Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

100 trendy rings for 2014 – the best jewelery in summer!

Ringe Armschmuck kaufen Damen Design Ideen

Rings have enjoyed great popularity lately. Oversized statement jewelery or elegant little gold rings – everything is allowed. All the more – at first glance, mismatched accessories are worn according to the motto – eclectic is beautiful. We’ll give you an overview of the latest trends and show you 100 trendy rings for 2014 from Farfetch .

Trendy rings for 2014 – stones, stones, stones

Topaz Amethyst blau grün Damenschmuck 2014

Rings with stones are totally in fashion – whether they are decorated with precious or rhinestones, is more related to the taste. Especially important is the stone size and color – and this summer it is said – the more striking, the better! Stones with an irregular shape, with an attractive bright color / grass green, turquoise blue / or with a perfect cut give the piece of jewelery individuality and whistle. And those who do not like experimenting can opt instead for a ring with several smaller stones. In the photo gallery below you will find many variants for trendy rings for 2014 with different gemstones.

Trendy rings for 2014 – original concepts for fashion-conscious ladies

Form Mundkuss Mädchen Geschenkideen 16 Geburtstag

And fashion-conscious ladies like to opt for more striking and original concepts and decorate their hands with apples, skulls, or tigers. But that should not be exaggerated – such a ring is worn alone on the hand.

Also, as far as the material selection is concerned, a certain freedom in combining is allowed – gold” rings> and metal rings may even be worn on top of each other this year. It is important, above all, only one thing – that the pieces of jewelry to the clothes fit. And who wonders if trendy rings for 2014 can be combined with necklaces or bracelets” the answer is rather no. oversized accessories attract attention that why you should deal with other jewelry sparingly.>

Jewelry set – bracelet and gold ring

2014 Trends Ring Armband Set kombinieren

Ethno-chic ring with design inspired by Africa

Ring blau Metall Sommer Schmuck Trends

Stylish and elegant – ring with rhinestones in summer colors

Trendfarben Sommer grün rosa Damen Accessoires

For fashion conscious ladies – Rock’n’Roll style ring

Stachel Edelsteine marine Blau hell lila Amethyst

Gold ring with pearls and floral motifs

Perlen Blumen Design Ideen Frauen Schmuck

Trendy rings for 2014

Glitzersteine Zirkonia modernes Design Schmuckstücke

Striking and modern – color combination that attracts attention

Glitzersteine blau rot gelb modernes Design

Nice gift idea for your birthday

Damen edle Schmuckstücke Diamanten Edelsteine Geschenkideen Damen

Gold ring with blue gemstones

blaue Glitzersteine vier Reihen Schmuckstücke

Pink gold ring with vintage motifs

attraktive Fassung Mode Accessoires Trends 2014

Goldringe Damenschmuck Trends 2014 Schmuckstücke

Ringe Massiv Zirkonia weiß Geschenkideen Damen

Ring edle Schmuckstücke Design Ideen

lila schwarz Gold Details schöne Schmuckstücke

originelle Form Edelsteinschmuck schwarz weiß Zirkonia

2014 Trends Schlange Form Glitzersteine Gold Fassung

Designer Ringe Trends 2014 Tiere Vogel Diamanten

Steine altrosa gelb weinrot schöne Fassung

moderne Fassung schwarze Glitzersteine attraktives Design

Form Diamanten edle Schmuckstücke Verlobungsring

Metall Ring Stachel schwarze Steine extravagant

vintage rund Stein Topaz kleine Zirkonia

Design Damen Geschenkideen Frauen unter 40

moderne Ornamente schöne Design Ideen Accessoires

altgriechisch Fundstücke inspiriert Design Ideen 2014

Glitzersteine schöne Schmuckstücke Design Ideen

Edelsteine Zirkonia kleine Glitzersteine moderne Fassung

Glitzersteine Silber Schmuck Damen Accessoires

Ringe Edelsteine kreativ mischen Ideen

Edelsteine Schmuckstücke modern stilvoll Designer 2014

blaue grüne Edelsteine Glitzerornamente Fassung Gold

Damen Zirkonia Steine schöne Accessoires Trends 2014

Damenschmuck Trends 2014 schwarz Zirkonia

Ring Mode Accessoires Damen Ideen

Schmuck Ringe Steine Glitzer weiße Zirkonia

Damenring rund Stein ohne Fassung coole Idee

Schmuckstücke Ring Metallfassung Glitzersteine Zirkonia

Schmuckstücke Glitzersteine verschiedene Größen

Ringe Rosagold Cognac Quarz Steine

Ringe 2014 Trends Rauchquarz feiner Schliff

schwarz dunkelblau Metall Fassung modernes Design

Schmuck Ringe Edelsteine attraktiv modern stilvoll

Schmuckstücke vintage Design Ideen Trends 2014

rosagold stilvoll modern drei Teile Accessoires

Ringe Accessoires geschmackvoll kombinieren Ideen

Accessoires trendige Ringe 2014 Mode

Design trendige Schmuckstücke schwarz Schmuckstück

Ring Damen Schmuck Accessoires Sommer Mode

Schmuckstücke Gold altrosa Kehlibar Edelsteine

Ringe Gold Edelsteine feiner Schliff modernes Design

2014 Schmuck Mode Damen Glitzersteine

Schmuckstücke Krone Herrenringe Mode Trends 2014

Schmuck Metall Saphir Edelsteine schönes Design

Schädel rote Steine Männerringe Geschenkideen

Schädel Ring Herren Bling Bling extravagant

Schädel Glitzersteine Herren Geschenkideen

Design Ideen Ringe Herren Damen coole Geschenkideen

Designer Ideen Schmuckstücke modernes Design

Edelsteine Ring Schmuckstücke Rubin 2014 Trends Männer

grün Gold Fassung schöne Ringe Ideen Designs

Ring Herren Schmuckstücke Tier Motive

Stein Fassung grüne Farbe Glitzersteine

modernes Design schöne Figur Frauengesicht

rosa Stein lang moderne Farbe trendiges Design

Diamanten schöne Schmuckstücke coole Idee

Damen blaue Ornamente schöne Details Ideen

Glitzersteine modernes Design Frauen Schmuck Accessoires

Glitzersteine dunkle Metallfarbe Herrenringe

Flechtwerk Ringe Damen Designer Schmuckstücke

Metallfarbe Herrenschmuck Ideen Trends 2014

trendige Ringe Design Ideen orange Steine

Ringe Gold Design Ideen Anker Glitzersteine

Ring Baumblatt Design Ideen Glitzersteine

Perlen Diamanten Saphiren Edelsteine Goldfassung

Jewelery 2014 Trends silver ring women's jewelry online Glittering stones

Totenkopf Silber hergestellt Gothic inspiriert

Totenkopf Schmuck Herren Mode 2014 Design Ideen

Verlobungsring Metall Fassung modernes Design

Gold Zebra Streifen originelles Design modern

Ring edles- Design Trends 2014 Schmuck Sommer

Ring Damen Perlen Diamanten rosa Edelsteine

Edelstein vintage Look Design Ideen

Stein feiner Schliff Metall Fassung Gold Details

Schmuckstücke grüne Edelsteine azurblaue Farbe

Schmuckstücke Accessoires 2014 Sommer Trend

Rose Form Mode Accessoires Metall 2014

kleine Zirkonia Steine weiß schwarzes Metall

Metall Damen coole Idee Rock n Roll Look

Gold Edelsteine fein geschliffen Geschenkideen Frauen

Kunstperlen schöne Designer Schmuckstücke silber Design

weiße Glitzersteine trendige Farben modernes Design

Form Edelsteine rot weiße Zirkonia edle Fassung rosagold

Accessoires weiß hellblau blau Zirkonia Steine

 schwarze Steine Damen Accessoires Ideen Schmuckstücke

Hochglanz polliert edle Oberfläche modernes Design

Schmuckstücke edel originelle Form schönes Design

Silberring Damen Mode Accessoires 2014


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