Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

A cool updo from twisted hair


It is finally summer and the best time to try something new. So why not experiment with new hairstyles? The following 20 examples of a cool updo , in which only the hair or individual strands are screwed in, are easy to copy. Thus, they are perfect for beginners or those who are not so skilled.

Make an interesting and cool updo from twisted hair


The hair or strands are simply screwed in with a finger. Learn this technique and you can create a variety of hairstyles, from casual and casual, to exact and elegant. The hairstyles are incredibly versatile and are suitable for both the walk with your child to the playground, as well as for a baby or garden party. Just as pretty look these hairstyles with little girls. So if you have a daughter, you can also try her on such a cool updo .

Let us now turn to the 20 simple and effective examples of a cool updo:


These great hairstyles will create a definite impression in the audience and are very practical for the summer. Some updos will make you own, for others, seek the help of professionals or friends.

1. The cool updo “sailor’s knot”


Divide the hair into two parts and twist the two strands thus obtained, and then tie them into a knot.

2. Updo “Flower”


Create a springy and summery feel with this updo in the form of a flower of twisted strands.

3. A side pony of twisted hair


This hairstyle is very easy to do and just looks great.

4. A casual and cool updo with twisted hair


This casual and casual style is perfect for everyday wear.

5. A braid “fishbone”


This pretty hairstyle is a combination of a braid and twisted strands.

6. Three Dutte from twisted strands


Divide the hair into three parts and twist these strands into three mini-Dutte. That’s a very quick and easy styling.

7. A bun from several twisted strands


Put several twisted strands together to form a wild bun to make a fun updo.

8. A quick and cool updo


This simple styling is perfect for longer hair.

9. A quick updo from twisted hair


This styling is one of the best for spring and summer. If you remove the hairstyle, beautiful waves remain.

10. Twist around it


A half-open hairstyle from twisted strands is a great way to get the bothersome hair out of your face.

11. A cool updo – A seemingly broken braid


The exact opposite of an exaggeratedly designed braided hairstyle. She is both casual and elegant.

12. A braid reminiscent of a rope


Is it something new for you to style your hair or that of your daughter? Then start with this simple braid of twisted hair.

13. A pretty ponytail with the Eindreh technique


Turn the ordinary ponytail into a stunning styling by simply adding an accent from a twisted strand.

14. A crown for a cool updo


Create these wonderful hairstyles for you or your daughter.

15. A “wrong” updo


This stunning updo looks like it was braided but is actually made of simple, twisted strands.

16. Turned hair in the pony area


A great way to put away the pony is to turn aside only the front part of the hair.

17th retro hairstyle


A curly curl in combination with twisted hair give this impeccable hairstyle a retro feel.

18. Screw in and put up with curly hair


This updo proves that twisted tresses look just as great on curly hair.

19. Twisted hair in rope form as a hair band


Turn hair into a hair band for a simple, chic look.

20. Effective and cool updo


For an even more effective look, try twisting the hair into rows and mimicking braids.

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