Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

20 cool updos for a summer look

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The summer trends in updos are very diverse. You can enjoy a high or low bun, a hairstyle with or without special decoration such as hairclips, tiaras or flowers. Of course, the hairstyle aids will only emphasize the beauty of the styling, so you can weave beautiful decoration in your hair. If you can quickly find and design some hair styling ideas for different occasions, we have prepared something.

20 cool updos for the party girl or busy woman

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The upholstery in the summer is not only beautiful and elegant, but also practical, because in the heat of the day sun or under the brise we should keep our hairstyle well and untouched and feel good. Our cool updos are not hard to shape, and with the help of a bit of summer hair products, they stay in good shape for a long time and let us spend time in the office or at the beach party with ease and enjoyment.

Cool updos – Casual idea with braid as a bun

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Try to make the hairstyles on your own and if it does not work, call a friend and enjoy the time together, doing the styling. The hairstyle suggestions include buns, braiding ideas and combinations of different styles. You can improvise, and depending on what your own hair looks like and what shape and structure they have, you can use these ideas to create your cool updos .

Turn wavy hair into a chubby hairstyle

coole hochsteckfrisuren wellen zopf reese witherspoon idee

Extravagant updo

coole hochsteckfrisuren sommer idee tolle damen styling

A pony hairstyle with decoration of tulle


Twisted updo with topknot on the side


A ponytail high on the neck


Make cool updos yourself – combination of bun and ponytail


Two chic hairstyles with blond and brown hair


This casual hairstyle fits the evening party or wedding


Prom or wedding hairstyle – you decide – this hairstyle suits both


A guide to chic updo – asymmetric topknot


An updo for the wedding – a real knot in the hair


Provocative hairstyle with small pearl clips


A combination of braid and casual knot


Ema Watson and the classic bun hairstyle


Small snails made of braid




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