Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

20 cool summer hairstyles for teenager girls to re-style

Space buns two buns braided hairstyle girl teens

If you like to wear beautiful, playful hairstyles in the summer, then this is the place for you. We’ll show you a few simple step-by-step instructions for cool summer hairstyles and give you some great suggestions! You do not need a curling iron, iron or hair dryer. With a little practice and flair, you can easily make the looks at home. Discover our selection of cool hairstyles for teen girls and try them for yourself!

Mini mid-pigtail braid for teenage girl

Summer hairstyle braid middle parting straight hair teenage girl

1. Separate a small section of hair at the top of the head where you would normally stylize a center parting. This section should be about 3 cm wide. To precisely divide the hair, use a stalk comb.

2. Fix the remaining hair with hair clips on the side of the head. So nothing bothers later when braiding.

Hairstyle teenager female mini braid middle parting straight hair

3. Cut off three small strands of hair from the middle section and begin to braid a French plait by repeatedly adding a small strand from the sides. The braid runs in the direction of the rearmost vertex to the forehead.

4. Braid the braid up to your eyebrows. It may seem like you are weaving too far from your head, but it is important for the next step.

Summer hairstyle 2018 make yourself teenager girl mid-pigtail braid

5. Insert a hair clip into the braid to attach it to your head. Then just let go of the rest. The braid will split, so it was better to make it longer.

6. Divide the end of the braid into two and put each strand behind your ears. If these are a bit short, use bobby pins to fix them.

Hairstyle girl 15 years mid-pigtail braid

Variant with side vertex

Braid side parting teenage hairstyle girl

If you are uncomfortable with center parting, you can try this side-sidelight version. The mini-braid is braided again from back to front. This time he is fixed at the end with a rubber band.

Elegant black bows – feminine chic for teen girl

Cool girl hairstyles teenager teens half-open straight hair

The sweetest fashion detail for 2018 is loops! We also like to wear these as jewelery in the hair !

1. Use a stalk comb to divide a portion of the hair on the top of the head and create a half-high ponytail.

2. Fix the ponytail with a rubber band and then tie a hair bow on it. It is best to use a 12 cm tape.

Hairstyle teenager girl herself making summer ponytail loop

3. Then take the rest of your hair and tie a low ponytail to the back of your head. Fix with a rubber band.

4. Now add the upper ponytail and tie them together with a second ribbon. Use a band that is 5 cm longer than the top because it holds more hair together.

Hairstyle teenager girl 15 years grinding ponytail

Dutch braids are perfect for a teenage girl

Hairstyle teenager girl mid-pigtail braid instruction

1. Using a stick comb divide your hair into two sections in the middle. Draw a line from the forehead to the neck.

2. Start with a Dutch braid on one side of your head. Basically, you proceed as in the French braid – only here, the outer strands are not over, but placed under the middle. It’s best to pinch off the rest of your hair while braiding a single lot.

Summer hairstyle Dutch braids teen female instructions

3. Braid the braid a few inches longer, down to the neck.

4. Tie the rubber band to the hairline and leave the rest of the hair open. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side.

Summer hairstyle teenager female Dutch braids two rows

Faux Bob

Hairstyle teenager girl brushing instructions hair

1. To give your smooth hair a good grip, apply a texture spray.

2. Toup the hair on the back of the head. This will spell volume in your hair and make your faux-bob look more beautiful.

Faux bob hairstyle self make teenage girl female

3. Separate your hair into two sections and fix each with a rubber band.

4. Pull each rubber band down so that it sits about level with the collarbone.

Faux Bob Hairstyle Teenager Girl Making Instructions By Himself

5. Turn the end of the ponytail inwards.

6. Secure the end of the ponytail to the neck with two hairpins. First insert a clip into the hair and then cross the other over it. Repeat steps 4-6 on the other side.

Faux bob summer hairstyle straight hair teenager girl

7. Attach both ends to the back of the head with a hair clip placed horizontally. About 8 cm long bobby pins work best.

8. To make the Faux Bob look natural, lightly brush the strands over the hair clips or curl them with your fingers.

Faux bob trend hairstyle teenager girl straight hair

Elegant ponytail

Simple teenager hairstyles girl ponytail with twist

1. Separate your hair into two even sections, one at the front and one at the back, and tie the hair at the back of the head into a ponytail.

2. Take the front part of the hair on the right side and pin it to the left of the ponytail. Slide the hairpin vertically into the hair.

3. Now take the remaining hair on the left side and drape it over the ponytail to hide the hair tie. Turn the tress in once and secure it securely to the head by inserting a hairclip horizontally into the hair. Finished!

Semi-open hairstyle

Hairstyles Teenagers Making Female Semi-Open

1. Take one piece of hair from the area in front of the ears on the right side, turn it in and attach it to the back of the head with a hair clip placed horizontally.

2. Separate one hair piece on the left side, turn it in and put it under the first strand.

Ponytail with lateral braid

Teenager hairstyles girl with side pony and ponytail long hair

1. Bring together a piece of hair over the ear, braid it tightly along the head to the end and fix it with a small hair tie.

2. Combine all hair, including the braid, into a ponytail and fasten with a transparent hair tie. To hide the rubber band, simply peel off a strand, wrap it around the ponytail and insert the end invisibly.

Topsy-tail hairstyle

Hair loop hairstyle teens female medium-length hair

1. Separate the hair into three equal parts and tie three ponytails with thin, transparent rubber bands.

2. Take the upper ponytail and pull the end from top to bottom through the middle of the ponytail approach. You do the same with every ponytail.

3. Pull the upper two ends down through the ponytails.

Braid with four strands

Hairstyle girl teenage braid with four strands

1. Separate your hair into two sections and braid two loose braids.

2. Braid each braid to the end and fix it with a rubber band.

3. Invisibly attach both braids with hairpins from the inside to create a filigree braid.

4. Tie the two braids together with a rubber band and hide the rubber band with a strand of hair.

Turn the pony away

Pony turning away twirling and pinning teenager hairstyle female

1. Draw a deep, short vertex.

2. Divide a pony stalk and turn it in. (You can also gradually add strands from the temple and screw them in.)

3. The twirled strand is fixed about 7 cm from the face with a hair clip. It is best to insert the hairpin horizontally into the hair (the end points to your face).

Wear hair on the side

Teenager hairstyle girl long hair step cut deeper side parting pigtail

1. Pull a deep center parting and comb hair smoothly to the right side.

2. Take a piece of hair on the left side and braid a French braid tight to the head.

3. Fix the braid with a rubber band and insert it invisibly at ear level.

You may have already convinced yourself: A cool teenage girl hairstyle does not have to be complicated to look good! Take a look at all the inspirations in our picture gallery and try it out for yourself!

cool hairstyles teenager girl lateral brow braid

Hairstyle summer colorful hairpins long hair

Updo teenager girl twirling hairstyles strands

Dutch braids reversed butts teen girls

Summer Hairstyle High Dutt Top Bun

Summer hairstyle teenager girl forehead braid volume

Teenager girl chignon hair band strands entwine

Teenager girl hairstyle summer chignon twirl hair

Teenage girl hairstyles summer drawstring sideways long hair

Teenager girl long hair herringbone

Topsy Tails hairstyle mid-length hair teen female

Dutch braids with butts hairstyle for teenage female

Messy Dutt low hairband in braided look

Summer hairstyle teenager girl from 15 Bandana Dutt

Hairstyle summer teenager female long hair messy look four braids

Hair medium pony braid pinning

Beach hairstyle pony braid Messy ponytail

Updo High Dutt Summer Teenage Hairstyle Mächen Hair Accessories

Girl hairstyles Teen 15 years pony pinning away

Summer hairstyle girl teenager herringbone colorful ribbons

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