Abiball make-up for the dress – make-up tips and instructions

Abiball Make-up -dramatisch-smokey-eyes-rote-lippen

After leaving school and before university usually comes the Abiball Make-up and hairstyle can either be done by a professional or if you have already had some experience – do it yourself.

Abiball make-up matched to the dress

Abiball Make-up -outfit-kleid-rot-rosa-blau

Abiball make-up and hairstyle are individually tailored to the

Abiball make-up matching the black dress

Abiball Make-up -schwarzes-kleid-schminke-anleitung

For an official outfit in black, a classic make-up would always be the best choice – stressed eyes and dull, red lips. With further removal, this make-up will also be very good in the group pictures. A strong make-up, like this, flatters symmetrical face shapes and makes them appear particularly expressive.

Dramatic Abiball Make-up type ‘Smokey eyes’


‘Smokey Eyes’ is perhaps the most popular eye makeup ever. These subtle lips fit, perhaps only emphasized with shine for a little more volume and blush with highlights. False eyelashes would teach for the expressive look.

Dramatic promo make-up for extremely big eyes – instructions


Our make-up tip for ‘Smokey Eyes’ – use dark brown or gray eyeshadow according to your type. Ladies with a light skin and fair eye color, green, blue, gray, should choose gray eyeshadow. This dark-skinned and perhaps brown-eyed one recommends using the brown color palette. The outer end of the eye accentuate you with black and draw very precise eyeliners.

Extravagant promo makeup fit the white dress


In a white Abi dress every lady looks radiant and angelic. To add some contrast, it is worth emphasizing the eyes, but of course not as strong as the black dress. Put light tones in the middle of the lid. Our tip: Contrasts usually attract attention, so use them appropriately.

Abiball Make-up, which visually enlarges the eyes


The eyeliner and the white line above make the eye appear longer and give it the desired almond shape. The inner corner of the eye is left in white, as well as the outside, which ensures a special freshness of the look. The lips are naturally very glamorous.

Abiball make-up in black and white with eyeliner


Important for a make-up with strong eyes is the area around the eyes. Under the eyes is corrector with lighter color than the natural and at the top of the cheeks highlighting powder. Have a look at the video tutorial.

Exotic make-up in black and white – video tutorial by Maryam Maquillage

Abiball make-up in delicate spring colors


The romantic spring colors, such as pink and pink, make for a charming and especially girly look. It is not recommended to make too much makeup. Match the eyeshadow and rouge to the lipstick. Rely on products with highlights that bring a fresh touch to your look.

Abiball make-up in delicate shades for dress in pink or pink


A coral color make-up highlights the green or blue eye color. Emphasize with some dark brown on the outer corner of your eye, but do not overdo it. With eyeliner you can still put the accent on the eyes and at the same time shade the false false eyelashes.

Abiball make-up in apricot color with eyeliner


Here we offer a make-up guide for make-up in apricot color. The make-up artist has brown eyes, which she has very well expressed with brown eye shadow. As an accent, she has made which little dots with the eyeliner.

Abiball make-up in fresh spring color

Abiball makeup for dress in red


No doubt the dramatic make-up fits the red dress, making the whole look even more feminine and. For your choice we offer two variants – ‘Spanish eyes’ and a kind of ‘Smokey Eyes’, but with burgundy eye shadow.

Dramatic Eye Makeup – ‘Spanish eyes’ video tutorial

Abiball make-up in red shades and with sparkles


Burgundy eye shadow is particularly good green eyes, which makes it really extravagant and dramatic. Dark kohl is applied between the eyelashes and the eyelid glittered.

Burgundy color eye make-up for green eyes

ABiball dress in green, blue or purple and matching make-up


If you’ve chosen a dark green, blue or purple prom dress, we offer two ideas for matching make-up. But first think about whether you would rather present your beautiful eyes or your lips.

Girlish prom ball makeup with stressed lips


To the dark pastel shades of green, blue and purple, would be just as good a lipstick in matching shade of purple. It’s best to combine two to create a 3D effect. Your eyes will look a little more natural and unobtrusive in this case. Nevertheless, the false eyelashes can always be used well.

Abiball Make-up with colored eyeshadow matching the dress


Another option would be to master dramatic eye make-up in the selected color palette. Accentuate by using dark green-blue tones instead of black and put purple eyeshadows at the transition to the eyebrow. A guide would certainly help.

Glamorous eye make-up with extra glitter – video tutorial

Graduation Makeup suitable for blue eyes


If you want to express your blue eyes and not reach for the black eyeshadow, then set to gray and brown. Do not forget the highlights on the cheeks and in the inner corner of the eye. Also wear white eye pencil in the waterline, this will visually enlarge the eye.

Make a promo make-up for blue eyes


Natural promo makeup in bronze colors


Natural-looking make-up can be achieved by ‘highlighting’ and using bronzing products. Emphasize the eyes with brown eyeshadow and mascara for extra volume. Kajal and eyeliner come to the question only in brown, as a warm, sunny look is targeted.

Make your own make-up yourself – apply the highlights correctly


Highlights wear properly with a large brush on the nose tip, on the upper lip, on the upper part of the cheeks and under the eyebrows. Do not forget the rouge, which should also contain extra highlighting parts.

Keep the prom makeup as natural as possible


Natural make-up means emphasizing the natural beauty without exaggeration. It is not meant that make-up is missing at all, but only put in the right places in precise quantity. Here is a video tutorial with tips and tricks on the subject!

Natural promo makeup with shimmer

Abiball Makeup Ideas – Eyeliner Variations


For the lovers of eyeliners, he can also be a variant of successful prom makeup. Choose the right one according to the outfit. If it is a midi dress, then pull a classic, like a little thicker eyeliner or is it rather disco-like with sequins – then rather an extravagant in color. You are spoiled for choice!

* see some of the great make-up tutorials on homepage




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