Turquoise Nails – beautiful nail designs for the upcoming summer

Türkise Nägel ring-armband-sommer-stil-strand-weißer-spitzenrock

The long-awaited summer is knocking on the door and bringing with it the thoughts of the beach and the sea. If you choose the right clothes and jewelery for your summer look , do not forget to paint your nails to match! Here you get great ideas for turquoise nails – everything from designs to tips for combining with the outfit.

Combine turquoise nails with other colors

Türkise Nägel gellack-helllila-blumenmotive-nailart-nagellack

Turquoise is a special color between green and blue, which occurs in different nuances. It can not be combined with all colors and looks better with lighter tones. A suitable combination is shown with light purple, which does not contrast with the turquoise, but exposes it. The flowers on white background complete the beautiful nail design with turquoise nails.

Turquoise nails to suit the outfit

Türkise Nägel outfit-kombinieren-business-kleidung-sommer

In hot summer it is always better to dress in lighter colors. Not only on the beach, but also in everyday life there is room for turquoise. The modern mint ice color is a bright shade of turquoise that is really hip. An elegant skirt in this color, combined with a white top and shoes, fits in perfectly with the workday, which you can make happier thanks to turquoise nails.

Painting fingernails turquoise


For beautiful manicure in turquoise you do not need long nails. The color looks great even on short fingernails and should not necessarily be decorated with decorations. So you can paint yourself turquoise nails at home and get back a nice effect. For best results, we recommend over-painting at least once or twice to make the color stronger.

Motifs for nail design in turquoise

Türkise Nägel design-nailart-federn-traumfänger-quadratische-form

The most popular nail designs contain decorations on some or all nails. A nice idea for turquoise nails is to make little dream catchers with a thin brush. Here the nail decoration is painted on light pink background and combined with feathers on the thumb.

Paint nails with graffiti effect


Crackle nail polish, still known as graffiti, creates an interesting effect of damaged paint optics on fingernails. The illustrated design for turquoise nails is indeed combined with dark brown as a base coat, but looks great with tanned skin.

Fit nails in turquoise correctly to the summer look


Turquoise garments with ethnic motifs are in fashion and need a matching nail polish, both for fingernails and toenails. It is important to pay attention to the colors of the motifs and to opt for appropriate decorations for turquoise nails. Nail design with or without glitter is a personal decision and depends on your own preferences. If possible, it is recommended to wear matching shoes for a complete summer look.

Turquoise nails design with floral motifs


Here’s a darker shade of turquoise for turquoise nails closer to the blue. Nevertheless, it is reminiscent of the sea and combined with floral motifs represents a great fingernail design for the summer .

Manicure and pedicure in the same color – fits exactly!


Adjusting fingers and toes with turquoise nails   is possible especially in summer. The open shoes such as sandals, peep-toe pumps or flip-flops show your beautiful pedicure that you received during your last visit to the beauty salon. The trendy decoration with feathers and glitter on a nail is perfect for the summer – cheeky and elegant at the same time.

Matching jewelry for hands with turquoise nails


A simple nail design is to paint the nails in one color, choosing a different color for two of them. The trendy Knuckle Rings worn on the front of the finger are the perfect complement to any beautiful manicure, including turquoise nails.

Nails design with ethnic pattern on turquoise background


Turquoise nails can also serve as a background for an ethnic pattern. The remarkable design with Aztec motifs is perfect for parties and is easy to make yourself. For this you need a thin brush and a few nail polishes in different colors.

Turquoise nails combine well with black, white and silver


For a date with the partner, you can make beautiful motifs with hearts and labels as decoration for turquoise nails. This design includes a combination of black, white and glitter and the result is really nice.

Turquoise with beige combine for a nice summer look


The nude tones match perfectly with turquoise. Their combination is suitable for the summer, because they are both bright colors. Accessories and nail polish should belong to the same color scale. The illustrated foot nail design creates an interesting composition – turquoise nails represent the sea and the sky, and the beige represents the sand on the beach.

Turquoise gel nails with nail jewelry


Very popular in the nail design for turquoise nails is the nail jewelry. Rhinestones and 3D nail jewelry look really nice, but do not last long and sometimes interfere with everyday work. In contrast, sequins are preferable because they are more durable and at the same time produce a nice effect.

Elegant nail designs with light and dark tones


This nail pattern includes the popular geometric shapes in two different shades. The contrast is enhanced by the white dots and they complete the entire design for turquoise nails.

Ideas for summer fingernail design in turquoise


Turquoise nails can be embellished with floral and summery motifs. Nail jewelery like little starfish and seashells are reminiscent of the sea and are a bit extravagant. On the other hand, flowers are a classic and give many variants. For monochrome nails in turquoise you can use colorful rings or bracelets as jewelry, but in no case exaggerate it.

Black-turquoise nails with interesting effect


With black and turquoise nails, there are many ways to paint. The motif shown looks like cracks and is easy to make yourself, as it allows improvisation and not necessarily equal to each nail.

Nail art with stamp for turquoise nails


Aztec motifs for fingernails can be obtained with suitable stamps. Here, turquoise nails were decorated with darker metallic motifs that give a delicate look. In addition, the two colors fit together perfectly.

Tiffany blue instead of turquoise


The turquoise got another name plus – Tiffany Blue. The reason is that the color serves as a symbol of the world-famous American company and is its registered color mark. Use them to make turquoise nails.

Turquoise nails combine with animal motifs – a beautiful nail design


Again with the bright turquoise tone, this nail design combines two animal motifs in the decoration. Half of the ring finger nail has a zebra motif, the other half – leopard motif. Although the combination of the two is uncommon, the whole effect is not only interesting for turquoise nails.

Black patterns and stones

türkise nägel idee-muster-steine-schwarz-hell-farbe

Tropical design for the nails

türkise nägel ozean-optik-exotisch-korallen-strand

Stripes for zebra look

türkise nägel streifen-deko-sommer-look-damen

Silvery decoration




Marble effect


Glitter decoration


Simple fingernail design


Elegant gold effect

türkise nägel gold-akzent-dekorativ-finger-ring-kleopatra

Beach theme

türkise nägel hautfarbe-glitzersteine-maritim-gestaltung

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