Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

32 nail motifs to make yourself with nail polish + instructions

Nail motives-it-yourself-brand design-idea-inspirations-pollock

Personal style is something that makes a woman stand out from the crowd. This makes an indirect statement about who she really is. Well-groomed hands and fingernails are like the calling card of a good-looking lady and are part of the beautiful appearance. Not infrequently it happens that the modern woman neglected her fingernails in the stressful everyday life and because of the infinite work in the household. Not always, a working mother can take the time and get nailed a nice manicure. Fortunately, there are already enough products on the market that offer the opportunity to make the nails at home yourself. Beautiful inspirations and nail motives for DIY have been presented here.

Cool nail motifs to make yourself – ideas and nail design tips

Nail motives-it-yourself-glitter-glitter-gold-nude-trend

Before you start with the nail design, you need to buy a few tools and accessories besides nail polishes in your favorite colors. Files, a top coat and base nail polish are part of the basic equipment of a home nail salon. For elaborate and detailed nail designs, you might need a thin brush, toothpick and ornate elements of your choice.

Simple and effective nail motifs to make yourself – Glitter Trend

Nail motives-it-yourself-brand design-pink-glitter-manual

First you have to bring the fingernails into the desired shape with the help of a file, then apply a base nail polish. When it dries, you can start with the selected nail design. Mostly a base color is applied first, then the nail motifs are designed. Finally, you seal your new nail design with transparent Top Coat nail polish, which ensures extra shine and makes the nail color more durable. The market offers products in the form of sprays or oils, with the help of which the nail polish dries faster. Nevertheless, you must pay attention to your freshly painted fingernails and protect you. Be careful when opening cans, workouts and other household tasks that can damage your nails. When gardening and dishwashing you should wear gloves.

Glitter and glitter on a nude background

Nail motives-it-yourself-nageldesign-glitter-manual-nude

Now we present some beautiful nail designs and nail motifs that you can make yourself at home. The first idea is probably very simple and is currently in vogue. You do not need much for this: base and top coat nail polish, as well as a base color in a nude tone of your choice, glitter powder in any color (here in gold) and possibly a brush.

Nail motives-it-yourself-glitter-nageldesign-gold-brush

After you have applied the base and the base color and they are already dry, carefully brush the area you want to cover with glitter with transparent Top Coat nail polish. Then sprinkle with the glitter. You can also use a small brush to make the glitter more precise. Finally, seal with a coat of Top Coat nail polish and, if desired, drip a bit of nail oil.

Nail motives-it-yourself-glitter-pink-manual-design

Make colorful flowers yourself

nagelmotive zum selbermachen schwarz nagellack bunte farben blueten

This original nail design ensures a good mood due to the upbeat neon colors and is especially suitable for summer parties, but also for everyday life very well. Of course, you decide which colors you use yourself. With the following instructions, you will quickly get the hang of it and impress all others with beautiful nails.

nagelmotive zum selbermachen blumen anleitung schritte bunt

You need a dotting tool and a steady hand. First apply the black nail polish to create a background on which the flowers can show off perfectly. With the Dotting Tool, you then design the petals in light color and heart shape. Allow the varnish to dry and then add slightly smaller petals in a darker shade to the first one. Finally, there are dots in yellow and leaves in green color. Seal everything with a top coat.

sponge technique

nagelmotive zum selbermachen schwarz rot schwamm technik

The sponge technique is also very practical when it comes to creating interesting effects and patterns. Select any base coat. In this case, black was chosen. Apply some glitter paint to the sponge and gently dab it on the nail tips and black (or any other color) base coat. Only the top coat is missing for fixing and you can proudly present your new nail design.

Pretty nail motifs to make yourself – Leo print

nagelmotive zum selbermachen leoparden muster rosa pastellgelb

nagelmotive zum selbermachen anleitung leopardenmuster gold schwarz

Stripes as a pattern

Nagelmotive zum Selbermachen anleitung-abstrakte-formen

Make triangular pattern yourself

Nagelmotive-zum Selbermachen sommer -anleitung-azteki-look

Cupcake as a nail motif

Nagelmotive-zum Selbermachen cupcakes anleitung

Loved cats

Nagelmotive-zum Selbermachen verliebte-katzen-anleitung


Nagelmotive zum Selbermachen marienkaefer-anleitung



make small dots


colored glass


Minnie Mouse motifs


Marble effect
















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