Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

55 watches for women from renowned designers

Top Marken Sommer Winter Trends Kollektionen Design Überblick

What a nicer gift than a designer wristwatch? Every woman will surely be looking forward to a creation by Armani, Versace or Marc Jacobs. So that you can quickly select the right piece of jewelery, we offer you an overview of the collections of wristwatches for women from several top brands.

Wrist watches for women – sporty, elegant or classically beautiful?

Damen grüne Farbe Marc Jacobs Gold Deko

The choice among women’s watches is simply huge – and often you feel lost. One tip – to choose the best present for your girlfriend, mother, or yourself, choose a wristwatch that matches your style of clothing. If the woman likes to dress sporty, then the green design of Marc Jacobs may be better than the detailed watch from Just Cavalli. And, conversely, if she prefers formal clothes / suit, shirt or elegant clothes, then Armani is the perfect choice. Gucci offers massive watches for fashion-conscious ladies, while DKNY blends perfectly with tender, romantic natures.

Wrist watches for women – which designs are trendy

Armbanduhren rosa Gold Leder weiß Details Glitzersteine Top Marken Just Cavalli

As far as the designs of women’s watches are concerned, there is no clear trend this year. Both massive watches, as well as small and tender designs are offered. The bracelet itself is often made of pink gold – this gives the piece a feminine touch. Classically elegant see white gold models, while leather definitely withdraws. A new element, which we know from the men’s wristwatches, is certainly present – wood details adorn the chain. The dial itself is richly decorated with small gems. Most watches are available in white / black / pink, but some models still surprise with rich colors like turquoise or grass green – just perfect for the summer” season> !


Armbanduhr schwarz Leder Detail Gold Fassung Zifferblatt

Timelessly elegant design” data-count=”5/55″ data-image_id=”39958″ class=”lazy wp-image-39958 aligncenter wp-image-39958 size-full” data-original=”önes-Design.jpg” src=”” alt=”Armbanduhr Leder Gold Detail Zifferblatt schönes Design” width=”640″ height=”563″>


Armbanduhr Gold Details Zifferblatt Zebra Streifen

Animal motifs, leather and gold details dominate the collection Armband Just Cavalli Uhr Damen exklusives Design

Glittering stones adorn the dial

Zifferblatt Zebra Streifen Glitzersteine modernes Design

Exceptional design captivates with minimalist elegance

Dreieck Zifferblatt modernes Design Top Hersteller

Uhren Armband Leder rosa Farbe schönes Design

Armbanduhr Detail Just Cavalli Metall hergestellt SchuppenZebra Streifen schwarz weiß Leder Armbanduhr


Geschenk Idee Frauen Gucci Hersteller Zifferblatt

Damen Holz Details Gucci Hersteller Top Marken

Designer Armbanduhr Modell modern schlicht elegantUhren Damen Geschenk Geburtstag 35 Jahre alt

Silber Leder Details rund Zifferblatt Designer ModelleLeder Detail Gold Ornamente Zifferblatt Damen Gucci

Armband Leder Details Weißgold massive Schmuckstücke


Armbanduhren Designer Armani weiß rosa Gold Kette

Armbanduhr Designerstücke schöne Geschenkidee Frauen

Armbanduhr Damen rosa Gold weiße Details Armani

Emporio Armani Armbanduhr Designerstücke Kollektion

 renommierte Designer Leder schick elegant Damen

Designer Armani Weißgold edel zärtlich

Armani Armbanduhren Frauen schöne Geschenkideen 35 Geburtstag


Gold weiße Leder Armband edle Fertigung DKNY

Armbanduhren Damen Kollektion Gold feine Fertigung

Kette modernes Design stilvoll elegant Geschenk Damen


Armbanduhr Zifferblatt weiß rosa Gold Details

schwarze Leder Glitzersteine verziert Zifferblatt rund stilvoll

Glitzersteine modernes Design stilvoll elegant Leder Detail

Armbanduhr Damen renommierte Hersteller Lancaster

Zifferblatt modernes Design Glitzersteine stilvoll elegant


Frauen rosa Gold Glitzersteine Hersteller Michael Kors

Armbanduhr rosa Gold Designer Michael Kors

 Armbanduhr Damen schönes Geschenk massiv sicher

Armbanduhr Leder Glitzersteine verziert massiv

rosa Gold Michael Kors Armbanduhr Frauen

Armbanduhren Design Ideen USA Top Marken Michael Kors

stilvoll elegant Gold komplett gefertigt klassisches Design

Gold modernes Design Damen Geschenkideen Michael Kors

Michael Kors rosa Gold Weißgold Design Ideen


Versace Designer Uhr Modell stilvoll elegant

Designer Armbanduhr Zifferblatt modern stilvoll Damen

Designer Armbanduhr modern stilvoll originelle Konstruktion

Armbanduhr Versace rund Zifferblatt modernes Design

Top Designer Marken Kollektionen 2014 2015 Versace

Armbanduhr massiv Metall Glitzersteine verziert Versus

Armbanduhr grüne Farbe originelles Modell sportlich elegant

Armbanduhren Design Versace schwarzes ZifferblattFarbe Armbanduhr Versace Damen Kollektion neu 2014 2015

Versace schönes Design weiße Ausführung

Armbanduhr beige weiß Zifferblatt Design Ideen

Armbanduhren Versace rote Farbe Design Ideen

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