Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

5 helpful tips for make-up for a natural look


Men claim that they like the natural beauty better than women who are heavily made-up. But if that is really true? It turns out that our idea of ​​naturalness, with a little lip gloss and mascara, is completely different from the men’s. Today we have a few makeup tips for you, which you can use to make up your taste buds in a few easy steps. He will not realize that you have experimented with a little more make-up.

Tips for make-up – Stressed cheekbones


The rouge is there to give your face freshness. The following make-up tips will help to apply it properly:

  1. To find the right color for the rouge, look at the color of the inside of the lower lip.
    There, the color of the skin resembles your natural redness the most.
  2. Tips for Makeup – Choose a creamy rouge in a similar color.
    Make-up stylists prefer this type of rouge, as it is better drained into the skin because of the natural oils it contains and does not look like chalk. Distribute the rouge with your fingers on the fullest parts of the cheeks.
  3. The rest of the rouge left on your fingers is applied to the cheekbones. Finally, top it all off with a clean brush to apply rouge.

Tips for the make-up


For men, men are especially concerned with well-formed eyes and long, thick eyelashes. According to researchers, they are excited by it.
Tips for make-up – How to proceed:

  1. Always use eyelash curler.
    In most women, the eyelashes are straight forward or down. The bending of the eyelashes makes the eyes look bigger immediately. Use eyelash curlers to attach as close to the end of the roots as possible and work with care.
  2. To emphasize the line of eyelashes so that it does not look artificial, choose a dark brown kohl if you have fair skin or a black one for a darker skin color. Apply it only to the upper eyelash ring and then gently blur it with an ear-stick so that it will overflow into the color of your skin, giving it the well-known, smoky effect.
  3. Tips for Make-Up – Finally, make-up your eyelashes with an extending mascara.
    Apply two layers. The first layer serves to extend the eyelashes and the second to emphasize and condense them. Do not forget to apply the second coat while the mascara is still wet to avoid the effect of the fly legs.

Tips for make-up – Seduce him with your lips


Men love to kiss soft, voluptuous, pink lips. For yours to look that way, it’s important to make sure they’re well hydrated. Here are a few tips for make-up for more fullness and smoothness on the lips:

  1. Spread lip balm with your finger first.
    Apply in a circular motion for 30 seconds to increase blood flow in this area. That’s important for the next step.
  2. Tips for Makeup – Choose a color for the lipstick that most closely resembles the current color of your lips.
    The increased blood flow causes the lips to get a darker color than usual and this is the perfect shade for you.
  3. Now press the lipstick on the lips without stroking it. This leaves less on the lips and creates a more realistic and natural color. Then wipe over with a damp cotton pad to remove excess lipstick.
  4. Finally: Apply a transparent lip gloss for more fullness and shine.
    Apply a little more in the middle of the lips. As a result, the light is reflected more, giving the lips optically more fullness.

Tips for Make-Up – Additional extras that will please


Trust one of these products to strengthen your look and your love life. Here are some tips for make-up :

  • Tips for make-up – Shining shine
    When you apply a shiny product to your cheekbones, the glossy particles in it make the whole skin seem to shine.
  • Tips for Makeup – Coral Gloss
    A lip gloss pen on the lips for a more delicate color. Their light formulas are transparent on the lips after being applied, no matter how dark it looks in its container. Coral colors look great on any kind of lips.

Tips for make-up – Smooth skin


A heavy, thick make-up not only looks like a mask, but also makes you look even older. For a uniform and natural-looking complexion that pleases men, follow the next steps and tips for make-up for maximum smoothness.

  1. Moisten a silicone sponge with water.
    The moisture prevents the accumulation of make-up and ensures an even, smooth application.
  2. Apply make-up on the top of your palm makeup as big as a 1-cent piece and take it off with the sponge.
    Begin by applying to the center of the face where stronger coverage is needed. These are, for example, dark circles or open pores. Apply the makeup in blistering motions without smearing it with the sponge, so that the color overflows into the skin color towards the outside. In this way you avoid the risk of having a dark face later than the bright neck.
  3. Tips for make-up – Then brush with clean hands over the face, as if you were applying a cream.
    The warmth of the palms makes it possible to smooth the make-up and compensate for uneven areas.
  4. Now it’s the correction pencil’s turn to cover the pimples.
    Apply it with a brush, because with it you can get to the smallest corners of the pimple without applying several layers of make-up on it.
  5. Finally, use a sponge on a compact powder to apply it to the T-zone.
    This refracts the shine and prevents it, while preserving the sheen of your cheekbones.

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