Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

An effective updo from a bun with braid

Dutt mit Flechtzopf einfache-Flechtfrisur-lange-Haare

For this pretty updo made of a braided braid , you first have to put one strand on both sides. Tie the rest of the hair together in a ponytail. Divide the ponytail into an upper and lower half and toup the lower part. Now let the upper part fall again and cover the teased part with it. Then tie the tips together as shown in step 7 and shape a bun. Turn it in and fix the ends with hair clips.

Dutt with braid – instructions


Next up are the braids. These make them out of the streaks that you have left hanging on the sides. Lay crosswise over the bun and put the ends in the holes that have formed at the bun, so they are not visible. Also attach the braids well with hair clips. Decorate the hairstyle from a bun with braid with a pretty hair clip and you’re done!

Dutt with braid – make Chignon himself


A chignon hairstyle looks elegant and romantic. It is suitable for the first date, as well as for official occasions / wedding, birthday party or company party /. We hope you enjoy trying out the hairstyle from Dutt with braided braid and would be pleased if you show us your finished hairstyle. The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and all others will be posted on our Facebook page.

Chic in everyday life – updo with braid


Bun with bow and herringbone braid


casual look for brunch


Jennifer Lawrence hairstyle


elegant bun with braid

chignon-dutt mit flechtzopf-ideen-anleitung-abendessen

Make chignon from herringbone braid


chignon-dutt mit flechtzopf-kate-midleton-eleganz

frisuren-bild-anleitung-dutt mit flechtzopf-chignon-selber-machen


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