Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

30 hairstyles for girls for wedding and communion

kinderfrisuren für mädchen schleife offene haare blond bluse hochzeit

Having flower girls and ring bearers at a wedding is a special way to let the children of friends join in the celebration. In a hurry of wedding planning and details, it is easy to overlook these little members of the wedding party. Not only the dresses of the flower girls are important, but also their hairstyles. If you are the mother of a future flower girl, then you must choose a suitable festive hairstyle for her. Take a look at our great ideas for girls’ hairstyles and pick your favorite. It’s best to print the picture and take it to the stylist. That’s a great way to make sure she understands what you want.

Hairstyles for girls with blue fabric flower

kinderfrisuren für mädchen locken schleife hellblau kleid weiss guertel

A simple option for flower girls is to have their hair open or semi-open. Curls would look nice on the wedding pictures. The hair can be decorated with a flower wreath. It can be made with fresh or artificial flowers of silk and matched with the colors of the wedding decoration.

Children’s hairstyles for girls in boho style

kinderfrisuren für mädchen blumenmaedchen korb boho hochzeit

For weddings in the evening or those who require a formal style, the updos are announced. With an updo, even small ladies can feel elegant and beautiful. There are also different ideas to choose from – hairpins with rhinestones, foreheads, pigtails on the sides or a single flower behind the ear or in the bun.

Semi-open hairstyle with roses

kinderfrisuren für mädchen halboffen dutt idee locken rosen accessoire

Spice up half-open hairstyle a little bit and make it more interesting. Of course there are many variants for this. Make a small bun, add twisted strands, or braid cute braids. If you also have waves or curls, the look will be especially nice. Even hair accessories can be used to set accents.

Curly hairstyle with white rose accessories

kinderfrisuren für mädchen blumen rosen spangen locken haare blumenmaedchen

For these half-open hairdressers, the strands from the front parts were not simply put together at the back in one place. Instead, spread evenly over the back of the head, imitating a waterfall hairstyle. Here, curls turn out to be very useful. On the one hand, the children’s hairstyle is more interesting and on the other hand, the terminals are successfully hidden.


Two wreaths can be created by starting the first French braid on one side and making it over the head parallel to the forehead to the other side, repeating the same a little bit further back with the second, except that this time you start on the other side. The area in between you can decorate with flowers or other hair accessories. The back part of the hair can either be left open or you can style it into a ponytail, braid or a bun for updo. Curls, of course, can also be considered again.

Braid hairband and put gypsophila in it

Kinderfrisuren für Mädchen -frisur-offene-haare-blumenkranz

Festive Children’s Hairstyles – Open Hair with Floral Wreath


Children’s hairstyles for girls – Elegant updos


Braids worn laterally to the country wedding


cute bun in the neck


open hair and curls


Flower wreaths from gypsophila


Flower wreath of white hydrangeas

Kinderfrisuren-für-Mädchen hochzeit-flechtzopf-seitlich-weisses-haarband




kinderfrisuren-für-madchen hochzeit-pferdeschranz-haarschmuck-scleife


kinderfrisuren für madchen-kommunion-hochsteckfrisur-dutt-kopfschmuck-schleife









Kinderfrisuren für Mädchen blumenmaedchen-idee-hochsteckfrisur-zopfe-dutt


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