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Hairstyles For Women

19 great ways to tie a scarf + instructions


If you have a tight budget for clothes like most people, then you would be totally thrilled with these ideas. A scarf can totally change your look, even if you wear the same outfit day after day. Your friends might even think that you have a brand new wardrobe, even if it’s just the scarf new! There are many ways to tie and wear your scarf according to your outfit and style. Take a look at these great examples below!

Different variants to tie a scarf


Here, a thick pashmina scarf and a classic silk scarf were used. Let’s go!

A nice way to tie a scarf – headscarf, turban or bandana


Tie two ends of the scarf around the neck and the other two around the waist. It is recommended to wear a bandeau top underneath, then combine it with a blazer or coat.

Tie the scarf as a belt, poncho or blouse


Tie the scarf around the waist to form a loop. This adds a playful touch to an otherwise neutral outfit.

The easiest way to tie a scarf and wear – as a scarf


Tie large bow and wear on the side or at the waist



This huge loop sitting on the right shoulder looks very Parisian.

4. lichens

schal zu binden-anleitung-flechten-technik


Fold the scarf in the middle and pull it around the neck. Pull one end through the loop, then turn the loop and pull the end through again. Voila!

5. Ruffle It Up:


To spice up a simple top, fold the scarf into a triangle. Drape over the shoulders and tie a small knot in the middle.

6. Make a shoulder bag in no time


A great bag in boho look! Tie a knot at each corner, about 20 centimeters from the ends. Tie the ends together again and you’re done!

7. Make poncho from Pashmina scarf


Your simple scarf can become a loop scarf by tying the two ends together. Turn and wear at the front!

8. Spice up a black pencil skirt


9. Mini turban


10. Pimp the ponytail


11. Large shoulder bag


12. Necklace


13. Wear a disgusting scarf instead of cardigan


Here you need a larger scarf. Tie a knot in the back and put it on like a cardigan.

14. Tie a tie

schal zu binden krawatte-look-anleitung

15. One-shoulder blouse


scha zu binden-ideen-anleitungen-tragemoeglichkeiten


schal zu binden-weste-idee-seidenschal

This outfit looks so Greek! Tie a knot around one shoulder and another at the waist.

Source: Brit + Co

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