Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

4 Eye Makeup Ideas on how to apply colorful eyeshadows


In summer, the eye make-up is fresh and full of different colors. Our clothes carry the summer nuances and it goes without saying that the eyeshadow too.

Eye Makeup – 4 ways you can apply colorful eye shadows


I know many of you wear neutral eye shadows every day (which is fine), but I hope to convince you today, so you can try something new during your work week and add colors to your make-up ! Of course, you can wear colors, but it depends on how and where you apply the paint.

Here are my 4 eye makeup tips that you may be able to follow:


Choose only one color and apply it to one part of the eye. So either along the eyelashes or in the inner tear duct or on the outer part of the eye. 1 color, 1 place. I call it “strategic placement”.

Always combine a color with a neutral shade in pairs


With neutral shading , the color is automatically tinted. Choose a light color. The darker the color, the more dramatic the look. (If you want to wear a dark color, hold it near the eyelash edge)

Are you afraid of colors?


If you are afraid of having too much color, start to make-up your eyes with green tones. Since this cold color is not too vibrant and looks good on any skin and any eye color, this is a sure way that you will not go wrong with green eyeshadows. Would you like to try it in the next few days? Our pictures and video tutorials will guide you a bit in the world of colorful eyeshadows.

Make-up with colorful shadows inside the tear duct


Dramatic look with dark colors


Shading with three bright colors


A brave combination of cold and warm nuances


Colorful pencil as a main element of make-up


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