gold

Marble nail design nude black gray make yourself gem optics

elegant fingernail design gray gold gemstone optic marble gray white veins

marble gemstone green milky gold accents

turquoise gemstone optics blue water technology gold

Turquoise nails

turquoise nails straight filed gemstone optics jewelry

If you want to enhance your summery look with a trendy nail design, then the gemstone look of the turquoise is absolutely right. This gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones and is revered as a holy stone in many cultures. Its intriguing color makes it particularly popular in the choice of various accessories such as rings, pendants and chains. The turquoise gemstone is found in the colors sky blue, teal and apple green, with the saturated sky blue color being the most desirable for a fresh manicure in the summer season.

turquoise gemstone optics manicure design ideas

A turquoise manicure in gemstone optics also fascinates with a marbled effect. The turquoise nail design goes well with bright outfits, but is also a great complement to garments in bright colors. The combination with black creates a great contrast. Turquoise nail polish in gemstone look fits perfectly with boho style.

turquoise gemstone optics marbling nail trend square

turquoise nails gold accents almonds gem optics

turquoise gem gel angel design gemstone look gold accents

marble turquoise gold accents round nails

Marbling round nails turquoise gemstone look

gemstone look turquoise nails gold accents

turquoise blue gold foil fingernails design

Rose quartz nails

short nails cared for feminine rose quartz

The trendy gemstone look can also be achieved with the rose quartz nail design . The delicate color of the pink quartz is particularly well received by the ladies and is gaining more and more popularity. The rose quartz manicure looks feminine, simple and romantic. Although the gemstone look of the quartz is not particularly difficult to implement, a little practice and proper guidance is needed to beautify your fingernails yourself with a rose quartz manicure.

gemstone optics rose quartz almond shape gold edging

If you want to transfer the gemstone look of rose quartz to your fingers, you are absolutely right with the colors pink, light old rose and baby pink. Because the rose quartz occurs in nature in all these colors.

gemstone optic rose quartz nails design long round

rose quartz nails gemstone look manicure

rose quartz gemstone optics oval shape marbling

round fingernails gold silver stripes rose quartz gemstone optics

opal gemstone optic dark blue black

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Look – Cat Eye Nails

emerald green rough cat eye gemstone effect nail design

The Cat Eye nails have also gained popularity fairly quickly and will certainly remain among the most popular nail trends for a long time. The cat’s eye gemstone impresses with a light effect that resembles the slit-like pupil of a cat. With special nail polish with small metal particles and a special, thin magnet, the attractive cat’s eye effect is achieved.

black purple cat's eye gemstone optic ballerina nails

The technique is very simple and allows different nail designs. Even beginners can experiment and design designs with a vertical or oblique line along the nail or combine several small lines.

gold foil dark blue manicure cat's eye effect gem optics

dark blue cat's eye gemstone flowers look round

cat eye nails gemstone look bordeaux pink

gemstone optics nails designs cat eye red

stiletto nails filigree ornament cat's eye gemstone optics

nude brown cat eye nails short gem optics

Amethyst gemstone nail design

purple glitter amethyst gem optic fingernails design

No less fascinating is the gemstone look of the amethyst stone. If you like the shades of pink, pale violet or even a dark violet, you can decorate your fingernails with a shade of amethyst. The purple quartz stone is definitely a statement and looks just breathtakingly beautiful on the fingertips.

gray violet amethyst glitter gemstone optics gel nails design

amethyst glitter black gray gemstone optic short nails

gemstone look manicure trends amethyst gold gliltzer

glitter amethyst dark violet nail shape straight

Opal gemstone look for the nails

opal effect gemstone optics golz gel angel design

Are you perhaps inspired by the unique gemstone optics of Opal? His rainbow-colored iridescence makes not only the noble Opalschmuckstücke unique. You do not have to wear an opal ring to enjoy the great color play of the opal, which changes according to the angle of view. The beautiful appearance of the opal can also reflect your nails.

opal nails pastel colors rainbow colored gold border rhinestones

You can achieve the characteristic color gradient and the depth of the gemstone if you use several layers of nail polish. Obtain nail polish in light blue, pink, turquoise, metal and glitter nail polish, which you apply with a sponge to the white base coat. The order of colors should be random to create a true-to-life look.

lace nubal opal gem effect pastel

Once you are satisfied with the rainbow effect, you can complete your manicure with the glitter finish. Seal your nails with a topcoat. An edge in gold or silver makes your fingernails look like real jewelry.

nails design gemstone optics opal manicure make yourself

Opal gem optics make your own instructions

Gemstone Quartz Opal Stiletto Acrylic Gold

gem look opal gel design round long

Agate nail design

With its unique and distinctive pattern, the agate provides a great clue to chic manicure in a gemstone look. In nature you can find the agate in an unmanageable range of colors. Even if the effect is hard to do on your own, you can entrust this look to the professionals in your nail design studio and be amazed by a charming nail design.

agate gemstone optic colorful manicure pink purple gold

agate amethyst gemstone manicure design ideas purple light blue

gemstone look agate layers nude basecoat

agate amethyst stiletto nails stainless steel look

agate nail design turquoise gold emerald green gold

Agate fingernails design gold white gemstone effect

Malachite Nails – Gemstone look in malachite green

malachite gemstone optic short fingernails strasseinchen

Of course, if you want a gemstone look for your nails, you do not have to limit yourself to the gems mentioned here. The gemstone Malachite, for example, also cuts a fine figure with its strong color on the fingernails. Its color ranges from light green to black green and is reminiscent of the color of Malvenblätter.

Malachite nails gemstone optics make water technology

When the malachite green meets your taste, you can use the water technology to make the light and dark overflows typical of the gemstone itself. If the green nail polish is enriched with fine glitter particles, you will reach the gemstone optics of the aventurine quartz.

emerald green white gold oval nail shape gemstone optics

gold green white gray marbling gem nails design

malachite green white gemstone optics nails short

aventurine gemstone optics cat's eye effect nails design ideas

malachite effect straight gem nail design

aventurine gemstone optic green glitter nails design

Nude nails always look chic – tips and ideas for copying

Nude look nails simply short

The “no make-up” look has been one of the top beauty trends for a few years now. Women worldwide strategically use foundation, concealer and highlighter to “naturally” flawless skin, higher cheekbones and a slimmer face. Nude tones are not only the best in the fashion and beauty world – they have also conquered the nail art industry. Nude nails are currently setting trends and can be easily combined to almost anything.

Nude nails make for a chic fashion statement

Gel Nails Nude Tones Ballerina Nail Shape Glitter

Nude shades look like make-up for your nails. They mask imperfections and adapt perfectly to your skin tone to create the illusion of slimmer fingers and longer nails.

When it comes to nude nails, the right shade is crucial for a perfect manicure. Countless nuances make the nude tones wonderfully multifaceted. As with choosing a foundation, you should consider your skin tone .

Nude nails long black rhinestones

For a more natural finish, a slightly transparent nail polish in a rosy nude shade is recommended, which conceals nail discoloration, but still lets the natural nail shine through easily. This also makes the nails appear longer.

For gel nails, however, a covering nail polish is recommended, which is close to the skin tone, but form a discreet contrast. If the color matches the complexion, the end result will not be so nice. A delicate rose raises the natural nail best.

Nude ballerina nails in combination with gold glitter

The nude nails look wonderfully natural and discreet. The good news? Everyone can benefit from the nude look without sacrificing color or creativity. For example, you can only put more noticeable accents on your thumb and ring finger. So the nail art still looks simple and suitable for everyday use.

Lace Nude Gel Nails Finger Rings

Much like a foundation creates the perfect foundation for a flawless make-up, a nude tone is the ideal starting point for an interesting nail art. Nude is neutral and can visually balance even the most colorful or complicated nail design.

The beautiful nude nails can be easily done by yourself

Nude Nails Gel Nails Ballerina Ring Finger Accent Hologram Powder

Below are some simple instructions for beautiful nude-colored nails. The nail designs can be imitated in just a few steps and look lovely. Let yourself be inspired!

Ombré nails in nude and white

Nude Nails Ombre White Oval

These plain ombre nails are a serious competitor to the classic french nails! The flow of pale pink to white offers a natural and totally chic look, which is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life.

Nude nails with white gradient

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the nails with a transparent nail polish in light pink.
  2. Apply white nail polish to a small make-up sponge.
  3. Using the sponge, first stamp the color on the nail center and then dab the tip.
  4. Finally, apply a top coat and clean the skin around the nails.

Nude nail design with a silver stripe as an accent

Nude nails in short plain silver stripes

The perfect nude nails are timeless, chic and can complement any outfit. Combine this classic look with a silver accent for a bit more shine.

Nude nails themselves make simple design

That is how it goes:

  1. Apply a matt undercoat.
  2. Then paint 3/4 of the nail with the Nudeton.
  3. Glue a silver strip between the nude and the basecoat.
  4. Seal the whole thing with a topcoat.

French Nude nails with rose gold

French Nude nails with rose gold

From a gala dinner to a laid-back girls evening – this variation of French nails suits every occasion! The nude tone makes the glittering tips in rose gold shimmer and radiate discreetly.

Nude Nails Rose Gold French Design oval

That is how it goes:

  1. The nails are painted nude.
  2. Paint the tips with the rose gold with a nail liner. Alternatively, use a nail tip sticker.
  3. Apply top coat and let it dry.

Nude nails with white triangle rectangular nail shape

In this nail design, the lines are painted round and adapted to the oval shape of the nails. If you have rectangular nails, you can draw triangles instead.

Negative Space Nails

Nude Nails Silver Pink Negative Space Look

For the next nail design Nude, Pink and Silver are combined for a cool and fresh look. You can also use your favorite colors and create your own version of these Negative Space nails !

Negative Space Nude Nails themselves make Pink Silver

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Paint a silver French tip with a nail liner.
  3. Then pull a fine crescent in pink along the cuticle.
  4. Seal with topcoat.

Crescent nails in silver

Crescent Nails Nude Tone Silver Glitter

Instead of emphasizing the nail tips, many women opt for a half-moon manicure in which the accent is set on the nail bed. In this look, a silver crescent is painted on the nude nude shaped nails.

Half moon manicure Nude silver glitter make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Draw the contours of the crescent with a nail liner.
  3. Then fill up the crescent completely.
  4. Finally, apply a topcoat.

Nude nails with golden glitter and black

Nails Black Nude Gold Glitter Oval

The combination of gold and black is classic and noble. The golden glitter particles shine in conjunction with black very special and stand out with their color. The details in nude tones bring optically more calm into the design.

Nude nails with glitter gold black make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with glitter nail polish in gold.
  2. Paint the small fingernail black.
  3. Paint the index and middle nail with the nude clay.
  4. Using the black nail polish, draw a V-shape on the middle finger nail and a triangle on the index finger nail. Also fill the lower part of the nail with black.
  5. Using the glitter nail polish and nail liner, draw a gold triangle on the middle fingernail.
  6. Draw a golden line along the cuticle on the index finger.
  7. Make a small dot with gold at the base of the small fingernail nail.
  8. Seal nail design with topcoat and let it dry.

Pastel shades and marble look

Nude Nails Blue Gray Marble Silver Accent

A hint of metallic, a marble-accented accent and a fresh palette of pastel colors – this look radiates hibernation! It’s also a great opportunity to try the trendy “Marble Nails” nail design.

Nude Pastel Blue Marble Look White

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with nude nail polish.
  2. Paint the index finger nail gray gray.
  3. Apply silver nail polish to the fingernail nail.
  4. For the marble look first apply a white lacquer as a primer on the middle fingernail.
  5. Draw very fine lines with a very thin brush and black paint to create a marble effect.
  6. Finally apply Topcoat and let it dry.

Gel Nails in Nude-Look Almond Shape Rhinestones

Have fun!

Ballerina nails on trend – This nail shape looks totally noble and stylish!

Ballerina Nails Acrylic Nude French variant Juwellen

The ballerina nails, still called coffin nails, have been in vogue for a few years now, competing with the pointed stilettos . The look first stood out among celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, now the distinctive nail shape is popular with many ladies worldwide. Unlike the curious trends like “Bubble Nails” and “Fur Nails”, which have recently gained much attention on Instagram, the Ballerina Nails are a trend that ordinary people can actually wear. In addition, there are already numerous variations and ideas for beautiful nail designs. We tell you today, which characterizes this nail shape and still give suggestions for an elegant manicure.

What makes the ballerina nails?

Pointe shoes Ballerina dancer Inspiration source Ballerina nails

This nail form owes its name to the classic ballet shoes, still called pointe shoes. These have a flat front part, which offers the dancer a flat footprint. The ballerina nails represent a combination of two nail shapes – “square” and “almond”. The nails are first filed in almond shape, then they end up flat with sharp corners. The nail tip should look like an isosceles trapezoid and the nail as a whole forms a diamond shape.

Coffin nails nail shape emphasize rhinestones

Despite the elegance of her name, the ballerina nails are considered pretty brave and extravagant. The ballerina nails are more suited to self-confident, purposeful women and are best paired with strict suits rather than romantic dresses.

Ballerina nails short nail reinforcement with gel purple violet

The ballerina nails are a mix of the oval and the angular shape. The look is suitable for strong and strong natural nails as well as for artificial gel nails. However, the shape is more effective for longer nails. It is very important that all nails on the ten fingers are perfectly filed, because all irregularities will immediately catch the eye.

“Ballerina” with natural nails

Ballerina nails form natural nails long strong

If you want to sculpt your natural nails in ballerinas, you can try the following filing techniques:

Method 1 – First determine the length of the nails and file all nail tips flat. Then round off the sides and center of the nail at an angle of 45 degrees to create a trapezoidal shape.

Method 2 – First, file the sides and center of the nail as with the almond shape and then adjust the tips to the desired length. The tip is straightened horizontally straight.

Ballerina nail shape natural nails painted pink

Make sure that the nail tips do not become too narrow or too wide. Otherwise, the whole effect of the ballerina form will disappear and the nails will soon resemble the usual “square”.

Gel nails in ballerina form

Ballerina nails pinks pastel rhinestone triangle

Since natural nails can break off relatively quickly by this technique, a natural nail gel reinforcement would make more sense. Gel nails in ballerina form are very popular in nail studios worldwide. In terms of the artistic design of the nails, the possibilities are limitless. If you have a specific nail design, you can show it to your manicurist.

Ballerina Nails Gel Matt Glitter Bordeaux Dark Red

In order to give you some inspiration for your next manicure, we have collected some great nail art ideas that put this nail shape particularly beautiful scene. Depending on the selected color or ornaments, a very different effect is produced.


Ballerina gel nails pink nail stickers

Even if all nails are painted in one color, the ballerina manicure causes a stir. Gentle pastel and nude shades such as beige, rosé or gray make the nail design visually appear calmer. Bright neon colors, on the other hand, emphasize the wild look and enhance the effect. A gaudy colorful nail design is perfect for summer holidays.


Ballerina Nails Combination Angular Oval Matt

A velvety-looking, matt nail polish makes the corners of the ballerina nails appear softer and provides for visual peace. A charming contrast results when the matt surface is decorated with sparkling rhinestones. You can also mix matte and shiny surfaces and thus set accents on some of the nails.

In addition, underline the nail shape

Ballerina nails short French variant silver glitter

The ballerina nails are characterized by a beautiful geometry, which can be additionally emphasized by the nail art. Put on a pattern with clean lines, negative space design or stripe-look.

Accents with glitter

Ballerina nails short Gellack pink glitter silver

If you want to make your nail art look livelier, you should definitely put on glitter. The fine shimmer of the glitter particles visually compensates for the angular nail shape and makes it look very feminine. The possibilities are very varied: emphasize the nail tip, create a color gradient or paint only a few nails with the glitter nail polish.

color pigments

Ballerina nails acrylic pastel pink rhinestones

Color pigments make the nails shine even brighter and are currently at the top of the popularity scale . Chrome, hologram, glass nails – all these looks are great for the ballerina nails and bring a fancy element into play.

color gradient

Ballerina Nails Gradient Nude White

The Ombré look in bright colors is ideal for the ballerina nails. The most popular combination is Nude and White. The accent is put on the nail tips. You can also add some glitter to the gradient and create an even more impressive effect.


Ombre Nude White Ballerina Nails Rhinestone

The ballerina nails are usually unusual and extravagant. Rhinestones give the nail polish the finishing touch and are not to be overlooked. The breathtakingly glittering highlights make every nail design even more special.

Marble look

Ballerina nail shape nude marble look silver stripes

Marble effect nails now wear all! They look super classy and can also be super easy to make yourself. You can combine this look with various nude tones, pastel colors or additional details such as nail art stripes.

Crackling lines on a white primer can also be perfectly conjured up with an Edding permanent marker! Just make a few scribbled strokes and then slightly blur them using a brush soaked in alcohol. Since the sarong nails are usually characterized by a certain length, 4-5 strokes are sufficient, otherwise the nail design is too dark in the end.

Ballerina Nail Shape Marble Look White Black Nude Tones

Marble nails white long ballerinas shape

Tiger Eye Nails

Ballerina Nails Tiger Eye Look White Black Gold Glitter

The Tiger Eye Manicure is definitely an eye-catcher. The name probably sounds familiar to you. A few years ago Tiger Hair was totally hip. The hair trend was a beautiful mix of brown, gold and bronze, which provided beautiful highlights in the hair. The cat-eye nails also shine with fascinating light reflections and a unique color depth.

Gothic nail design

Nail form Ballerina matt black Gothic nail design

Very stylish look also black painted ballerina nails. Finally, this nail shape is still called “sarong nails”. The nail design may therefore turn out to be somewhat gothic and convey a dark feeling. A matte finish will add to the effect.

Paint motives on nails

Ballerina sarong nails salmon color butterfly

The ballerina nails provide enough space for painting cute subjects. With a point pen, for example, small Mickeys, hearts and flowers can be made. If you can not paint elaborate designs by hand, there are also great alternatives such as water decals , stamps, stickers and Co. Especially on longer nails the complicated motifs come into their own.

No matter which nail polish look you choose, the ballerina nails will definitely cause a stir!

Ballerina Nail Peach Pink Black White

Gel nails Ballerinaform pineapple motif summer

Ballerina Nail Form Beige Brown Rhinestone

Coffin nails nail shape marble blue white silver accents

Coffin nails Ballerina Matt Dark red Glitterstones

Ballerina Coffin Nails Nude Tones Matt Rhinestone