Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

9 stylish flowers Accessories for long hairstyles


There is no doubt that crowns of flowers, hair combs decorated with flowers, hair ties and clasps are beautiful accessories for every time and every girl. For this reason, you should choose something pretty for spring and summer to improve your outfit. Use real flowers from the garden or meadow or accessories made of plastic or cotton. Of course, in the summer real flowers will quickly spoil, so take into account the purpose of the decoration – will the party occur in the evening or during the hot day? Combine the accessories with the color of your outfit – clothing, jewelry, shoes and bag.

9 stylish flowers Accessories for long hairstyles suitable for the summer


Currently, the pretty flower accessories for long hairstyles are particularly modern and original and you can wear them to dresses, funny T-shirts and jackets. They add more creativity and femininity to your outfit. So, if you’re curling your hair or choosing a ruffled updo and wearing a pretty accessory, you’ll get a stylish hairstyle.

Flowers accessories for long hairstyles to make your own


To get a little inspiration, you can look at the following photos. You will find that you can even make some flowers accessories for long hairstyles yourself, such as a hairband with flowers or cute hair clips. You can use some parts from old, broken accessories for the DIY ideas. Glue or sew an artificial flower on the old hair band and you will have a great new accessory.

A flower wreath as a hair band, made of small plastic flowers


A delicate viola crown as an addition to the milk girl longhair hairstyle


A tiara made of small fabric flowers and bow


A long hairstyle with Dutt – the decoration consists of white and purple fabric flowers


A diadem in pastel colors for the summer and spring


Asymmetrical style with Asian hairband with cherry flowers


A rosary as pretty hair decoration


A braid with woven daisies


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