26 Make Up Tips for Professional Photo Shoot

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With our collection of 26 make-up tips we would like to offer practical advice to all ladies who would like to prepare themselves professionally for a photo shoot. If you have little or no experience with it, it is understandable if any questions arise. Through optimal preparation and various make-up techniques, each face can be perfectly modeled . Then stand bright and full of positive attitude under the lightning. The variety of make-up tips from the pros is numerous if you want to emphasize your natural beauty and strong sides. Although you see the blemish on photos more than in reality, the successful copying of these tips not only gives you a professionally made-up make-up, but also the self-confidence and the radiance of a real model.

Make-up tips from the pros start with the positive aura

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At the photo shoot next to all make up tips and knowledge, it is still important that you feel comfortable as a model in front of the camera. If that is not the case, the pictures are unnatural and act. With the right, sensual preparation, it’s already half the battle. In the best case, you sleep well on the day of the shoot, bring your good mood to the appointment and think positively.

Make Up Tips for a Healthy, Effective Face

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What the mirror can not always see is always conjured up by the camera. The blemish on your face can be seen much stronger than in reality, because the three-dimensionality of our normal environment and movements is missing. Of course, flawless skin can also be conjured up with Photoshop, but if your face is already ideally prepared for a professional photo shoot, no tedious retouching is necessary afterwards.

First, thoroughly cleanse your facial skin

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Do not be tempted to take care products or cosmetics before a photo session to avoid redness or allergies. Use your ordinary facial cleanser. A delicate exfoliation and the plucking of the eyebrows waive you until 1 day before your photo shoot, in order not to unnecessarily irritate the skin of your eyelids.

Essential preparation that clears and smoothes the skin

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The successful make-up starts with the thorough preparation of your skin. Apply a moisturizer before make-up. A primer can also be the basis for a uniform, radiating primer. The skin care you choose depending on your skin type: for dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, mature skin, etc.

Choose the right texture and color tones for your make-up products


The color and texture of your make-up must necessarily match your skin tone and skin type. No difference in color may be noticed between painted and unvarnished skin. The make-up is applied thinly to the entire face, including the lips and eyes, in upward strokes and then faded out at the edges.

For photo make-up, you can also apply neck and décolleté


The models are completely made up from head to toe during the professional photo shootings. This can cover blemishes such as bruises or veins, which ensures the perfect unity of the skin color.

Make-up techniques for a well-balanced complexion


First, the foundation is applied in the four places – forehead, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin. Font-de-Teint is distributed evenly using various application techniques – with a brush, make-up sponge or with your fingers.

Irregularities can be concealed


Tinted cover products such as corrector pen, creamy primers or concealer hide skin irregularities. The complementary colors – the green pigments of a cover product neutralize skin redness such as rosacea, visible blood vessels or redness after laser treatment. Yellow pigments eliminate blue skin tones, such as dark circles and spider veins.

Fine blending achieves a natural look


Darker contour color is roughly applied to all parts of the face that you want to change or emphasize less. If you want a sharper chin line, apply the dark tone slightly below this line. Even a double chin can make you disappear. The high forehead is cast off when you apply contour color to his temples and below the hairline.

Make Up Tips for optical correction of the nose shape


If you want your nose to be narrower, use the contour color on the sides next to the bridge of the nose and highlighter on the bridge of the nose. If you want to make a nasal hump appear smaller, apply the darker hue around this hump.

Facial dressing like 1-2-3 – with the make-up brush and right tones


The lighter color of the highlighter emphasizes facial features and puts them more in the spotlight. The eyes look more alert with a narrow line directly above the brow bows. For dark circles and puffy eyes use the lighter concealer in the inner corner of the eye and the lot under each eye.

Contour the face correctly with rouge


The cheeks and temples are often contoured two-tone or even tri-color. The darkest tone under the cheekbones provides for a stronger definition of the bone. In the temple area and on the cheeks you often set a lighter rouge with glitter effect for youthful freshness.

Contours are reinforced with bronzer


Bronzing powder is used when you want to create a natural, slightly tanned look, such as chiseled. This contour is best contoured laterally on the forehead, under the cheekbones, on the chin and directly under the face on the neck. Bronzer applied to the side of the nose optically reduces its width.

The make-up techniques for younger and more plump cheeks


Apply a darkened concealer on an inverted triangle, tapering from the area in front of the ears to the middle of the cheek. This will prepare the cheeks for rouge registration and you should not overdo it.

Contouring and highlighting – the strongest weapons of make-up professionals


For higher cheekbones and a narrower face, place the dark concealer hue in the hollow of the cheeks from the ear to the center of the face. If this line is drawn obliquely towards the mouth, the face appears narrower later. If it is pulled horizontally in the direction of the nose, it broadens and shortens the face optically.

How to make-up your own make-up yourself


First, determine which eye shape you have – almond-shaped, sloping, round, etc., to make-up like beautiful eyes like a professional. Also choose the right make-up technique depending on the goal of the photo shoot. For example, the Smokey Eyes effect is always in vogue, but requires special lighting in the studio.

Open your eyes – the tips of Make Up Artists


Smokey Eyes are timeless, and not that hard to copy. How can you make eyeshadows more durable for this makeup trend? Before applying make-up, apply an eyeshadow base that balances small redness.

Make up the right light for the eyes


This eye make-up is suitable for all eye shapes. Apply bright eyeshadows on the inner and outer corner of the eye to open the view. Brush eyebrow make-up in matching color across your brows with a brush.

Make-up instructions for brown eyes in plum nuances


Peach, beige and light golden shimmer – underline the light blue eyes


The right mascara completes the eye make-up


To simulate particularly thick eyelashes, black is the best color for your mascara. Eyelashes dyed in gray, brown or other colors complement the eye color well, but look less noticeable and are not recommended for professional photo shootings.

Eyebrows like make-up like the pros


For large eyes, draw a dark eyeline with a kohl or eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelashes. No hard lines with eyeliner and no strong eye make-up are recommended for small or deep-set eyes.

Lips makeup – the professional make-up tips


Before you show your beautiful smile on the camera, grab a simple trick. Use your lipstick as usual and wet the lips with colorless powder as a finish. The fine powder particles make the lips look dull and the lipstick does not stain so easily.

Make Up Tips in soft nude tones


For the lip make-up, add delicate nude tones and subtly bring out the best in your lip shape. Then you are allowed to set a little more accents with eye make-up.

Remove make-up after photo shoot


So that your skin can breathe calmly, it is essential to remove your make-up thoroughly after the photo shoot with a cleansing milk or micellar lotion. They also minimize the risk of allergies by regularly cleaning your make-up brushes with a suitable cleaning product.

Nothing helps with a professional photo shoot like the make-up tips of the pros


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