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Hairstyles For Women

Apple iWatch will be released in early 2015

apple iwatch edition rosa leder schmetterling

In early 2015, Apple’s long-awaited iWatch will hit the market, initially producing between 3 and 5 million units. This reports at least Re / Code, which has always been a very reliable source when it comes to the Apple brand. And that’s not all! As the head of the media area and Apple iTunes reports, the brand this year to own the best new products, as in 25 years, not more. Sounds pretty promising, right?

Apple iWatch Sport in white

sport apple iwatch weiß smartwatch markt

But let’s get back to the clock. It is not yet known exactly which functions the clock” will> provide. Most likely, the Apple iWatch will be a combination of a luxurious watch with some features of the iPhone and a fitness bracelet. Accordingly, they should be able to measure the pulse” and submit biometric information.>

Apple iWatch Milanese in a silver color

milanese silber uhr apple technologie modern

Also on the outside the opinions are still different. While some claim that the Apple iWatch will be in the shape of an iPod Nano, others still believe in a curved iPhone design. But the watch may also look like a bracelet, as it is already known by the Samsung Gear Fit.

sport weiß aluminium stahl apple silber

The smartwatch is available in different colors

smart watch schwarz sport technologie apple

A variant in black

iwatch stahl saphir display uhr apple

And also the designs are different

apple uhr iwatch hellblau keramik leder

Apple iWatch with light blue leather strap

pink rosa stahl apple uhr keramik

Here the bracelet is delicately pink

schwarze uhr band grau apple silber

A variant with Mickey Mouse in the display

apple weiß technologie smart uhr touch

The elegant case contrasts with the white bracelet

uhr blau leder modern grau apple

Elegant is also this blue variant of the Apple iWatch


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