Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

A pretty DIY bun hairstyle for every occasion


Are you going to a party on the weekend and you do not know what to do with your hair? The beautiful DIY Dutt hairstyle that we will show you in this article is a hairstyle that you can wear to any kind of party. It’s a complete hairstyle that can be worn to make everyday, casual, or elegant outfits. The DIY Dutt Hairstyle is also suitable for weddings, whether you are a guest or a bridesmaid. And, as you know, it often happens that at the last moment you’re done with all the outfits around, and only your hair does not do what you expect them to do at the moment.

A pretty DIY bun hairstyle for every occasion


In this case, it is an advantage if you have a trial hairstyle and you know exactly what you want for the upcoming occasion with your hair in the rush. The DIY Dutt Hairstyle is a hairstyle inspired by a hairstyling with a crown design, in which the hair is styled and lifted to create a perfect crown. It’s perfect for a Friday evening get-together or a girls night out. All you have to do is find a fitting outfit for it and you will be the most stylish of them all.

Styling guide next to the DIY Dutt hairstyle


Since the DIY Dutt hairstyle is wonderful in itself, too much make-up would make the styling too over the top. The better choice would be a make-up in natural nuances and that you pay more attention to the eyes. So a golden or black eyeliner would be a perfect choice for this DIY bun hairstyle . For hair styling , the hair should not be too smooth and soft, so that everything can hold well. So let it be better in its natural form. If you have natural curls, that’s fine. Do not straighten them too much (or not at all) and do not soften them. If you have naturally soft hair, Hairspray can help you get a texture that’s right for the DIY Dutt hairstyle .

Form the ponytail


So, if you’re ready to start with the DIY Dutt Hairstyle , you’ll need a comb first to arrange and shape the hair, and a pretty hair tie or hair band for the final touch. You have to tie a high ponytail and you have to comb the hair with the comb from the back to the top. It is best to take a hair tie from which you let the hair hang down, making it easier to comb up the hair behind. Combing from the back also makes the hair look looser, making the DIY Dutt hairstyle , which you will later make out of a bun, look even prettier. Now that you’re done with combing from behind, start. to comb the hair from the front and braid it at the back starting from the neck. Always pick up big strands and braid until you reach the height where you will make the bun.

The base of the Dutt hairstyle


Now take a hair tie or a hair band and tie up the braid at the top, creating the ponytail that forms the basis of the DIY Dutt hairstyle . Use a comb to toup the ponytail to create a beautiful, voluminous bun. If you think your hair is too soft or will not fix properly, you can use a larger amount of hairspray on the ponytail and use your fingers to check the condition of your hair. Now come to the critical part, by molding the dough for the DIY Dutt Hairstyle . You need to wrap the ponytail around yourself. When you have finished wrapping, secure the bun with a few hair clips or clips. Finally, tie a pretty bow, a ribbon or a pretty scarf as an accent to the bun, depending on what you like and fits the occasion. The bow will allow you to straighten both forward and back and will give the dress a cute look. If you think it fits your face better if you tie all the hair together, you are welcome to do so. But you also have the option of hanging out a few highlights for the DIY Dutt hairstyle to framing your face and twisting it with a curling iron and fixing with hairspray.

Instructions for another idea


Dutt hairstyle with decoration


Instructions for Dutt Hairstyle


A bun from ponytail


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