The right glasses for a long work on the screen

Long days in the office burden your eyes. The work on the screen is then always exhausting – even headaches can come. Back problems are also preprogrammed, if you have z. B. occupy a wrong sitting posture to see the screen content sharply. Remedy so-called computer workstation goggles, a special glasses for long hours on […]

Which color suits khaki? How to combine the trend color correctly

Khaki Green is a color that until recently was associated exclusively with military uniforms. Today the military-chic has been reinterpreted and thus the trend color becomes an eye-catcher. Because of its versatility, khaki is a real fashion basic and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Khaki tones can range from light brown to olive. […]

Style and Fashion: The Most Beautiful Summer Trends 2018

Summer is in full swing and the enjoyment of colors and fabrics is at its highest point of the year. This year, this joy has a particularly long season due to the many warm days. One thing is clear in all small and large fashion trends: it will never be boring. The mix of pimped-up […]

Nude nails always look chic – tips and ideas for copying

The “no make-up” look has been one of the top beauty trends for a few years now. Women worldwide strategically use foundation, concealer and highlighter to “naturally” flawless skin, higher cheekbones and a slimmer face. Nude tones are not only the best in the fashion and beauty world – they have also conquered the nail […]

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