Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

55 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Men and Women + Video


We offer you 50 spooky and original Halloween makeup ideas inspired by movies, video games and even comedic heroes. Here you will find the most creative make-up, including some video tutorials – so be inspired!

Halloween makeup for women – scary makeup


Basically, the Halloween makeup ideas for women can be divided into two – the first complete the costume / for example, fairies, witches, comedic heroes like Superman, Spiderman , the black swan and others /. The second variant is an imaginative makeup without costume – for example zombies or animals / as cat, lion /, doll, scarecrow and others. This alternative is perfect for those who do not like dressing up, but like to experiment with wigs and make-up. And those who like to try something out of the ordinary can be inspired by the films – the main character of Vendetta, or the evil queen of Alice in Wonderland, and why not even Game of Thrones.

Halloween makeup for men and couples – a expressive face


The men can match their Halloween makeup on this lady – for example, two zombies or two skulls. Also scary are make-up and wigs inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands. And who decides on a Joker Makeup , is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. Many also opt for animals – unlike the ladies who like to dress as a lion, the men prefer wolf make-up.

Pirate Halloween Makeup for Men


Cats Halloween Makeup for women


Frauen Gesicht Puppe Farblinsen Haarsträhnen

Schminke Halloween Frauen Makeupo Rose Gesicht bemalen Totenkopf

Makeup Halloween Ideen Skelett Zombies Gesicht

Frauen Makeup Batman inspiriert Totenkopf bemalen

Creepy make-up ideas for women

inspirierte Schmink Ideen originell Glitzersteine

Make-up idea inspired by the movie – Black Swan

Schmink Ideen der schwarze Schwan Augen

Beautiful rhinestones for a make-up for Halloween – evil fairy

Feen Augen schminken grün lila Lidschatten

Dress up as a fairy, choose the right hair accessories and emphasize the eyes with playful color accents

 Halloween Feen Schminkideen grüne Lidschatten

Similar look – makeup for women for Halloween – in combination with matching blue wig

 Ideen exotische Vogel Gesicht bemalen Tipps

Painting Fenix ​​on the forehead and dressing up like Pocahontas

Ideen Gesichter bunt bemalen originell Halloween

Creepy Make-Up Ideas – Skull

Schminke rosa Lidschatten auftragen Perücke

Doll face – and of course the matching wig

Ideen Halloween schminken Puppe bemalen gruselig

The same concept, but this time the doll is broken

Halloween Schminke Ideen Frauen Kopfschmuck

Leopard – Makeup – cool idea for a Halloween with the family

Halloween Augen Schminke Ideen Frauen Katze

Sweet and playful – paint cat with kayalpen

Ying Yang Tipps Ideen Halloween Frauen

Halloween Ideen Makeup Linsen farbig

schminken Frauen Anleitung schwarzer Schwan

Karmen Spinnennetz bemalen Halloween Ideen

Halloween selber machen Puppe zerstört zersplittertes Gesicht

Halloween Schminke Ideen originell süß Frauen

Gesicht Makeup Frauen Halloween

Schmink Ideen selber machen Frauen halbes Gesicht

Gesicht Halloween Totenkopf Ideen originell

Mortal Combat inspiriert Helden Videospiele Frauen

Frauen komplettes Gesicht bemalen Anleitung Tipps

Makeup Frauen Mortal Combat inspiriert Ideen

Schminkideen V Vendetta Charakter Frauen cool

Frauen Familien Halloween Schminkideen Grundge

Schminkideen Zombies Halloween Makeup gruselig

Schminke Tipps Ideen Frauen Halloween

Frauen Schminke selber machen originell

Makeup Frauen Hirsch süß originelle Ideen

 Makeup Halloween Ideen Frauen

Herzen Halloween Schmink Ideen Frauen Lippen

Schminke Ideen Frauen Clown Gesicht bemalen

Frauen Makeup Ideen Gesicht Augen

Frauen Makeup Ideen schminken Clown Augen

Halloween Schminke Braut Geist Ideen komplett Körper

Makeup halbes Gesicht Zombie Ideen Anleitung

Ideen Halloween Augen Frauen Supermen

Schminke Makeup Frauen grün Gesicht bemalen

Männer Halloween Zombies Gesicht Körper

Männer Gesicht Augen gruselig Zombie

Männer Makeup Perücke Edward Scherenhänden

Halloween Schminke Makeup Ideen Joker

Makeup Halloween Ideen Fuchs Gesicht

Männer Gesicht Makeup Zombies Totenkopf Ideen

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