Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Which coat suits me? – Tips for every figure and every outfit

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A warm coat is indispensable in winter. Parka, trench coat, down, coat in O-, H- or A-line – the variety of winter coats is really big these days! The question of which model you choose depends not only on your personal taste, your fashion style, the budget and your everyday life, but also on your character. Today, we’ll tell you which mantle shapes suit which figure type, and which cuts you can use to maximize your character’s strengths and conceal your weaknesses. If you know your body proportions well, you can quickly determine which coat you would like best, so that your appearance and your figure to full advantage.

Which coat fits which figure?

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The timeless coat classics like the trench coat, the parka and the blazer coat probably hang in your closet. However, the new silhouettes of the current coat fashion are so seductive that you can hardly resist the temptation to buy a new trend coat. If you are currently looking for the perfect winter coat, you may find it at P2 Fashion & Accessories – Women Jackets & Coats . So you will not be disappointed that the trendy oversize coat you are not as good as you have wished, you should be aware of which coat model would be ideal for your figure.

The five basic figure types are A, V, H, X, and O, and each one can be assigned certain features (proportions). Advantageous clothing can balance these proportions.

Which coat with large bust? – V type

Who belongs to the V-type has broad shoulders, narrow hips and beautiful slim legs, which may be emphasized. The problem areas such as upper arms and abdomen can be well concealed with a loose-fitting, single-breasted coat with a deep V-neck. Small lapel collars and narrow little collars look good. Less flattering are coats with voluminous shawl collar and patch breast pockets.

The right jacket model for X-type


The X-type is very feminine and is often referred to as an hourglass. A fitted coat can best emphasize the narrow waist and enhance its feminine curves. X-figures can look for blazer coats, trench coats or wrap coats . Avoid informal or too wide models!

Which coat on wide hips? – A type

In the A-type, the most powerful thighs and pronounced hips are particularly strong, so it is also referred to as a pear. Shoulders, chest and waist are rather narrow. If you want to hide your hips, you can do it with a slightly flared coat or A-line coat. Egg-shape coats that envelop the entire upper body in a voluminous design are also harmonious. Horizontal details such as pockets, seams or drapes make the shoulders look wider. Stay away from coats with patch pockets at hip height.

The perfect coat for the H-type


H-type women have narrow shoulders and hips, long arms and legs but little waist and small chest. With a few tricks you can conjure female curves. In an A-line coat or wrap coat with a wide belt makes the H-type a good figure.

Which coat for chubby? – O type

Women with this round, plump figure embody femininity – soft curves on the abdomen and chest, large bust, pronounced hips, little or no waist. The O-type was first and foremost trying to take the focus off of his strong core and direct his attention to his decolette and his legs. Generally, plain, slightly flared A-shape coats that reach down to the hips are ideal. This allows the upper body to extend optically. Avoid flap pockets, double-breasted and coats with belts.

Which coat suits little women?

Petite women should avoid long coats and voluminous models. Basically, the smaller your height, the shorter your coat should be. If you want to look big, you should prefer to wear short coats or narrow coats with lapels. Choose a length that does not extend more than 2 cm over your knees. With an empire waist and high-waisted belts, you can optically stretch the appearance of your body.

Which coat over blazer or suit?


Last but not least, we would like to give you some tips on what to look for when combining the coat with other garments.

You start a new job in November and have to wear a blazer? The big question is, what can you wear over there for a coat? The coat in the trench coat look, the blazer coat and the wrap coat go well with the costume with skirt or trouser suit. Avoid too tight and short coats and choose loose-fitting coat models. The coat should stay open at best.

Which coat to the skirt?


With this combination one should consider the optimal shell length. The rule of thumb used to be: the coat should be longer than the skirt or the dress. Nowadays you do not have to stick to this rule, because the modern layered look makes all variations possible. If the length difference between the two is at least a hand’s width or more, the hem of the skirt can look out from under the coat hem. In principle, anything is possible – for example, wear a short coat to the maxi skirt.

Which coat for evening dress?


If you are invited to a formal occasion, then you better stay on the safe side with a knee or calf-length coat in A-line or a close-fitting blazer coat. These models are classic and look great even over a shift dress or pencil skirt. The coat should complement the dress and not play itself in the foreground. To make the dress look better, you may want to consider wearing it open.

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