Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

31 Nail art pictures – Ideas for short and long nails

nageldesign bilder geometrisch zickzack silber gold blau rot

The nail design offers women a way to express their style, personality and creativity. A great nail design can also without an expensive procedure in the nail salon have. Decorate your nails at home quickly and easily in just a few simple steps. We present you some great nail design pictures for short and long nails that could inspire you.

Nail design pictures and suggestions

nageldesign bilder leoparden muster orange pink lila tuerkis

1. Buy self-adhesive nail stickers. Apply two coats of nail polish and leave to dry. Stick stickers on the nails and apply Top Coat nail polish.

2. Create a simple stripe pattern. Buy a thin brush from the craft shop or use a toothpick. Paint horizontal, diagonal or crossed lines in different colors. Combine black and white stripes for a zebra look or black and yellow for a bee pattern.

Great nail design pictures

nageldesign bilder bunt streifen rot blau gruen armreif gold

3. Use glitter nail polish as the base color for a festive look or just paint the tips of the nails.

4. Make dots with a thin brush or a toothpick. Dip the end of the brush into the nail polish and carefully make a point. Cover the whole nail or just put a few accents. From several points, even small flowers can arise.

Exotic nail design

nageldesign bilder ananas idee gelb rot schwarz exotisch

5. Spice up the French manicure with strong colors. Instead of using pink and white, experiment with green, blue and red at the tips of the nails.

6. Draw funny faces with eyes, nose and mouth. All you need is a black nail polish and a toothpick. You can adjust the expression on the faces to your mood.

Diamond motifs me pink nail design

nageldesign bilder diamanten pink weiss spitz naegel

classic in black and white


Chevron patterns are in


Idea for Valentine’s Day


Colored spots and stars


seductive in red


Glitter nail polish for a glamorous look

nageldesign bilder-kurze-nagel-goldener-glitzer-orange-akzent

drawing cute faces

nageldesign bilder ideen-lustige-gesichter-zeichnen





idea nageldesign pictures


nageldesign bilder rot-schwarz-weiss-farben

nageldesign bilder ideen-roter-glitzer-herzen-kurze-naegel




nageldesign bilder ideen-kurze-nagel-schwarz-weiss-vogel-federn







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