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15 great lip face and eye makeup organizers


Every woman knows the problem, lots of brushes, powders, lipsticks and more. There is no doubt that collecting make-up and make-up items is more fun than organizing them. But today we have 15 ideas for lip, face and eye make-up organizers that will inspire you to group your make-up and utensils and display them proudly. From transparent containers to creative strategies for dividing into categories, everything is included. Here are a few ways you can store your products in style while still having them handy.

15 stunning ideas for a lip-face and eye make-up organizer


The best part is that you do not have to spend a fortune to design an organized system that suits you. As you will see, sometimes even old household items can be reused as a container for storing make-up and make-up. On the other hand, you probably can not be seduced into arranging your make-up perfectly, like a shiny new container with subdivided compartments. Take a look at the photos below and find out which types of eye make-up organizers appeal to you.

Clear lip, face and eye make-up organizer


Sometimes crystal clear is the best option. These smooth, glossy and transparent lip and eye make-up organizers motivate you to clean up by making the content visible. And we all know that it’s a lot more pleasant to look at an accurately tidied subject than one that’s messed up. The Godmorgon box from IKEA fits easily into a drawer and consists of different compartments, which are suitable for both tubes of different sizes, as well as for vials.

An organizer by TJ Maxx


This lip and eye make-up organizer for TJ Maxx make-up looks great on a dresser, as you can see in the photo from Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary. See what different subjects it has. There, both thin perfume bottles accommodate, as well as cylindrical powder container.

Another variant for transparent eye make-up organizer is this from The Holding Company. The large make-up organizer has two drawers, as well as a compartment for utensils such as cotton pads.

Holding Company


If you are looking for a storage option in the form of a narrow stack, you might like this clear acrylic lip and eye make-up Organizer Cube by Etsy shop Acrylic Concepts, which consists of 5 drawers. In addition to being extremely stylish, it offers the ability to easily store everything from hair spray to nail polish bottles. And why should you separate your beauty products if you can keep them all in one place?

For smaller variations, this lipstick stand by The Holding Company, designed specifically for lipsticks. It holds up to 12 lipsticks and is so neat that making-up will be fun every day.

You can keep your make-up and make-up items open with Pottery Barn’s Vintage-style Iron Tiered Bath Storage. The Eye Makeup Organizer is also suitable for larger care products such as lotions, hair spray, foundation and powder, as well as others.

If you need to carry your makeup products back and forth from the mirror, Crate & Barrel Metal Caddies Wire Caddies are well suited as lip and eye make-up organizers for storing make-up. They are available in the colors white, blue and red and in them you can transport the make-up or you store them in a simple order on a cupboard.

If you would like to have a container to carry for smaller items that would otherwise fall through the holes, the Transparent Makeup Caddy by The Holding Company is a great twist. The eye make-up organizer consists of acrylic and five compartments, in which you can arrange the make-up.

Non-transparent makeup organizer


If you do not want your make-up to be so visible, choose an opaque make-up organizer , suitcase, or bag. Not only do you take care of a complete order, you can also find a container to match your decor. The PBteen Ultimate Beauty Organizers, shown below, not only look refreshing and modern, but can also be personalized for a fun, feminine touch.

Another great way to store your make-up and make-up, is such a pretty basket, which is covered with fabric and decorated with flowers.

The Bubblegarm Organizer


Consists of your vintage-style industrialist bathroom or room using Pottery Barn’s William Floor Storage with 3 storage surfaces as a make-up organizer . And instead of labeling the labels with “wash,” “soap,” and “bath,” just choose “face,” “hair,” and “nails.” It is equally suitable for lotions and perfumes.

If you are looking for a variant that consists of drawers, get the ANTONIUS system from IKEA, which can be arranged and arranged in different shapes and variations, so that even the largest make-up collections will find enough space.

These Crate & Barrel bamboo box-shaped make-up organizers are an effective and modern way to keep your make-up neatly behind closed cupboard doors.

The idea of ​​Crate & Barrel


Can you still remember the beauty cases of the 80s? They are still, or again, hip and have been improved for the modern woman, who is often out and about. This pink Grande Train Case consists of four automatically opening compartments and a lockable closure. But even if you do not travel so often or like, the suitcase is a good idea, because it is ideal as a make-up organizer to store the makeup at home, even if the journey is only the way from the closet to the sink.

Of course, if you prefer retro, there is also a Totally Rad Caboodles Case 80s collection from the Etsy Queen Cherine’s Vintage Warehouse & Sparkle Emporium. And if you did not know, they are known for their pull-out compartments and other special extras. The inner parts of this model are in pink.

Make-up organizer to make your own


Who would have thought that order can be so stylish? Take a look at the following light and creative DIY Makeup Organizer for storing your makeup and make-up . Brunch at Saks recommends using saucers to store products of the same species. This is a great variation for the makeup on the cabinet or dresser. In this way, you can also add a little color and pattern to the storage system, as seen in the example of a green and white plate.

Maybe you have so many different brushes that they absolutely need an order. Then you might like this idea for a make-up organizer . For this purpose, transparent, square or rectangular vases are used. Then stick a sticker (or choose another variant) and label it with the function. Then fill the vase with glass beads or pebbles and then insert the brushes to store them. A really stylish idea!

Here’s another variation on a make-up organizer that is similar to the previous one. This is done using mason jars and decoration stones in a neon color. The idea came from Fabulous Kath. Kath found this pink gravel for the aquarium during a visit to the pet store, but you can also find it in other stores for decorations or flowers.

Liz Marie’s blog also offers a very interesting idea for keeping make-up, rather than the make-up board. All you need is a metal plate, a piece of cloth, a hot glue gun and magnets. The best thing about this variation is how easily accessible and within reach the make-up containers are in this way. In addition, the finished make-up organizer somehow looks like a piece of art for the wall.

Next you will see a magnetic board with frame. This idea comes from ThreadSence, which offers easy-to-follow instructions. Notice how the dark frame contrasts with the lighter fabric, creating a perfect background for the powder, blush and eye shadow.

As you can see, there are no set rules when it comes to make-up organizer . It can depend on many factors, which storage system you prefer, including your budget, as well as your style. No matter if you want to keep it transparent and simple or prefer a more upbeat DIY project, the possibilities are endless. How to fill your make-up organizer with enough make-up and utensils is another matter entirely.




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