Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Wear scarfs and shawls as a fashion accessory in the summer – 8 styling tips

neckerchief-summer-black-white-outfit scarves

Scarves and shawls are not only the perfect accessories in winter. Whether colorful, monochrome or with a beautiful flower print and – a light summer scarf is a real eye-catcher and peps up boring outfits perfectly. On cool summer evenings and often changing temperatures, the accessory also performs well. Even colorful shawls are versatile, for example, as hair ornaments. How you can still carry these practical all-rounders in the summer, you will find in today’s article!

Light summer scarves for everyday wear


When researching beautiful styling possibilities, we discovered this great tone-on-tone look at accessory specialist Codello. The unique interplay of fabrics, colors and patterns reflects the wonderful lightness of summer. The playful summer scarf made of light fabric and casual plucked fringes looks great in combination with the natural linen trousers. Perfect for this are the small clutch and the espadrilles with Snoopy motif. Codello’s new scarves and scarves enchant us with other cute motifs such as unicorn, peanuts, Mickey Mouse and Dumbo. In each new collection, the accessories label produces colorful designs that complement every outfit. For the office you are allowed to copy the look on the picture left one to one. A knee-length linen shirt dress looks chic and can be perfectly combined with fine sandals.

Scarves for the cool nights of summer

wear-evening-hold scarf cloth-summer-hot-

We can take the trend of last winter , the “Belted Scarf”, into the next season. A light summer scarf is attached to the body with a narrow waist belt and can also be worn in a light little dress. This belt scarf combo also works well with summer jeans and a simple bodice.

However, it is important to stay with the accessories. All shawls that are big enough are suitable for this look. Such as these unique scarves by LOOKS by Wolfgang JOOP, which we have again discovered at The hand-drawn motifs radiate a feminine charm and make every cloth a fashionable eye-catcher. Fringe on the edges give the accessory a casual touch.

The modern turban look

scarf cloth-summer-turban-tying-hair accessory-ethno-look

A turban is a real fashion statement, which makes the elaborate hair styling superfluous! The glamorous headgear always radiates casual elegance and goes perfectly with an outfit in the ethnic look. The beauty of the turban is that it can be worn in many different variations. Who wants to wrap the classic turban look himself , needs a square cloth, for example in the size 90 x 90 cm. The turban style can also succeed with a rectangular cloth. In the video below, this blogger shows how to tie the turban in 5 different ways:

Cloths as hair accessories

scarf cloth-summer-wear-hair accessory-dutt-ponytail-bandana

Your bun, plaited braid or ponytail are too boring? Then you can enhance these simple hairstyles with a pretty cloth. For this, it is best to choose a fine silk scarf in vivid colors that will awaken your summer feelings. Similarly, a cloth can be used as a hair band or headband. For this style you need a larger long rectangular or square cloth (at least 55 x 55 cm) made of a light material. The bandana prevents the hair from falling into the face and is also great for Bad Hair Days.

Spice up the sun hat with a cloth

scarf cloth-summer-wear-straw-spice-beach

As you have already convinced yourself, scarves and shawls are around the clock and around the year wonderful companions, which also ensure good mood. The ultimate all-rounders offer numerous looks for everyday life and give every outfit a fresh style kick. Have fun rephrasing!

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