Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

19 long hairstyles with highlights for a great summer


Our suggestions for romantic and charming long hairstyles with highlights will suit the medium length hair too. They are not difficult to shape and accentuate more on the status of the hair at a given moment, than on the cut, which is classic in most cases. Use special cosmetic hair products to create long hairstyles. The highlights are actually not additional accessories, but the shape and the hairstyle itself. Form braids or highlights, so that the natural hairstyle looks more interesting and effective.

19 long hairstyles with highlights for the summer


The highlights in the hair have been modern for a few years. If you still do not dare to give it a try, the best time to spend summer time is when we have beach waves in our hair, open sandals and cute white dresses. In today’s photo gallery we have some interesting and effective long hairstyles with highlights for different hair lengths and colors for you.

The longhair hairstyles with highlights will put you in the limelight at the party


So you will definitely find the perfect inspiration for your next hairdressing appointment. It’s all up to you whether you choose bright highlights that stand out from the basic color of your hair or you choose a variant in which the highlights are only weak to see. All long hairstyles with highlights just look great! Take a look at it and decide for yourself what you want to try.

Chic long hairstyle from the red carpet


Idea for long hairstyles with highlights with straight hair


Jennifer Lopez with light waves in her hair


Create waves in the bottom of the hair for volume and elegance


A hairstyle for medium-long hair


The eternal waves – a symbol of the delicate and free-thinking woman


Great idea with steps and brighter highlights


Casual Hollywood style in blonde


The highlights consist of slightly twisted highlights on the sides


An asymmetric long hairstyle with ombre colors






long hair hairstyles-blond-smooth-girl-two

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