Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

50 rockabilly hairstyles for women to re-make

frisuren rockabilly pony rolle kleid kariert strohballen

Rockabilly hairstyles are easy to do with hair spray, hair clips and a round brush. These hairstyles were very popular in the US in the 1940s and 1950s, but vintage glam is not forgotten today. What are the names of these hairstyles , how are they characterized and how can you manage such a hairstyle? You will find out in this article.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – Pony from Victory Rolls

frisuren rockabilly pony akzent lidstrich lippenstift

The Victory Rolls add volume and drama to your retro hairstyle . There are different ways to arrange the roles. Hair accessories like a flower behind the ear would add a chic accent. Victory Rolls are usually styled on the front of the head from one or two strands of hair. If you have a longer bangs, you can use them to style the hairstyle. All you need is a comb, a curling iron and some hairpins. The strand is first lured, then teased with the style comb and wrapped around two fingers. Finally, the role with hairpins pinned and fix for more strength with hair spray. With gentle waves for the rest of your hair, you get a complete rockabilly look.

Combine rockabilly hairstyles with eyeliner and red lipstick

frisuren rockabilly mittelscheitel idee punkt kleid victory locken

By the way, rockabilly hairstyles can be combined very well with an eyelid line and red lipstick. Also, dresses fit very well, especially if they are checkered or decorated with floral motifs. The hairstyle itself can be decorated with a bandana, but also with any other accessory. That depends entirely on the occasion. The main thing is, the hairstyle and make-up look perfect and sit one hundred percent.

Rockabilly hairstyles for the wedding

rockabilly frisuren hochzeit idee kleid kette pin up curls

The elegant look that the Rockabilly hairstyles radiate makes them a popular choice when it comes to wedding hairstyle. So if you are celebrating a retro style wedding, you can use our hairstyle ideas as inspiration to find the perfect variation for your big day. The hairstyles combine beautifully with all sorts of hair accessories and put the bridal gown particularly well in scene. The ideas are not only suitable for the bride, but also for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids.

Rockabilly hairstyles with original hair colors

frisuren rockabilly hochzeit idee cruella de vil stil rose perlen kette

Rockabilly hairstyles can also be combined with original hair colors. Particularly attractive is the red hair color, but also pink or other original ideas are doing very well. Hairstyles with strands are just as attractive to retro hairstyles as they immediately bring out the hairstyle. Be brave and try something new, striking! By the way, this also applies to the make-up you want to wear for the hairstyle. Cheeky, eye-catching lipsticks are a must-have addition to the Rockabilly hairstyle.

For the hairstyle have a Bettie Page Pony cut

rockabilly frisuren pony betty page blumen lila haarschmuck

The quickest way to get a rockabilly haircut is to have a pony like Bettie Page cut. It lies across the eyebrows, is much shorter and can be reached after a short stay in the salon. The length of the pony can vary, depending on the size of your forehead and the length between the eyebrows and the hairline. If you only want to make this hairstyle for a thematic evening, you should not necessarily get a pony cut. Instead, you can style a fake pony yourself with the right hair products and hairpins.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – Pin Up Curls

rockabilly frisuren hochsteckfrisur pin up curls idee

Pin Curls is a great rockabilly hairstyle . The curls can make you in the evening, fasten with clips and clips and sleep with them. That way they will be ready for the next day. Apply gel or hair fixative, take a 2 cm wide stringer and wrap it around your finger. Then turn the hair in the direction of the head, until the highlights lie flat on the scalp. Attach the lock with clips. You will need to repeat this process until you have the desired amount of pinned curls. After the curls have dried, remove the clips and comb the curls with fingers or a wide comb. Then stick with hairpins in the desired hairstyle.

Rockabilly hairstyle of red, shoulder-length hair with curls

frisuren rockabilly seitenscheitel locken schulterlang spange weiss

Rockabilly hairstyles are both dark and light hair, but require a certain hair length for re-styling. As a rule, any hair that is longer than the shoulders can be styled with a retro hairstyle. Especially beautiful looks a hairstyle with lateral greatness and orderly curls that fall gently around the face. For more elegance, the side part can be decorated with a beautiful hair ornament.

Rockabilly updo with red bandana

rockabilly frisuren bandana rot hochsteckfrisur auto mechaniker

A particularly important hair accessory for the rockabilly look is undoubtedly the bandana. This is a rectangular scarf in cheeky color, which is folded into a hair band and tied to the head. In many rockabilly hairstyles, the bandana is tied so that the knot is at the top of the head or sideways. The hair accessory can be used with both open and raised hair and is the most important retro accessory for ladies with short hair.

Victory Rolls in rockabilly style for the pony

frisuren rockabilly victory rolls offene haare stil retro damen haarstyling

Even with a short, straight bangs, you can make a pretty retro hairstyle yourself. For this you should style the pony with a round brush and thus create a good volume. It creates a kind of madness, which is the focus and gives the hairstyle the popular vintage look. The rest of the hair you can easily toupieren and lure the hair tips with the curling iron.

Semi-open rockabilly hairstyle

frisuren rockabilly schwarze haare pony tolle locken kariert rot schwarz kleid

The rockabilly-style hairstyles can be open, semi-open or puffy, depending on the occasion. With half-open hair you start from the beginning. First, the Victory Rolls are styled on the forehead and pinned with hairpins. Only then can you lure the rest of the hair and stick it half-open. Since the Pin Up Girls of the 50s did not wear perfect curls, you can gently brush out the curly hair with a natural brush for an authentic look.

Vintage Hairstyle with Multiple Pin Up Curls

frisuren rockabilly rockabilly frisuren rote haare blume kleid hellbblau

The Victory Rolls for the Pin Up hairstyle can be any amount and thus provide a striking look. They work best with longer, thick hair. For this you can first divide the hair into lots and wrap it strand by strand. If the hairstyle gets the desired look, it should be fixed with hair spray. In this way, she sits much longer and remains in the perfect look.

Upscale rockabilly hairstyles

frisuren rockabilly retro stil damen pony welle

For a retro look are not only great and gentle curls, but also elegant updos. Whether a ponytail or twisted Chignon, beautifully raised hair is perfect for the rockabilly look. Combine with a twisted pony or a few Victory Rolls and the styling is done.

frisuren rockabilly retro look mittelscheitel kragen

frisuren rockabilly punkte kleid rot pin up curls locken

frisuren rockabilly pony straehnen haarband rote haare

frisuren rockabilly pony seite lidschatten rot blond

frisuren rockabilly pony locke offene haare idee

frisuren rockabilly pin up curls pony hochsteckfrisur

frisuren rockabilly offene haare blumen accessoire

frisuren rockabilly ideen bandana rot bunt pony

rockabilly frisuren locken haar accessoire blume silbergrau

rockabilly frisuren idee bruenett pin up victory rolls

frisuren rockabilly pink haare tolle hochsteckfrisur retro



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